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  1. 3 months post op.

    I reached the 3 month mark this past Monday. Had my doctors appointment yesterday. Walked into the waiting room and checked in. About 5 minutes later, the PA called my name. I had already loosened my shoe laces, so all I had to do was slip them off and step on the scale. I closed my eyes when the numbers started changing. I heard my hubby behind me say "Oh cool", so I opened my eyes. The number on the scale was 199!! I DID IT! I made it to "One-derland" !!!!!! I haven't been below 200 in YEARS!! For several days now, I have been walking on air. At first it was over the weekend, when I was able to put in a LARGE T-shirt and the thing FIT PERFECTLY, then reaching onederland. ***HAPPY DANCE!!***
  2. My new haircut...keep it or grow it back?

    Omg! It's so cute. I wish I could cut mine short, but I have spiral curls that are natural and if I cut my hair short it will look like a football helmet! The cut is very stylish on you. I bet hubby comes around before you know it! Men fear change.
  3. Is 3 weeks too early?

    I had my surgery (Lap RNY) on 1/9/12, was back at work on light duty on 1/17/12 and back on the truck on 2/1/12. I'm a paramedic, so we are constantly lifting and have had no problems, other than eating.
  4. Got new ink to signify the new life I'm living!

    1. AngelaGrace


      Awesome! I plan to get more soon too! :) Just gotta figure out what/where!

    2. newmetobe


      I got a phoenix. Symbolizes rebirth.

  5. I love the new me!

  6. Um...WOW. Before and after, 3 mos out

    You are looking so good! I know you feel so much better already! I just past my 2 month mark, so I know the joy you are feeling. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!
  7. 2 months post op!

    its amazing what a difference 44 pounds will make.
  8. food then, food now

    1. nothing really 2. bread 3. fish. HATED the taste of it, now, its not so bad.
  9. Gall Bladder Issues

    Thank you. Guess its just a wait and see situation. Hopefully I can stay one of the ones that don't have any issues.
  10. Gall Bladder Issues

    Hi, Just for the record, I am not having issues with mine. I am curious though about the incidences of gall bladder problems after weight loss surgery. I know several people who had RNY and most began having problems within a couple of years. Is this common? and is there generally an average time for this to occur? My surgeon put me on Actigall after my surgery, so I'm hoping not to have issues, but somehow I think its inevitable. Thank you for any information.

    Had my 6 week follow up today! Down 21 pounds since surgery and 39 since I started! Got cleared to eat "anything with caution". He said to experiment and see how I tolerate it. I am sooo stoked!
  12. New Tattoo

    My son almost has me convinced to get a phoenix as my next tattoo. He says the phoenix symbolized "rebirth" and since the surgery, I am becoming a new person.
  13. Food hurts!!! What is going on?


    I would like to be a "Scale Stomper"!!!
  15. Anyone Else For 9Th January

    I am 5 weeks out tomorrow, and down a total of 34 pounds. 20 since surgery. I feel AWESOME!!! Hope everyone else is having great experiences!!!