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  1. Great job! I read 50 Shades too but liked Hunger Games way better.
  2. Thanks everyone! I will work at understanding why I'm going thru it when I do.
  3. What can I do to win over the head hunger that got me here in the first place. The last few days have been such a struggle as I am having strong desires for unhealthy food choices. Will I ever win over this battle?
  4. Beccadoone

    6 month checkup

    Thank you for the input!!! Great job and keep up the great work!!
  5. Beccadoone


    I agree, 1200 calories seem high, but that is where my doctor wants me. My problem is picking good sources of protein. I'm not fond of the shakes and/or bars. Guess I need to get past that, huh?
  6. My first stall was at 3 or 4 weeks and now I'm on my 2nd week stall at 12 weeks post surgery. I was told this will happen quite often
  7. Beccadoone


    I do keep a daily food journal and I "own" every bite I eat. I am taking in about 1200 (per my doctor) give or take 100. I thinki I'm eating too much at a sitting, but it doesn't bother my stomach so I'm just not sure. For example today I ate a packet of weight control oatmeal with a little under 1/4 cup of raisins. For lunch I had a half of a deli sandwich with only the top bun...turkey, ham, onions, bacon bits, lettuce. For dinner I had a small salad with onion, walnuts, peppers and light vinegrette dressing and a slice of pizza. I will have a yogurt for a snack and that will be my day...1130 calories. This seems like so much food...can I cut back to 800 and be okay? or is it the choices I'm making? If so, can I get some good meal ideas from anyone?
  8. Beccadoone

    6 month checkup

    Way to go..what an inspiration. Please share, if you don't mind, what your daily eating schedule is. I'm really struggling because I don't have any food issues and I'm not sure if I'm eating too much or too little. I keep a journal and I'm about 1200 calories a day at 10 weeks out (per my doctor). It seems like a lot
  9. Beccadoone


    I had bypass surgery 10 weeks ago. Not one food disagrees with me. And it seems to me, that I can eat quite a bit. Have I already stretched my stomach out? If so, what can I do to still make this surgery work. I have been at a stall for 3 weeks and I'm not sure if it is because I have eaten too much or if it's just a typical stall.
  10. I'm six weeks out and have had a stall for 2 weeks. I started eating more (1000 calories) a day and all of a sudden, I dropped another few lbs. Remember, if you aren't taking in enough you won't loose will loose muscle. I decided to ignore my scale and trust my clothes. I know stalls are normal. Hang in will loose
  11. Cinwa, mine is 30 minutes after eating. I'm glad you said that because I thought I was weird. I can go hours without eating and never have a problem
  12. I had all these symptoms two nights ago and then really bad most of the day yesterday. I tracked what I ate and I wasnt sure what I ate or didn't that would cause this 2 days in a row. I have had issues with high sugar in the past but never felt like this before. My fasting in the morning is around 110 - 114 still. My sugar levels 2 hours after eating yesterday was 114. It finally sent me into tears yesterday from pure frustration.
  13. I went on a cruise a few years back (pre surgery) and lost weight. I ate great, didn't drink alcohol, but walked a lot . Sight seeing and dancing at night paid off
  14. What does it feel like to have a hypoglycemic episode?
  15. I'm 6 weeks out this Thursday and I'm pushing myself to do about 600 per day. Dr. wanted me between 800 and 1200 and I'm just too nervous to eat too much. I'm working at getting 60 grams of protein in and that has been a struggle too.