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  1. 7 weeks post op today and im down 40lbs. So exciting went from a size 24 to an 18 :)

  2. I am almost 1 month post op and so far im down 26lbs. How much has everyone else lost the first month

  3. Ok i hope you guys can help me. I have to start taking my B-50 Complex on tuesday. I went to the store to buy some but cant find any with the 50 on it. I bought the B complex. Is this the same thing?

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    2. Laura Bell

      Laura Bell

      The B complex has Vitamin C 300mg,

      Thiamin 15mg, Riboflavin 10.2mg, Niacin 50mg, Vitamin B6 5mg, Pantothenic Acid 10 mg. What am i missing?

    3. lessoflisa


      did u try vitamin world?

    4. lessoflisa


      did u try vitamin world?

  4. Hello, I am doing ok. the first two days were hell, i wanted to go back in to surgery and be normal again. lol. But so far my biggest problem is the protein drink makes me sick so they told me to stop taking it. witch means i will just lose my hair i don't eat much because i don't want to be running to the bathroom every minute. i start soft foods tomorrow. hope that goes be...

  5. So how you feeling girl?! Just wanted to check on ya. Im having major probs getting in my nasty protein drinks too. yuck! I think Im going to invest in the whey protein that has no flavor, I guess they sell it at GNC. That way I can put it in yogurt or coffee... so on. maybe thatll help you too. Well, I hope youre doing good. :)

  6. Ok i have a big problem. I cant drink my protein drink. It makes me so sick. Help what can i do?

    1. mmmccart


      how far out are you?

    2. 2Bme


      Common issue I think. I am a month out and I still cannot drink my protein drinks. Try to find other forms of protein. Protein powder in jello, in hot chocolate, soups.... I was told it gets better. I am waiting for it to happen.

    3. Laura Bell

      Laura Bell

      My protein is a liquid form. Its the new Whey Liquid Protein in a 3.5 oz tube of it. Its the only one i could take before surgery. That didn't make me sick.

  7. Had my one week post-op apt yesterday and im down 14lbs since my pre-op apt. Not to bad. Other then that i have been really good except feeling dizzy every so often. Why is that?

    1. cinwa


      Could be that you're not drinking enough Laura - up your fluids and see if that helps.

    2. miss_lovely


      I agree with cinwa and also make sure that you are getting up slowly and not rushing getting up. Sometimes that can affect you as well.

    3. BugdocMom


      If you were on blood pressure meds before surgery, you will want to have them checked

  8. ok it had been 4 days since my surgery and i went out and bought a scale. When i got home i was really curious so i stood on it. WTH it says i gained two pounds. How is that even possible

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    2. cinwa


      It's just likely to be the fluids they pumped you with and remember - not all scales weigh the same either.

    3. Goddessfit4life


      I had the same reaction after my surgery. Fluid retention only so don't worry about it.

    4. MaraJayne


      Dont forget, not all scales are calibrated the same. The number on the scale can only be compared to the number on the same scale a couple days later.

  9. well i made it home and i have so much pain from the gas. Help!!! How do i get it to come out

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    2. 2Bme


      Walk, gas-x, and I used a probiotic chewable. My NUT thought was even better than gas-x

    3. AshleyAdair


      Are you feeling a little better? :)

    4. Laura Bell

      Laura Bell

      Yes im feeling way better. i think i may have some gas still because my stomach is still bigger then it was going in. And every so often my tummy makes alot of noise.

  10. Well today is the day. Im so excited. But this morning i woke up and am still going to the bathroom. Is that normal?

    1. Stacielacie


      Lots of love to you!!

  11. Well tomarrow is the day. Im so excited. I hope everything goes well . Wish me Luck

  12. Menstrual Cycle

    Ok so i know this might be a little weird asking. But its been on my mind. I am having my surgery in two days and i just started my period. Is that going to be a problem or well everything go as planed.
  13. OMG i think i am getting sick. i have a sore throat and a stuffy nose. Help!!! My surgery is in 6 days.

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    2. WorthTheWeight


      that was me.. mine got post poned due to strep throat.... I feel your pain

    3. katiebug


      Same thing happened to me Laura! TAKE MUCINEX THE EXTRA STRENGTH ONE! Thats what I did and it helped. Drink tons of water and flush the bug out!!!

    4. Laura Bell

      Laura Bell

      Thanks Katie i went out and got some. I need this to go away fast.

  14. One week till my surgery!!! Pre-op apt with the surgeon this morning, then labs and egk. I hope everything turns out ok. Wish me luck

    1. Laura Bell

      Laura Bell

      Well everything went well. Now just waiting for next Tuesday to come. So excited!

    2. AshleyAdair


      So glad to hear it. Countdown is on! :)

  15. Hi! I was just thinking about you the other day and hoping you got a date, thats hella funny. Im doing great! Its crazy to not be hungry. lol We will have to keep in touch now that youre on here. Im so happy you got your date!