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    My family, decorating my home with primitives, motorcycles, camping, and spending time with friends. I'm looking forward to doing a whole lot more once I'm at a healthier weight!
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  1. I only regret that I didn't have it sooner. It's the best thing that I have ever done for myself.
  2. I started out a 40D, and I am now a 36D. I'm happy with the size, and although I don't have tennis balls inside a sock (yet), they are definitely less firm and perky than before surgery. All looks fine inside a good bra as mentioned before. I think it's a reasonable trade for the newer body that I am learning to love.
  3. It happens to all of us....good news is, it passes.
  4. I'm headed out tomorrow to Colorado. My son is graduating from the Air Force Academy!! I have so much to be grateful for.

  5. My daughter brought home a Mother's Day card from school where the kids had to fill in the blanks about their mom. One of the questions was to list how she was like me and different from me. In the "different" list she put.....I get to to eat normal-person food, but my mom doesn't. In the "same" list she mom used to be very chubby, (her attempt at being polite about it?), but now she's skinny like me. They just say it like they see it. LOL
  6. I think the point is that it's a very personal decision, and what is right for one might be completely different for another. I decided not to share at work, with the exception of two close work friends, whom I completely trust. Everyone knew that I was having surgery, and I was out for 4 weeks. I never eluded to the type of surgery. If someone inquired, I always said the same thing......"I appreciate your concern, but it's personal. I hope you understand". I work with mostly men so there weren't many questions anyway. My surgery was 2-1/2 months ago and I have lost enough for it to be very noticeable. Amazingly, no one at work has commented on my weight loss. I am starting to wonder if they think that I am sick or something, and don't want to say anything. LOL. I suppose now if anyone asked me directly if I had surgery, I would share. Like many others, I just didn't want to have to answer a bunch of questions or listen to a bunch of advice beforehand. Now, I feel that I'm far enough along that people wouldn't worry as much. No one should feel an obligation to share if they don't want to, but good for those of you who feel you can!
  7. Feeling fantastic!! I'm sooooo happy that I had my surgery, and don't regret it for a single minute!

  8. I have a salad almost every day now for lunch. Nom nom! I just make sure to get my protien in there, too. It's easy at the supermarket salad bar. I always put my dressing on the side and dip my fork into the dressing then into my salad. Sooooo good!
  9. I love your posts...all of them, and this one made me smile when I read, "Days where I have to swear off cereal." =) Is that sooooo?? Not ice cream, potato chips or prime rib, but cereal?? Hmmmm, did I read that right? I'm saying this sarcastically because I completely understand!! Boy, we've come a VERY long way, haven't we?
  10. Just yesterday I noticed that as I combed out my wet hair....there was more on the comb than I am used to. I have been taking Biotin, but not sure it has helped. I guess time will tell how bad it gets.
  11. I love it. It's sassy and you!! However, the more important question is.....what do you think? Afterall, that is what truly matters.
  12. Wow. Stunning. You look fantastic. If you look in the mirror and don't see a difference, then perhaps you need a new mirror!!! Good for you!
  13. I had a drain tube, too. It was removed before I left the hospital, and while I agree it didn't hurt at all, I felt an odd sensation when it was removed. Painless, just felt weird when it was pulled out. I would just ask your doctor directly so that you're not surprised either way.