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  1. Hey Bridget, Protien is the only thing that works for me. I have those moments where I just need to graze like a wild animal, but then I pay for it later when my stomach starts to ach. Protien is still the only real cure for me. Looking good by the way Bridget! Davey
  2. I had the same thing happen to me. I was doing cruches at the gym and all of a sudden this "alien" poped out. I looked at it and thought that aint right. I saw the Dr. he said it could wait until I am done losing weight, which I hope is soon. Davey
  3. I have had two weeks where I went up and down but never moved more than 3 pounds either way. Then one day I just drop five pounds. I don't try to understand it anymore, I just trust my body. I have noticed that extra carbs tend to slow me down or stop the weight loss, but that might just be me. Good luck, you are doing great, Davey
  4. Way to go!!!! 26 pounds is awsome. It will slow down eventually, but it is all good. You will enjoy every minute of it. Trust me!! I am seven months out and still get excited everytime I lose another pound. Take care, Davey
  5. I am looking forward to being there. I can't wait to meet everyone that I have talked to over the last 7 months. Davey
  6. Thanks for the "Tony the Tiger" compliment!! I like it!! Everyone is looking so hot, I just love watching everyone's transformation. It is really cool. Take care, Davey
  7. Why hello Miss Bridget!! Thank you very much for the compliments!!! And I will get my butt into a support meeting. Because I am a scattered brain, could you tell me where to go (I mean which meeting to go to) be nice. Take care, Davey
  8. You are awsome Rain!!! What a great gift to hit the 199 mark. Isn't great to be able to say 1 something when you say your weight!! I am looking forward to that sometime this year. I loved what you said about a worn book, very nice. Well, you are looking awsome!! Keep the curves!! Take care, Davey
  9. Welcome Ann to the website and a new life!! I would do it all over again without hesitation. Now I have to admit, the first week was horrible, but still very much worth it!! Keep checking back to this website, the folks here are the best anywhere!! Good luck, Davey
  10. Thanks Pam!! I do feel a little sheepish for being a guy. But if it helps, I really feel like a woman inside sometimes. You know when I start to feel intelligent and I have great ideas at work, I know that the woman part of me is coming out. I am one of the guys that would rather hang out with woman, but not for the reason you would think, woman have better conversations, well usually they do. But much more than men, sorry guys but it is true. Take care, Davey
  11. Thank you for the very kind words. By the way, it is no fun being normal, I say be abnormal, it is much more fun. And it keeps everyone guessing what you are thinking.
  12. Hey Rain, Thanks for the remarks!! You are looking quite awsome yourself!! I haven't been really hiding so much as working too much. It is good to hear from you. See you soon, Davey
  13. Well Robin let me tell you out of my mouth that you look fantastic!! Your picture looks awsome!! Keep up the great work!! Davey
  14. Thank you Robin!! I very much enjoy the kind words. After a life of being big, it is really exciting to hear, "you look fantastic" it means a lot to me. But I don't think I have to explain myself to anyone on this amazing website!! Davey