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  1. Hello, scary but for those pre-op does this mean your hospitalized. Or they let you run about your normal day with a leak? I hope you get well FAST. Best regards, UBER__
  2. Hello, wow what a great story and what a great Christmas gift you have there. This is such a great inspiration story and to think its only been one year. OMG that's wonderful news. Merry Christmas to you and to your family. I wish you snow! UBER__
  3. Hello, I do have a PCP appointment scheduled for the 09 January and I do plan on telling him. I don't just wanna see any doctor, I want to speak to my PCP about it and let him know that WLS is becoming more of a reality and things are moving along so I want check this out and anything else that may be important. These re-occuring infections are probably MRSA related. I tested positive before when I was hospitalized for cellulitis on my left leg. I stayed for over a week and they didn't mention too much about MRSA. Inpatient care is not the same as outpatient, generally the doctors make their rounds and don't get into real discussions but rather wanna make sure you improve and can get the hell out of there. I didn't get too much information and at the time I was young so that may have played a factor. That last time I had an abscess drained at the hospital, I went to the ER and I believed they cultured it but I wasn't too anything and was just sent home. That was like 2 years ago and ever since then that wound never heal properly. (located near the buttocks) I can feel the skin and and visually see it not healed , so now when boils try to form, they don't get too far or painful. They always ooz out with a warm bath and slight pressure. I've had one abscess in the armpit area that was also open and drained at the hospital and maybe culture. That wound too never completely healed but the cut is tiny and you can't really see it. I fear when those re-occur are because something gets into the cut and an infection occurs. Those are more painful and take longer to go open. They open and drain on their own again with warm water and slight pressure. After reading this its clear that this is a serious issue and needs to be looked at. I hope my PCP will refer me to an infection disease doctor because they would know more about these issues. It hard for me to reach back there so bandaging is difficult. Let's see what they say. Thanks again for reading. UBER__
  4. Hello, no they never cultured those. But I've had cellulitis on my left leg twice and both times they said something about MRSA but nothing more about it. Except they had to try specific type of antibodies for the infection. I usually get a private hospital room whenever I'm hospitalized. I showed the nurse once when I was in their for something else, but she didn't say anything and I didn't speak up either. I will speak to PCP when I have a visit in two weeks. Thanks
  5. Hello, yes I had it checked twice in the two year and my blood work has been "very good" my PCP words, considering my weight. He feared diabetes but said no. I guess I really need to discuss it but I'm just so nervous. I thought it may be an obesity issue but my mom tells me it runs in the family. I think it may be because I don't properly care for them when they open and so they never heal. Best regards, cowboyup910
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  7. Hello, I don't know if this an appropriate place for this topic. (it may not be obesity related) So as far back as I can remember and more-so in the last six years I've been troubled with skin abscesses in different locations. The most painful are in the buttocks and arm pit region. They seem to come back every other month or so. Some have required incision and extraction and others open on their own. I've been really ashamed and kind of scared to tell my doctors but I have open cuts in my arm pit and buttock area. The one near my buttock comes back every month and the skin has never properly heeled, so it kind of just seeps out on it owns and never gets too painful because it doesn't form. The same goes for my arm pits except sometimes those return and get larger and hurt. I live with the pain and then infection goes away on its own after seeping out. I wanna tell someone especially before I my surgeon approves the surgery for VSG. Just in case they put me on the table and cancel the surgery because of open wounds. Has anyone had any issues with these pre-op or post-op. Best regards, UBER__
  8. Hello, so did you have normal checkups years after year with your surgery? I know people move/surgeons move, etc etc but I think some kind of contact with a surgeon would have helpful. There when issue come up they can be discussed and if a revision is needed you not at the starting point looking for a doctor. It sounds as though you need to start everything new because there wasn't enough adequate follow-up care. Q1. A lifetime commitment with a Surgeon (who specializes in WLS) Annuals Checkups, etc, etc. Q2. Each location may have their own rules, but its best to contact at least your nearest location and get familiar with them. Hope this helps a little. Best regards, UBER__ Edit: just looked at the OP date its been some time. Sorry for bumping.
  9. http://www.obesityhelp.com/morbidobesity/members/before+and+after.php

    This has thousands of before and after pictures for when you need inspiration and is one of the most user friendly ways to view. GL!

  10. Hello, everyone - what a shocker! I had my 1st appointment with my surgeon today. I got some really sad news. The overall gist of the meeting was that she would not be able to operate on me unless I lost 100lbs. She didn't say it harshly and honestly I really do think I picked the best surgeon to work with in terms of her people skills. She said she will work with me and wants me to come in every month for a checkup. I am in the super super obese category and it would be very dangerous to operate. Anyhow, I wasn't expecting that all, well some minor weight loss but not 100lbs. If I could lose 100lbs what's to stop me from losing another 100lbs. So really I just wanted to vent. I have to start thinking of a game plan on what to do, but for today I just wanna cry and get through this.
  11. Hello, sorry for digging this thread up. But I didn't know weather to post a new thread or not. Does anyone know the rule for smokeless tobacco (Skoal). Besides all the regular problems for everyday people, what risk does it pose for people who've had WLS. I'm pre-op and want to try to quit but its very difficult. Best regards, cowboyup910
  12. Hello, I'm so excited because in 7 hours I will have my first visit with my surgeon. She seemed so nice and direct during the information session, so I decided to pick her. I went to my first support group for pre-op/post-op patients and some of their some of their stories got me thinking there's a rough road ahead but it's the best decision they ever made. I wish there were some guys I can talk too or befriend as I don't have any friends ATM and this experience would be a lot easier with a good friend. I thank you all for taking the time to read this. Best regards, UBER__
  13. Thanks. Hello, I will see my surgeon for our 1st of two appointments on DEC 16, 2011 @ 10:15 AM. What kind of questions should I ask? I called my insurance company and no pre-op supervised diet is required, only a medical necessity letter from my PCP. Best regards, UBER__
  14. Hello, I'm approaching 30 and all I can think about is my next 30 years. I am a big boy, currently 514 lbs and after doing research I've been fussing over whether to go the "Gold Standard" Gastric bypass or the Sleeve. I think the Sleeve is right for me. For one because of my fear of mal-absorption and the fact that I will have to live with this decision for the rest of my life. The thought of only modifying my body by restriction feels like its the right decision. I'm not fixed on reaching a certain weight, I just want to be healthy and not develop all the other risk of obesity such as diabetes and high blood pressure. At my weight one would think I have little to live, but age is still on my side, not for long unless I take such drastic changes such as WLS. I still have to speak with my Surgeon and hopefully she will agree with my decision. I know this journey will be very difficult but I must make such life changes. Thank for reading. Best regards, UBER__