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  1. I just want to add - anyone having trouble with their vitamins should order the sample pack from Celebrate. I have tried 3 kinds so far and they all make me gag. The pack was $3 and I just got them. Heaven I tell you. I am so excited because I really don't want any deficiencies and haven't taken vitamins on a consistent basis since my surgery. They have different flavors to try and they aren't chalky. HEAVEN!!!
  2. My doc told me to hold off on that stuff and concentrate on aerobic/cardio for now. I would think maybe here and there you could do the DVD but make sure your primary exercise is cardio.
  3. 3 weeks out - is it normal to have air coming up after I drink or eat? You can hear them it if you close to me??

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    2. Kimbubbly


      still happens to me and I am 8 weeks out!

    3. Anna Banana

      Anna Banana

      omg. YES. I burp and hiccup like crazy! one thing to help not swallow air is to get the water in your mouth, hold it there and exhale through your nose, and swallow before you inhale. Works fairly well!

    4. BugdocMom


      True, Anna. I had to consciously do the exhale thing for a couple of months. I also found that drinking from a straw actually helps me get in less air.