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  1. monnie

    Bypass to Band Revision

    I had my bypass in 2011 and the band revision in 2017. I was struggling to maintain my weight and so afraid of getting fat again. The band has really worked for me. It is NOT fast, nothing will be as fast as my bypass - but I had less to lose I guess. You literally cannot overeat with the band revision. Totally uncomfortable- which works fine for me. It means u have to be careful to chew thoroughly especially when in company. My band is irreversible - cannot be adjusted. Happy to answer any more questions and would love to know how you get on as this is not a common procedure Many thanks
  2. Hi there I had my bypass operation in 2011 and went from 233 to 145 in a year. However was unhappy that I was gradually putting on weight and felt that the benefits of the original procedure were fading. I had a band procedure in March 2017 when I was about 185 pounds. The weight loss after was gradual that is true - this one really is a 'tool' - but I am now 139 pounds. You really cannot enjoy food as much as before. There is a severe limit on your capacity and some foods are spectacularly sore (I would love to network with people on this - I find eggs uncomportable and sharp foods of course - I often have to make myself sick and have to be super super careful when I am out with friends as there can be no relief if I get pain. On the up-side I am thinner than I ever was on the original journey, I don't get dumping or sugar rushes. Happy to chat further if it helps Monnie
  3. monnie

    Understanding Dumping Syndrome

    Thank you for this - I just had my 4 month visit with my surgeon. I get really bad shakes if I eat high fat foods and he says this can be dangerous. I have to monitor my sugar levels and eat something bland like fruit or bread to 'come down" as there is the danger of passing out. The best thing however is not to over eat fats! Thank you again for the article.
  4. I am nearly 3 months out and weigh myself once a week - from about week 3 post op I have been steadily losing 2lbs a week. I am same height as you, but started at 227 lbs.
  5. monnie

    Why Is Whey The Best?

    Thank you - my surgeon has not taken this approach, but I think that I will. I THOUGHT I had a relatively high protein diet which includes 35 g of protein through a Whey protein drink and a high protein bar for lunch. I will increase the morning drink by 20 g protein from now on.
  6. monnie

    Why Is Whey The Best?

    Thank you that is very helpful indeed.
  7. monnie

    Why Is Whey The Best?

    Hi I wonder if anyone could help? I have been using Solgar Whey protein isolate which is v expensive - £46 (about $70) for 32 oz - today I found some Soya Protein for a third of that for the same amount which has: more protein (90 vs 80 gms per 100), no dairy, lower fat (1gm vs 2gms), lower carb (3.5 vs 8.5) Is there a catch - is it as good as the Whey? Hugs Monnie
  8. I had a breast reduction 11 years ago when I lost weight on my own - gained it twice again before my WLS. The best thing I ever ever did. Only thing I'd say is that I was pretty sore for a few weeks. And pretty wiped out - don't worry if you are too and don't push yourself, it's a big operation. I hope you get on very well. You will feel so light and free!
  9. monnie

    I Am Failing

    Yes you are right! I had a small piece of fish and some vegetables and drank nothing. And you are soooo right about the truffles. In my whole life I never had uneaten chocolate in the house (still loads left) Thank you Monnie
  10. monnie

    I Am Failing

    Thank you that is good advice! Monnie
  11. monnie

    JEANS 1 18 10 010

    Wow wow wow! You have done so well and look so elegant and beauitiful
  12. monnie

    I Am Failing

    Thank you for your words, LL should come with the warning:This is an expensive, unrealistic, unhealthy and ultimately temporary solution! Kind regards Monnie
  13. monnie

    Rock And A Hard Place

    There is a wonderful song called Caledonia, sung here by a woman called Dolores Keane It is about moving away and keeping only what is worth keeping. it has the lyrics I have moved and Ive kept on moving Proved the points that I needed proving Lost the friends that i needed losing Found others on the way Your friend I think has an addiction which you cannot change, just be there for her when she asks for help. You are embarked on your own journey. With love Monnie
  14. monnie

    I Am Failing

    Thank you all so much - everything you all say is right. New day, new beginning. And that this really is a tool, not a magic pill. I'm remembering what it was like to be 140 pounds and how happy I was. I was on a thing called Lighter Life for about a year which wrecked my head and my gut and gave me an Eating disorder. But it did work for a while and the memory of how I felt, moving through the world with ease and as light as air, I hope that will keep me focussed. Again thank you all for being so kind and encouraging. With love
  15. monnie

    I Am Failing

    I have never posted before. I am 3 weeks post-op Gastric Bypass. I have told no-one except two friends who have also had WLS, and tonight I was out for dinner with a date and when I came home I had 3 truffles. I can't believe that I am failing already. I am so worried that my pouch is too big, and that I will not be able to do this when even so early on I can't control my eating.