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  1. Happy-Camper

    NYT article on why the weight comes back

    I'm 4.5 years out and did fantastic until last Christmas. I gained 10 pounds because I let my guard down and ate a little too well. It's May and I'm struggling to get that 10 pounds off even still. You just can't let your guard down even for a second. Carbs are the devil and if you eat too many the weight WILL come back. Period. I haven't been on here in a while and don't know you. Are you at goal? If so, buy clothes that fit. If not, don't buy too much because it'll get too loose. Keep your guard up, don't eat crap and you'll be okay.
  2. Happy-Camper

    Aviator's Log Book

    they're finally doing it? About time. Hate it's affected your time off. Hospitals are notorious for that.
  3. Happy-Camper

    Aviator's Log Book

    oh nooooo!!!
  4. Happy-Camper

    unfried pork chops. Zero carb, amazing! pics

    Glad you all liked this! The key is the verrry fine pork rind crumbs though. We do this once or twice a month!
  5. Happy-Camper

    You'll like this. Or not.

  6. Happy-Camper

    Anyone have a really cool job?

    okay. I've changed jobs and now work at the coolest job I've ever had. My husband works here, too. It's an insurance institute sponsored place where they test building materials for structural damage due to hail, wind, fire, etc. So basically they build houses and they try to blow them up by imitating weather conditions. I LOVE this place! My husband will be out on a storm chasing expedition probably starting next week. They collect hail from the massive mid-west storms and measure, weigh and photograph them. By the way, they are deployed this week starting in Lubbock, Texas. So watch out for severe weather in that area this coming week.
  7. Happy-Camper

    If you're over a year out...do you feel hunger?

    3 years and 5 months out and .... no hunger. Sometimes I can't get "satisfied", but that is rare. There are times though, when I can go all day and totally forget to eat. I've been eating out of habit lately and honestly, I need to stop that. I'd be perfectly fine on 2 small meals a day.
  8. Happy-Camper

    Have you gotten really picky about food?

    VERY picky! It annoys my husband when I'm specific at a restaurant, but I figure if I'm paying for it then I should get what I really want. With the limited real estate I'm incredibly picky about what I allow to fill me up. If I eat something I don't really like, it seems like I totally wasted that meal. We don't eat that much, we should be able to enjoy it. Donchathink?
  9. Happy-Camper


    STOP eating the bread. it will be your downfall. Ask them to put your favorite sandwich in a salad. My husband does that all the time and he loves it. It costs him around 7.00 or so and he gets one every . single . day.
  10. Happy-Camper

    how did you lose the last 20-30#s

    If you stay true to your diet plan and don't eat a lot of carbs or crap, then you will easily lose all you want to lose in the honeymoon phase. I wouldn't worry about it yet. Just stick to your plan!
  11. Happy-Camper

    chicken n dumplings

    Chicken and dumplings is partly what got me to where I needed surgery. You gotta change your mind about that kind of food, hon.
  12. Happy-Camper

    A vanity/just curious question

    I think when you get below 200 it will start to be pretty obvious. Just ...wait for it... it'll be fabulous!
  13. Happy-Camper

    Airport goodie shop

    We will likely be headed to Tampa, so we'll go through Jacksonville. I'll definitely let you know! No clue when it will be yet though. I'd like to take a week this winter - maybe near Christmas - and go down so it may not be until then. I was telling my husband about you last night and he is already enamored with your area of expertise!
  14. Happy-Camper

    An Ugly Tale

    Hey Mike. You look Fantastic!!! Seriously. You've done an amazing job. HUG!
  15. Happy-Camper

    quick snacks

    I wouldn't use the Vienna sausages as a go to. They are crazy high in sodium and a slider food.