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    Dr. A- my hero :)
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    northern NJ one- just ask
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  1. jerseygrl684

    Off to see a second specialists

    I wish you so much luck. I cant imagine even being at the point you are. Anything and even a failed attempt would be better than nothing. I'm always here if you need me <3
  2. jerseygrl684


    Are you for real? SERIOUSLY, You all really want people gone that badly? Cos you do realize you are hurting this forum for infracting the most insane BS ever? People don't want to come here because they feel they can't have an opinion or say anything without being yelled at. Plus, why was Swt's stuff deleted? Come on, I'm not even trying to stir up drama, but enough is enough. You don't own this forum, the Callery's do. I would shut this place down because it is getting to be too much.
  3. jerseygrl684

    Most recent....

    Do you have updated pics and what's your height? I'm 5'2 and Im 125. My body has settled there w/out starvin myself and i'm happy between 125-130. If i get close to 140 i will start freaking one day.
  4. jerseygrl684


    Yes it was. I wouldn't worry about being infracted. It is only certain folk who have received them... me being one.. my 2 other mustketeers being the others.
  5. jerseygrl684


    Can I ask something; Chrissie was only infracted 2x that day. Why was she banned.. and do the infractions with #s next to it stay? Because I think that is unfair... it should expire with the infraction timeframe.
  6. jerseygrl684


    You guys are so awesome. Haha thanks Kelly for making a thread... I'll be back soon to write on the blackboard ala' Bart Simpson 500 times saying "I will not peeve the mighty mods off again" Jersey is still a dirty skeeza but she's still pretty dope. <3 -Chrissie
  7. jerseygrl684

    Colace Question

    You aren't allowed to take pills? Um, how long did they tell you this? I take pills everyday, we have to... We are malnourishing our bodies, therefore needing supplements. Colace is okay, there are some threads on here about it already, and just made in the past couple days. The more repetitive the questions, the less and less that people seem to answer them. The search feature is awesome for that.
  8. jerseygrl684

    Wake uppppp

    New Jersey too.
  9. jerseygrl684


    You are breaking my jersey is awesomeness rule.. i showed chrissie this she said people are gonna be like who cares and i told her to come on here and post a response under me. She said she was gonna and be like "boo dont come back!"... people would just think i was nuts and contradicting myself haha. Cass- shes known to roam the ghettos. . Sooooooo glad she can't post back to me. Neener.
  10. jerseygrl684


    Chrissie23 says hi!. She was banned for a week, let's not get into specifics... but she said "tell tt i said hi!". I <3 her... Can't wait till she's back... If you want shoot her a PM through me and ill get it to her...but she will be back.
  11. jerseygrl684

    Why long termers dont stick around ....

    This is a place for positive support. The "let's all be the same"-ism isn't healthy nor is it realistic. We are all different races, ages, backgrounds, upbringings. Do you get along with everyone you see in real life? I'm sorry if you don't feel this is the site for you based on what Suz said... Cos she wasnt harsh, she was honest. I'd rather have honesty than "squeeeeeeee i love u, you love me"
  12. jerseygrl684

    Was I wrong?

    I ate the hot dog with colonel mustard in the study.... Hot dog bun was not your best bet, i'd stay away from it in the future... It may be easy now, but itll come back to bite you very quickly 2-3 yrs out. with 2-3 of those buns go down. Not to mention, filling yourself up with carbs like that are not putting any nutrition in you, and you want to stick with stuff that has protein and nutrition... not void crap in your belly.
  13. jerseygrl684

    Been home less then 24 hrs....

    I understand emotions are high after surgery... Feel better... it will get easier.
  14. jerseygrl684

    Been home less then 24 hrs....

    Good luck this is the worst time.