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  1. So, I'm undergoing an upper GI and a colonoscopy tomorrow for a bleeding ulcer. I did the two dulcolax tabs that my surgeon said, and the 64 oz Gatorade miralax over the course of 6 hours. However, it's now midnight and things aren't moving like they should be. I called the on call dr for the GI doc, and he was like " drink another glass with miralax and you'll be fine." Well, I need this procedure to happen TOMORROW! I need piece of mind as to why there's bleeding again. So- can I take more miralax right now and then a bottle of magnesium citrate? Then, tomorrow morning I will take the second bottle of magnesium citrate? I was only told to do one, but I've read of others doing more than one... Is it safe? Thank you for any thoughts!!!
  2. I was hospitalized for a bleeding ulcer- it happened on Tuesday. I felt a bit off, had to have someone drive me home, and by midnight the ambulance was bringing me to the ER. My hemoglobin dropped from 10.8 when I got to the ER to 8. I was just above the need for a blood transfusion. They did an upper GI scope- found the ulcer- a stomal ulcer. It had stopped bleeding by the time they scoped me. I was in the hospital for 16 hours by the time they did the scope- so the IV protonix must have worked wonders! I was discharged the next day, since I was making "remarkable" progress. I guess this usually means a 7 day hospital stay. I am EXTREMELY fatigued, and have NO desire to do much of anything. They asked if I took any ibuprofen, and I haven't since months BEFORE surgery. All I take is Tylenol. I am now on Carafate 3x day and Protonix 2x day. Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience, and if so, how long until you had energy again?! Thank you~~~
  3. I have it too! Hoping it goes away, but if not, I'll just chalk it up to a skinny girl problem;)
  4. Very normal- after surgery, even when the number on the scale is going down, we are full of fluid and gas. Just keep walking and getting in all of your fluids! Before you know it, your pants will be falling off;)
  5. YAY!!! It's so exciting, isn't it?! Very surreal! Enjoy your day!
  6. Thank you NJJenny and KazKaren- I truly appreciate your advice and insight! I am feeling a bit better now that I've just switched all my food to yogurt or cottage cheese, I know how important it is that I finish this antibiotic, as I do not want any effects from possible Lyme disease. Once again, thank you. I understand some people probably have no experience with this, it was just frustrating to see so many views and no replies- especially when I was worried about damaging my pouch somehow. Have a great week, ladies!
  7. I am having a really hard time eating anything, I'm going on mainly greek yogurt, as anything with real substance hurts or just makes me sick to my stomach. I got bit by a deer tick about a month ago, and last week, I had a swollen gland in my neck. As a precaution, since I live in such a high area of Lyme disease, my doctor put me on two weeks of Augmentin. I'm also taking probiotics with it, but it's seriously making me not feel well at all. This is the first time on on this antibiotic post op- I had surgery in December. Is this something to be concerned about, or will this pass once I'm done with the antibiotics?! Is it okay to eat mainly soft foods the next ~10 days or so?! Thank you for any insight!!!
  8. You look FABULOUS dahling!!!
  9. Well, since the start of my journey, I am down just over 100 pounds. I feel fantastic, and I have about 40 more to go. I have a date this weekend with a man I met through an online dating site that I pay for, hoping that weeds out some potential weirdos. Well, before surgery I went on quite a few of these dates, and I really wasn't that nervous. I had game. Yes, I was 100 lbs heavier, but I was always confident and carried myself well. Now, with this new body and restrictions on food/drink, I'm more than nervous for this date. I'm not sure if it's because I'm quite interested in him, he's extremely smart (PhD) and so kind. Maybe I think this could go somewhere and that's why I'm nervous? Or is this common with new weight loss to be nervous about getting back in the dating game?! Any thoughts or words of wisdom are greatly appreciated=) Happy Thursday!
  10. Beautiful before and after! You look great~
  11. Good morning y'all! Let me start off by saying I feel fabulous. My loss has been slow but steady. I'm above my doctor's expectation for me since I am on steroids for adrenal insufficiency, something that keeps me from losing super quick. I am okay with that, as I feel my body could not handle anything too fast, it's been through a lot in it's short 24 years;) Lately, I cannot remember anything. My words don't come out right, my mood is sour, and I feel as though EVERYONE is misunderstanding me. It's getting to the point where my mother, my biggest supporter, has had enough. I brought up labwork at my followup last month, and she stated no labs were going to be done until 1 year out. I saw my PCP the other day for a continued neck issue, which I think is also related to my weight loss. I told him about my symptoms, such as foggy memory, not being able to think clearly, and just feeling drained. He said labs were def in order. I made high honors last quarter in college, despite my surgeon advising me to take a quarter off. Now, this quarter I feel overwhelmed, but I'm just taking it a day at a time. Now that I gave some background info- is all of this normal? The brain fog? What about the pissy moods? I will go in for my labs today, since I forgot (surprise, surprise) my appointment for Monday afternoon. I guess I'm hoping this is all normal and maybe related to a vitamin deficiency? Will this go away? Is it just me? Do I need some sort of medications, or is this the "norm?" Thank you for taking the time to read this. Obviously my writing skills are taking a hit as well. This mind just ISN'T me!!!
  12. Oh my... My heart goes out to you. I'm glad that is all behind you now and hopefully soon this is just a faded memory that you can hardly recall. After today, I'm REALLY wishing the protocol for removing a "healthy" gallbladder was different. Hugs to you, and I hope you are feeling fantastic!!!
  13. Good afternoon- Well, I have a family history of gallbladder disease. Everyone on my mom's side, I mean EVERY single person, has had their gallbladder removed by age 27. I am 24, and begged my surgeon to take it out in December when I had my surgery. Unfortunately it's not protocol anymore, and the risks outweighed the benefits. He said that once I've lost more weight, if it becomes a problem, it will be easier to see and remove at that time. Well, I think it is that time. I woke up this morning just fine. At about 11:30 I started feeling a pain in my upper abdomen/chest. I thought it was from falling last night in the snow, it was a soft fall though on about 12 inches of soft snow. Well, within ten minutes I was crying and breaking out in the biggest sweat ever. I had my mom thank God to rub my back which only helped my anxiety. I was immediately thinking a triple A or a DVT, never thinking it could be my gallbladder. Well, I'm positive it was. Question- how long did it take for your surgeon to decide to remove your gallbladder after your first attack?! I'm terrified to eat, and go to my college classes for fear this will strike again. Thank you for any insight!!!
  14. Congratulations!!! What a doll she is!
  15. You look amazing!!! Congratulations girlie!
  16. I was having the same problem. I was given Milk of Magnesia in the hospital and that worked fine. Although, I'd check with your surgeon first to make sure they allow that to be used. Feel better soon!
  17. So, I've been trying to eat dinner by 7 every night. I eat my protein first, and sometimes I can squeeze a bit of a veggie in there too. This week I have noticed EXTREME fatigue after dinner- no carbs, just protein and a veggie. Although one night I had some baked potato. Anyway, I lay down after dinner and can sleep for about an hour. Is this normal? What could be causing this? I am also suffering from a few different symptoms that I need to run by my doctor, such as two bloody noses in the past week, a bit of brain fog( I went to college an hour early thinking I was late) as well as this new fatigue at night. Is this normal? What could be causing it? I had my RNY on December 20! Thank you for any insight!!!
  18. Here in Minnesota, we have a MEDICAL ALERT on our drivers license. I have it on mine for adrenal insufficiency, which is life threatening in a matter of minutes if not treated properly. I also have in my wallet a medical card with my medications and a statement about RNY. I never thought about the blind tubing placement... Now to figure out how to fit all of my infomation on a medical bracelet... Thanks for the info!
  19. First off, I am not a doctor and all questions should be run by your surgeon. However, from my experience( I had surgery Dec. 20th) I am still experiencing the occasional weird twing like pain, and also if I am cold, my stomach muscles tense up and the next day I feel like I've done about a million sit ups. Have you noticed the pain associated with eating or drinking? Because the pain gets better when you lay down, I'm thinking it could be muscles you haven't used in a while, as well as the normal healing process. I've had a previous abdominal surgery when I was young, and now, 20 years later, I still feel a sharp pain if I move in bed weird or too quickly. I hope you find relief soon!!! Take care~
  20. So, I had a few crackers this morning with my daily dose of hydrocortisone. I don't do carbs but I had to take extra steroids so I wanted to protect my pouch and took my meds with a couple of crackers. I went back to bed for a while, and woke up with the most hideous taste in my mouth. It's a sweet taste... I then had a powerade mixed with two parts water today, trying to bring my electrolytes back into balance. Not sure if it was the crackers or the powerade, but that's never happened before. I thought with Ketosis the taste was metallic? Could it be a sweet taste? How long does it last? Thank you for any insight!!
  21. You look wonderful! Congratulations!!!
  22. I agree with the crock pot. I just put the chicken in there with chicken broth and some water. Once it's cooked, I drain the broth and then add a marinade or whatever "flavor" I'm in the mood for!