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  1. Just passed my 2yr surgiversary and thrilled to be holding steady at 136. :)

    1. Cheesehead


      Congrats! It's always nice to see someone who is maintaining; it is so hard to hit the right balance!

  2. Goal!! 136!! I feel amazing!!

  3. 108 pounds lost. 2 pounds till goal of 136! :)

  4. My 5 Day Pouch Test Journey....

    I loved your account of you 5dpt. It really helped me. At 9 months out i am already slipping and sliding. Carbs and i have been best friends again. Thanks for the wake up call. Goinv to read my binder from my wls surgeon tonight. Ing Back on track.
  5. 90lbs down. 20lbs till dream goal. :)

    1. AshleyAdair


      Good to hear from ya! You are doing great fantastic!..... It's time for a new profile pic :D

  6. Weekend Bender

    I had a day something like this yesterday. It scared me too. Different foods, different quantities. Same feelings and thoughts.I just passed my six month surgiversary. Today I have been much more on track. Yes, I have a lot of extra stressors going on in my life right now. My home is being foreclosed/sheriff sale tomorrow. Haven't figured out where we're moving yet. My brother in law is in surgery today having his tonsil removed due to cancer, he just got his cancer diagnosis 2 weeks ago. My 19 year old daughter is in Africa this week on a missions trip for the first time and of course I am worried about her. My mother is in town (she lives across country) she only comes once a year, and let's just say I have mother issues like you do. Feeling neglected mainly. Whew. I had no idea really how much all of that was bothering me until I read this blog entry. Trying to comfort with food. Does it ever end? Thanks Genet for sharing with us, and helping me get some insight.
  7. How long from beginning to surgery?

    My info is in my signature below. Good luck!
  8. WLS consultation I weighed 245.8 Day of surgery I weighed 233.0. I lost 12.8 preop diet 1st month lost 21.4 weight 211.6 2nd month lost 8.2 weight 203.4 3rd month lost 11.4 weight 192.0 4th month lost 8.0 weight 184.0 5th month lost 9.2 weight 174.8 6th month lost 8.4 weight 166.4 7th month lost 1.0 weight 165.4 8th month lost 2.4 weight 163.0 9th month lost 4.4 weight 158.6 10th month lost 2.0 weight 156.6 11th month currently in progress lost 4.0 far, current weight 152.6 Total lost so far 93.2
  9. I did it! Pre surgery (Jan) I would daydream about my birthday in June. My goal was to be 169. My birthday is tomorrow, this morning, 169.6!

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    2. Fat Bottom Girl

      Fat Bottom Girl

      Excellent! Great motivation!



      That's the best gift every HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY

    4. lakeishadh


      Happy Birthday...I bet you feel great, happy for you!!! Enjoy your day

  10. 6 month checkup

    Really great progress. Keep up the good work!
  11. Finally broke my 15 day stall. 172.2 today. 2.4lbs till my birthday goal of 169,

    1. LMT


      Cutting it close. My birthday is in 5 days!


    Wowee! Randee you look beautiful. Younger and so much happier. Keep it up!
  13. Sore, restless legs

    I never had rls until after surgery. Only when I was dehydrated. Drink up! Hopefully it will help. It did for me.
  14. HELP! I am having a reversal!

    Keri, glad to hear that your nausea is gone and that your pain is manageable. Hang in there. I said a prayer for you. You will be a succes! You are strong, I can hear it in your posts. Keep us updated, we are rooting for you and thinking about you! Wish you all the best!
  15. Century Club!

    Holy moly! 100 pounds already!! Incredible! Congratulations!