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  1. So, I won't get his referral for the surgery. Where should I go from here? A new bariatric? I know my insurance won't voluntarily pay for "cosmetic" surgery. I don't consider all the skin I'm carrying cosmetic though...
  2. Hello, I'm not sure if I should post here. My bariatric surgeon and I have had a major falling out. Basically over his lack of concern after he received payment. So I don't see him any longer. His office also had the plastic surgery practice and he felt the body shaping was required for my health (I agree for many reasons). A couple...I had loose skin prior to surgery... Rollercoaster lost and regained weight, and two children that were over 10 lbs. Medicare paid for the WLS and I don't know about the body shaping (if anyone knows the answer please advise). How do I proceed? I am not at my "ideal" weight per my surgeon. I have maintained 20 lbs over that for over 4 of the 6 yrs since surgery. I'm comfortable with the weight but my body looks horrible. Do I find a bariatric surgeon or move forward to a plastic surgeon? I'm lost... --Angel
  3. Hello all. (This is long, bear with me) I had RNY almost 6 yrs ago. A little back a child I had no dental issues other than a few fillings and the normal removal of molars. Otherwise, white, straight teeth, and no cavities (I did break a molar on sausage, of all things, so I do have a cap). About 6 months ago I noticed thinning of one of my front teeth. l haven't had dental insurance since my lay off in 2008. I'm also SSD and Medicare doesn't provide dental, and my Medicaid level doesn't either. So I kept doing everything I've always done brushing, flossing, mouth wash, and removing food from between teeth. I should mention that during consultation, NEVER was there mention of dental side effects. Recently I finally received dental from my Medicare management company. I took advantage of it quickly because I was afraid of breaking the front tooth! I did my research regarding teeth and bariatric prior to my visit, and was amazed what I found. I know more than my dentist. He says there is NO communication from the surgeons to the dentists, he has actually distributed. Most dentists learn from patient exams, etc. What I know now: 1. Bariatric changes the acid from our stomachs and mouths. This can erode the enamel. Which can't be replaced. 2. We should not be taking chewable vitamins because they stick to our teeth (deep valleys, crevices, and in between) and cause decay. 3. Dehydration causes. You should drink 1 c. of water over an hour (every hour) to help acidity in the mouth. Caffeine, alcohol and marijuana add to dental erosion. 4. Xylitol. It helps by the biofilm it contains which helps enamel. Read up on it and make an informed decision as there is debate on over use. I chew a piece or two a couple of days a week. 3. Hypersensitivity can be addressed with toothpastes and mouth wash containing potassium nitrate, or an in-office application of sensitivity gel or fluoride varnish. This can be done at home via your dentist. 4. After a single exposure to sugar, the plaque pH may not return to normal for 3.5 hours or longer. 5. Avoid time release medications (get liquid if you can) and NSAIDS. They can damage your jenjunum which can cause ulcers and can reduce future weight loss. 6. Gastric reflux and vomiting can cause medical and dental issues such as complications due to inflammation, ulceration, and hyperproliferative changes to the squamous epithelium of the esophagus. 7. There are so many others, receding of the gums, plague overgrowth, jaw deteriation, and discoloration are just a few. When I went to the dentist he found many of these things including my cap desentegrating and leaning on the tooth in front of it causing tooth rot, jaw recession, plaque, receding and black/brown stains at the gum line, we can see the beginning of the roots, and 26 cavities I didn't know I had until they cleaned them. Talk about massive pain...mostly sealed up with meat so I couldn't feel them. The dentist said he would have thought I'd never seen a dentist if I hadn't had previous work done. There are so many issues you're dentist may not know. I have no idea when they someone found the correlation. Had I been advised of this side effect...I would have made the same choice, provided I had the information on how to care for my oral health. On soda, if you must have it, let it go flat beforehand. You'll get used to it. Watch juices as well. Right now I'm lucky. I haven't had the issues many other's have (full dentures, rotten teeth they can't afford to have fixed), and a dentist who is educating himself before he sees me to make the repairs. Please, be informed. There is so much more information out there. Much of which is contradictory. Watch your teeth, talk to your bariatric doctor (which, BTW, may not be informed), your dentist, your primary care doctor, and any doctor that prescribes medications, vitamins, etc. All of mine are on the same page, I've educated them myself. Be informed. Save your teeth! Thanks for reading. I hope some of you found some help in this post. --Angel
  4. I had a few ideas on what to do, I'm just always concerned about what I use or take. My bariatric surgeon became a real jerk after insurance paid him. So, I have limited resources. I'm also now in the position of having to find a new surgeon who will recommend the renal of excess skin... Then, there's my teeth...
  5. Hi all, I'm 6 years post-op and am finding that Miralax is no longer working as it was. Before, BMs were easy, soft, and not painful. I would almost akin them to dumping syndrome just a little firmer and not a "gotta go now" sprint to the bathroom. Now, BMs are hard and painful. I get constipated regularly (yes I stay hydrated), I can also feel them up to close to my rib cage (not quite that far but not sure how to explain that) and my back will hurt badly. Is there another product I can switch to? I use the Miralax every day as prescribed. Thanks for input!
  6. I'm having terrible trouble with constipation. So much so that I can't recall when I went last (I know I should keep a calendar). When I do go it is dry, hard, and the point of sweating to eventually passing. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the info on how you were instructed to take it. The only reason I take 3 is because the insurance company won't pay for the 900mg pill. *shrug* I'm glad to hear that I am not the only one with tummy issues. I know why I get them from the experiments I tried when I had restart my meds after surgery... What that stuff does when added to other stuff scares me to be honest. LOL
  8. I have been iron anemic my entire life so I recognize the signs when they start coming on. It's been 1 1/2 years since my surgery and I have been issues with the anemia (the last few months have been the worst). What is the best way to get the recommended dosage? I've checked all my vitamin intake and surprisingly there is NO iron in any of it. I know what to eat, but I apparently am not eating enough. Is there a good supplement that has the appropriate absorption level for those of us who have gone through bypass surgery? Thanks for any help you can offer.
  9. Actually it comes pre-mixed. In a single serve bottle. I usually find it in the produce department with the juices/smoothies (I only drink half as it fills me very fast). Specs: 90% Organic Serving Size 1 Bottle Calories 320 Fat Cal. 55 Total Fat 6g Sat. Fat 1g Cholest. 5mg Sodium 360mg Potassium 680mg Total Carb 40g Fiber 3g Sugars 37g Protein 25g Calcium 75% DV Vitamin B12 150% DV Iron 20% DV Zinc 45% DV Vitamin B6 150% DV Copper 25% DV Ingred: Organic Soymilk Filtered water Organic Evaporated Cane Juice Milk Protein Concentrate Isolated Soy Protein Dutch Cocoa (processed with Alkali) Tricalcium Phosphate Vanilla Extract Sea Salt Zinc Gluconate Vitamin B6 Vitamin B12 Again, I only drink half a bottle.
  10. I don't drink diet soda at all... allergic to aspartame and what it does to me scares me for everyone else even if they don't have reactions to it! I'm 17 months out and occasionally I have a Coke poured over ice. It loses it's fizz in a few minutes, which is what I understand to be the issue with drinking soda. Obviously, I am drinking it as much as I used to, but doing this seems to be fine... I have no physical issues.
  11. I take 900 mg a day (3 300 mg capsules). I find that when I take all three (at night currently) They upset my stomach and within 30 minutes I can actually TASTE them and feel them in my stomach. I am curious how others are taking these and at what times during the day.
  12. Good morning, I have found that whey protein is very difficult for me to even smell let alone drink. I am aware that it absorbs well (isolate), but need to find an alternative though I do manage to get the minimum in food. I have recently started drinking Odwalla Chocolate Protein Monster and can tolerate the soy protein in it. Lots of calories though and it is a dairy product as well. Does anyone know enough about whether the soy protein has any effect or enough effect (25 gram per serving)?
  13. Thanks for the information. I do have another question that maybe you can help me with. I have a VERY difficult time getting enough fluid AND getting enough food. Is there a way to manage that better? I should mention that I sweat a lot (hot flashes, plus using a heating blanket at night due to the cold weather ATM), so I wake up with those dehydration headaches regularly. I'm addicted to nuts right now (too many calories UGH) though I am using lightly salted and no salt when I can find them. Any thoughts? Thanks, --Angel
  14. Hi all! Due to all the nibbling on the traditional Christmas treats (CARBS CARBS CARBS) I gained a little over 10 lbs. So far I have not been able to shed any of it and am watching my calories as much as possible and am not sure if I need to reset my pouch or... I've been trying to stay at 800 calories but I always go over, but stay under 1200. I'm starting to get worried that old habits are coming back and am not sure what to do. Anyone been though this?
  15. I'm probably not the best to give advice on this since I rarely eat "meals" but snack nearly all day ... would have called it grazing pre-surgery. However, I buy single serving bags of nuts, cheese sticks, the single serving bags of lunch meat (Buddig), etc. I get my protien pretty quickly and I never get hungry. I don't get enough water, but plenty of fluids most days. I eat fruits and vegetables most days, as well. I do have an occasional meal but eat very little. This hasn't seemed to cause any problems with my weight loss and added with my vitamins my blood tests came out perfectly. I do eat breakfast everyday, Kashi Crunch (?) cereal ... 13 grams of protein in one serving. Breakfast is the only time I would say that I actually have any sensation of hunger (mostly in my head) and occasionally I eat a little more than 1 serving. Pre-surgery I wasn't much of a breakfast person but the first thing that happens every morning is cereal. I doubt I'm doing anything right but it seems to be working... after 100 lbs now we'll see if I need to make changes to that.