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  1. It has been several months since I have been on TT. There is good information here coming from others experiences and challenges.

    1. BugdocMom



      Glad to have you back!!

  2. Open gastric bypass surgery

    Hi. I had an open RNY October 2011. I have not had any problems so far. No major gas or anything. I do not like the scar that it left, but, I healed well. I did have to sleep in a recliner for about 2 weeks. I felt like I was suffocating when I tried to sleep in the bed. Good luck with your surgery.
  3. Anyone in GA?

    Hi. Georgia Peach here.
  4. 9 months out, 190lbs down.

    How wonderful! I am so happy for you!
  5. Did you lose your breasts?

    The girls have left the building. But, I found a great bra at Victoria's Secret that gives the illusion that they are still there.
  6. april22012

    Girlfriend! You look amazing! OMG! I am so proud of you! And, so excited for you. Great job!
  7. I am so sorry. God Bless you and your family.

    1. Looking2Lose


      thank you so much. I am at a true loss. I miss her dearly.

  8. 6 month post op today. Yea me! To celebrate, I did a full 60 minutes of hard cardio this morning. And, I am going to treat myself with a new pair of shoes. Yea!

  9. 6 Months Post Op

    Thanks everyone. I feel amazing!
  10. Thanks ladies. We can and will do this.

  11. 6 Months Post Op

    6 Months post op tomorrow. So Excited!
  12. I can hardly believe that it has been six months since my GBS. Where did the time go? My weight loss has slowed down, and my appetite has grown. I was bombed when I realized how hungry I was all of the time. I am so glad that I have learned better eating habits and that I still enjoy going to the gym. I can say that I am very happy with my progress. I am also very grateful for all of the love and support that I have received from my family and friends.

    1. LMT


      Me too. Already getting hungry and Im 3 and a 1/2 months out. It scares the daylights out of me. We can do this!

    2. lessoflisa


      Me three, but you look great!

  13. Side By Side Compare Pics - One Year Later

    Just wonderful. You look absolutely amazing. A BIG CONRATS to you.
  14. Weight Loss Slowing Down

    I have slowed down as well. I am about 4 months out. I started lifting weights a few weeks ago, and the scale did not move. I could also tell that I was loosing inches when I wasn't loosing weight. I figured I was lifting too many weights, so I slowed down. The scale is moving again. My surgeon did tell me that as time goes on, I could become more comfortable with food. I use to log every bite and exercise.
  15. The scale is moving again. Yea!