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  1. so do you think ill loose that 5 pounds it said i gain when i go to soft protein etc or should i sto the soups and eat regular protein (like tuna or something) tonight
  2. Thank you both so much for the kind words. Gaviv- you are right i cant blame stress, i need to just get my butt back in gear Buddymiles5- thank you! I am currently doing the pouch test now Also I am on day 2 of the pouch test, after day one the scale said I gavined 5 pounds!!!! EEEEK, hopeing thats from liquids cause im not even eating, im just doing soup and protein shakes and lots and lots of water. So im gonna try and not weight until Saturday when im done. Hoping this test helps, ill also be getting back to the gym today.
  3. my biggest thing is I was eating at night, like right before bed. I have stoped that because i know its terrible to do. Also, I am carb lover so I was going crazy with eating whatever i want when i wanted. and sometimes even drinking with meals. Ive just been completley out of control (I was taking anatomy and physiology as well so that put a huge amount of stress on me and im a stress eater). SO now that class is over for the semester I really want to get back on track, i am so scared to become 250 pounds again. Is it possible to lose this regained 10 pounds if not more than that to get to my goal of 150? I just feel like a complete failure. I have also put some recent pictures of me from just this past weekend here below, im just disguisted with myself
  4. Ok, so ill be 3 years out in october. My lowest weight was 165, im now at 175, and NOT happy about it. I started the 5 day pouch test yesterday and will weigh in on saturday to see if I lost anything. Any suggestions, tips, anything? Im really having a hard time with this regain and it makes me angry and depressed. So i came here to talk to people and get some ideas. Thanks in advance.
  5. Been looking into a FitBit but a co work suggested she has a Orion Pedometer that counts how many calories she burns as well..thats what im mainly looking for is how many calories I burn, i dont really care about the sleep part...whats everyones intake, since they are a prty big price difference?
  6. Thanks everyone for the responses. I am going to look into getting a FIt Bit, I have never heard of it before, maybe it will come in handy. I do need to watch what I eat on the weekends. Its like all week I am SO good and then the weekend comes and its like BAM! off schedule and throws everything for a loop, so ill try to be more aware of the decisions i am making. I dont think I look terrible but I no I can look better. having to loose 17 pounds is better than the 100 pounds i needed to loose when I started out. Honeymoon period is pretty much over but im hoping to still be able to get the weight off, hopefully its not impossible! Thanks for all of the reassurance, help and support. So glad I have TT
  7. Ok! so last friday I was down to 163 lbs! Whoop whoop closer to goal! Then Monday I shot right back up to 167 and today I was 166. This is so frustrating. I feel like I will never get to 150 as I am nearing 2 years out. Everyone keeps saying you look great and I love hearing that cause I dont see the change. Sometimes I do but most times I still see the fat girl in the mirror with all the imperfections, and always have that fat girl perception. When I look at before and afters im like ok i do see a difference, but im still big... So i took a step back and yea maybe I did eat unhealthy over the weekend but really 3-4 pound GAIN! WTH! I was so happy I was moving downward after I was stuck and now its right back to where I was before last week. Anyone else experience this? Did it go away? I also always feel hungry at night lately like around 7-8pm. Just lost confused and scared Ill always be the fat girl and never get to where I wanna be...this is really messing with my i just obsessing? One big thing i my stomacha nd legs, anyone have REALLY good effective workouts for that? Any suggestiong/input is greatly appreciated!! Anything to get to my goal... P.S. Thanks for listening to me vent, when I talk to my b/f or family about this they say oh you look fine so I needed to tell people who may really understand what im feeling. Below are current pictures and one before and after
  8. Thank you all for the responses! It def sounds like a great program. I think I wil start it because I have been working out but like rogejs1 stated, I have never been a runner. And I figure for 15 more pounds maybe if I add this program to my daily work outs it will help push me futher in the weight loss. Thanks again for the input!!
  9. Ok, so im about 2 years out (will be out 2 years in October) so im at a stand still around 167 lbs up and down up and down lol. So I have been trying to think of things to really reev up my sytem and knock off these last 17 lbs! So anyway is it to late to start couch to 5k since I have already been working out pretty strenuously? If so does anyone have any ideas to pump this weight loss off of me! Im open to just about anything! just want to be at goal!!! Thanks <3
  10. i am seriously just so tired all the time...idk whats up with me

    1. cavmommy


      :) <3 feel better!
  11. thinking of starting the 5 day pouch test monday....hmmmm... i wanna loose 20 more pounds so bad! somethings gotta give!!!

  12. had a bad night of eating, was in ER with my mom all night due to chest pains she is having, so my options were limited and was starving. Back on track today. GET ME TO 150!!!!

    1. SkinnyMinnie123


      OMG we're at the exact same weight with the same goal! I can't seem to move past 167 to save my life. It's driving me insane!

    2. Debbie52


      Hang in there got this!!! ;)

  13. GIna, I think you look absolutley beautiful!!!!! thanks for the kind words!
  14. I want to thank you all SO much for the responses. I have decided I will definatley wait until after I have kids IF i decide to have anything done, inthe mean time I will kick up my workouts and work my butt off I think the biggest problem is I dont see beauty of change in myself and that is a problem ive had all my life and one i need to work on, loving and accepting myself. Thank you all so much for all the kind words, im gonna keep keeping on and doing my best!
  15. thank you all so much again for the compliments, it really helps me to realize maybe i need to stop being so critical and just learn to appreciate that im not what i was when i began this journey. I am currently wearing a size 10. In a dream world I would like to loose about 20-25 more pounds and maintain, but who knows if i will ever get there. I think i just need to take it one day at a time and if it comes off great...if not, im a better person than i was 2 years ago! But i dont give up easily so i will give these last 20 pounds all i have! And to everyone - do not get offended easily so no worries I think it is great that you all are so helpful with the responses. Even though I may not know you all in person, just reading the comments really helps with self confidence. i can not THANK YOU all enough for all the kind words. I have been telling myself today and will from today forward that i need to love myself, every aspect of myself.