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  1. I haven't been on this forum since having my bypass at 16 in 2012! This site and the ladies helped me a ton and I am now 21 and doing absolutely amazing since losing the weight. Unfortunately I'm currently in a battle with my insurance company (IBX Keystone Health Plan East through the Philadelphia school district) trying to get approved to have this darn skin removed. My plastic surgeons initial request was denied due to them not feeling it was medically necessary. I appealed and submitted a letter I wrote along with some pictures of just a taste of the irritation caused. I won't post my entire letter here but in short I explained that I was young when I had RNY, when I was out far enough to notice the skin .. and no doctor took the insurance I had at the time so I'd just forgotten about having it removed and tried to live and enjoy my new life. The more I lost the worst it got and unfortunately I was without insurance for about a year so was unable to see a doctor for any of my issues. I explained how disgusting and unhygienic this flap is, how it affects me not only physically but mentally because as a young woman this darn skin is so discouraging. They denied AGAIN this time noting my failed documentation. As I mentioned I submitted personal pictures showing irregularities with my appeal and in my appeal denial reasoning it stated how the pictures didn't show any issues . ????? The rep I was assigned actually told me the pictures taken at my surgeons office were better and she'd use those (mind you they were only of my skin hanging taken in front) since it began bothering me I've learned how to care and clean myself properly so that it doesn't get out of control but it is still such a pain. It smells like an armpit, and I feel like a baby with a horrible diaper rash at times . my second level appeal is scheduled for Tuesday and I'm allowed to be on the phone for it . I honestly don't even want to proceed because I feel like they will just tell me to wait , let it get bad, have it documented and get a few attempts at treating it then come back and let us deny you again... the original plastic surgeon I chose refused to do a peer to peer with my insurance company so I thought to seek out another with whom I have an appointment with the day before my hearing . If denied again I will re submit with this new surgeon who is hopefully willing to advocate on my behalf for the medical necessity of this procedure for me . Any advice ir similar happenings and what you did would be appreciated! thanks (:
  2. Helloo ! Well first off, I was the you get at the time getting RNY done here on the forum ! It's been 3 years and I feel great ! Recently though like starting the other day I got the worst heartburn. Now I don't eat spicy food and the day it started I hadn't eaten much at all. Today , it now hurts to swallow. My stomachs doesn't agree with the medicines like pepto etc .. So I was wondering if anyone had this random issue .
  3. Hello everyone (: I feel like I haven't posted in forever . I had RNY gastric bypass almost 3 years ago. And ever since my life has been Nothingg but amazing. But recently I had to have my gallbladder removed due to gallstones & sludge. I'm still recovering from it but I was wondering if anyone lost more weight after having it removed ?
  4. Hello Everyone No updates this time, just here to let you all know that I've started up my own small baking business! Ever since I had RnY I haven't stopped baking. It's become sort of my transfer addiction if you will. I'd love to share my passion with you all ! Especially since Valentines day is approaching ! I know most of us cannot tolerate sugar post op, but I can and I'm sure I'm not the only one. So have a look and have a great day/night http://www.etsy.com/shop/YoursTrulyTreats
  5. Lol so I hope everyone is well ! I've been so busy with my first year of college & everything else, but since we're preparing to leave for break I have alot of free time ! My surgery has been a godsend and I would do it again if I could
  6. So I'm almost a year out, and I have yet to make it to "onederland" Im stuck at like 206-210 and it's killing meee! Is this normal? I feel like people who were bigger than me & had surgery around the same tme are alot smaller.
  7. Hey, how is your journey going so far?

  8. Soo I am now almost a year out, next month (10th) Here are a few pictures from prom and recent ! & is it just me or has the weight come of in alll of the right places? LOL I 'm loving this hourglass thing.
  9. Okay soo, I am now 81/2 9 months out and I've been stuck at around 218-222 for the past weeks. Am I done loosing weight? Or...
  10. So, with all of the amazing weight loss. Has come much attention from the opposite sex. Now, I'm 17 an I get soo much more attention from guys than I did before. & because of that I'm really distant. My current boyfriend doesnt know about my surgery but he finds it odd that I never want to kiss him lol . I just find the idea of being like nuts ! 0.o
  11. Wooo:D I couldn't be more happier.