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  1. I feel like I'm going to starve to death

    1800 does seem like a lot. I had my sleeve 6 weeks ago and I'm lucky to get in 500 calories a day. With the sleeve I just don't feel hungry and I fill up on just a few ounces of food. When is your surgery? Hopefully itwill get easier for you until then.
  2. All is good

    Congrats!!! I absolutely love hot and sour soup, and Tom Yum soup is also great.
  3. Opinions please

    It would be July for me also. There is no way I could have enjoyed myself even a little at three weeks post op.
  4. My surgeon required 3 months smoke free. It's the best thing along with surgery that I have ever done for myself!!!!!!
  5. It's go time!

    Congrats!!!!! Such a great feeling. So many emotions. I wish you the very best
  6. My prayers are going out to you Carol Anne!!!! Hope you get a pain free night sleep.
  7. drinking alcohol?

    I had the sleeve just over a month ago. My Dr said it was ok, I actually had one last night. New Crystal lite Mogito ( is aweome) with low cal low alcohol Voli Vodka, it's a new vodka and is good for low cal low alcohol.
  8. How long did your spouse/helper take off?

    I came home on a Wednesday and my husband took Thursday anfpd Friday off and was then home for the weekend. I was very happy to gave him with me as I experienced a lot of pain.
  9. Before and After...

    You look amazing!!!!!!!!
  10. I wasn't THIS nervous about my GBS!

    Hello Mara Jayne I had mine done years ago, I was the same size as you and went down to a C cup. It is one of the best things I have ever done!!!!!! I was finally able to wear button up shirts that fit, and when people talked to me my face was the focus not the massive breast. Best of luck to you. I also did not experience any pain from the surgery!!!!!!!
  11. Freezing

    Hello Zinneerah I have been cold since having surgery also. Actually a welcome change for me as I was just starting to have hot flashes. Lol
  12. what is going on?!?!

    Ughhh that is tough poppy, I am almost weeks out and have stalled for the last 10 days so frustrating. I'm sorry you are going through this, I guess our bodies have a mind of it's own. Hugs
  13. 293 down to 192 since 10/24/2011 YAY Onederland!

    Simply amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats
  14. Sore, sore, sore

    I'm not sure about lap band I had the sleeve laproscopic and I am three weeks out and still tender. The first two weeks were pretty difficult. You will probably feel better sooner, keep walking and sipping. Every day gets better.
  15. Unbelievable! 3weeks Post-Op! 7weeks Pregnant!

    I'm so sorry hon, hugs