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  1. I joined Overeaters Anonymous. It seems to be going well. J highly recommend it!
  2. Hi all. I've hug ad this procedure twice. First time in December 2014 on my stoma alone and just had my pouch done on July 1st. Still on pureed though I did cheat today ( which is a big no no with this procedure). I do feel some restriction but nothing like my original surgery. If you're expecting results to be the same as originally, you will be disappointed. Im down 10 lbs but I'm sure if I go back to old habits it will be short lived. Work hard to get to hoal. This P procedure alone won't do it. Also it is. Very easy to tear the sutures by overeating so be careful. Good luck!
  3. Hi! Although I agree that logging is key to losing/maintaining I disagree that the scale tells the truth. Everything from a high sodium meal toggetting your period can fluctuate 5-10 lbs which is why I hid my scale. I'll tell you though, regardless I am back to weighing Ellen
  4. Thanks. I may have to go back to logging on a regular basis. I find that when I stick to my food plan, i trust the process and don't worry about what the scale says. Good advice! Ellen
  5. I will be 2 years out in February. I'm very concerned about regain. I feel as though there, are days where I am a bottomless pit. I started weight lifting about a month ago. I decided to hide my scale for now and go with how my clothes fit since the scale has a way of sabotaging my efforts. I decided to weigh in on my 2 year follow up appointment. Do any of you avoid the scale and measure yourself instead? Ellen
  6. Im back. I decided that I need to utilize anything and everything to prevent regain. I have been stuck at 188-190 since November but I we t from 191 yesterday to195 today. That scarex me. Additionally, im going on a cruise in less than 2 weeks and 8 want to make sure 8 c9me back under 200.so 8 am back... Ellen
  7. I had an endoscopy done on Wednesday. The test showed that my pouch is 5cm and my stoman is 2 cm. Does anyone know if this sounds about right for someone 10 months out? Ellen
  8. There used to be so much more support here than there is now

    1. BugdocMom


      TT has been a bit slow this weekend. Don't give up on us!

  9. i think the support system is so much better on OH..just sayin'

    1. Sonsie


      I'm sorry you aren't happy with TT right now. I think different forums work for different people as we go through the process. I hope you are getting the support you need somewhere.

  10. I started the 5 Day Pouch Test today in order to rid myself of carb cravings. I had such good results last time. Anyone else starting today? Ellen
  11. I am 8 months out and have had a bad couple of months food-wise. I am in the process of getting up and dusting myself off and going back to my basics. I find however, that right now, it seems I am able to eat more than I probaby should. My question is if I go back to basics, measuring, only eating things I'm supposed to, logging etc, will it help my pouch to feel tighter again? Ellen