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  1. Allergies

    The cottonwood is flying all around and my allergies are kicking up. Are there any restrictions on taking allergy meds? Thanks!
  2. Dizziness...

    I am 14 months out and I still deal with it. Keep hydrated (as everyone else says) but know that sometimes that doesn't always fix the problem. I haven't had any success in combating the dizzyness. My doc just said "try to get up slower". Frustrating.
  3. Size Differences Questions

    A plus size 14 is going to be larger than a misses size 14, as indicated by the "W" as GAviv noted as well. I think that goes for shirts too, 14 at Lane Bryant is too big but some 14's in misses fit fine and I can even get into a 10/12 if it isn't a button down (these darn pecks are causing me issues).
  4. Clothing size craziness!

    I also think Petite sizing is different than regular misses sizing. Go with what looks good and you can't go wrong!
  5. Hugs and good thoughts for Bugdocmom

    Sending prayers and positive thoughts your way for a speedy recovery. You are missed!
  6. Change in your friends

    I have also noticed a drift of friendships. What I have determined is that they weren't really a good friend in the first place. It's better to "cut bait" than worry about why they left in the first place. You have so much strength to offer, it is their loss!
  7. Feeling self-conscious today :(

    Good for you! I haven't thought about showing my arms yet. Yesterday, I wore a denim skirt with footless tights and about halfway through the day I threw caution to the wind and took the tights off. The legs weren't the most attractive, but it was liberating nonetheless! I may have to try a tank soon!
  8. Hair

    I would stay away from any bleaching, but a gentle peroxide-free color should be good. Try a semi-permanent hair color.
  9. Where to find...

    I had sugar-free popsicles but never tried the fudgecicles. I would assume that "no sugar added" would be the same as sugar free though.
  10. Pants gap.

    I wouldn't worry about it too much while you are still actively losing. I am 13 months out and experience the same thing and I am thinking of just getting them tailored at the waist (I have a large booty and thighs too). For now, enjoy this awesome time and just go with it!
  11. Afraid...

    I have a trip to Arizona planned for August and I need to think about getting a swimming suit for the water park that is on the hotels property. I am scared for a number of reasons. One - what if I lose more weight and it doesn't fit me (Seattle is notorious for running out of suits by June). Two - will I like what I see and will that shape what I get? I am going to the OAC conference so I am not so much worried about what I look like to others, but seeing myself is kind of frightening. I got fit for a new bra yesterday and that was horrific! the poochy, saggy, tummy and awful bye-bye wings effects me more than I am sure will effect anyone else. For those that have gotten that far, how did you handle it?
  12. Body Fat Index or BMI? Which is best measurement?

    I don't like going by either. Accordong to BMI I am still obese at 175lbs, which did a total number on my head yesterday. So for me, I am only going on how I feel and what my labs say to just my health.
  13. Hair and Bras and Jeans and Rewards

    OMG! I just got my very first bra from Victoria's Secret and it was a 34DDD. Never in my wildest did I think I would be a 34, and I have been wearing a 38 for months! So exciting to see that bra size come down and get to buy cute bra's without the industrial strength clasps!
  14. Strange NSV

    So this is probably the strangest thing to happen to me since surgery. I went into the doctor's to get my BP checked (98/60) and when I had to give a urine sample...I didn't get urine all over the place because I could actually see what I was doing instead of having a big ole belly in my way. I know that is odd, but it struck me as amazing! LOL!
  15. Last push!

    I have lost 75% of my excess body weight and I am on the final drive to try to get the last 25lbs off hopefully before my class reunion in July. I need all the help I can get and I am open to all suggestions! Bring it on!