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  1. how did you get the ADORABLE cupcake bg??? :D

  2. i take swallow-able multi vitamins bc the chewables were beyond gross for me post op
  3. Protein Slushies?

    thanks guys
  4. Protein Slushies?

    I was wondering if anyone knows any recipes for protein slushies? if it's at all possible.
  5. okay. i have kaiser riverside & i finished my options classes in march 2011. i had my prev. med appt in may ish, i got my surgeon appt in august, surgery on oct. 11th. from start to finish, including doctor referral to the options classes, the whole process took about a year. saw my PCP in sept of '10 and started the process from there
  6. my experience is the same as swizzly's
  7. Do You Regret Having Band?

    my doctor said that having the band takes the most willpower and is the most difficult of the 3 long term. I had the sleeve, and I'm very satisfied with it. My sugar cravings have dissipated
  8. Wheat Pasta And Spinach Bake

    thank you for the tips
  9. i can't find your pm button, but yes i disabled mine

  10. Letting People Know?

    there's just some people I refused to tell, e.g. my aunt who is the most judgmental, horrible human on this earth. Actually, I only told my fiance, my brothers, my mother, and my grandma. All of whom were very supportive and loving along the way. My monster of an aunt eventually found out, but acts like she doesn't know. She really has no room to judge though. She's weighing in at over 400lbs and has no intention of doing anything about it any time soon.
  11. Let's Talk Badonkadonks

    Alright guys, I have severe concern for my rear. I have WAY too much of it... I'm wondering if i'll be proportioned the way I am now, & if so.. I'm in trouble For my size, my waist is itty bitty in comparison to the rest of my body, my boobs and my butt just look ridiculous on what's supposed to be a small frame >.< Anyone else have this issue?
  12. omg, I am SO glad I found this post... like seriously. I just got done doing one of the turbo jam cardio workouts and i was about to keel over, my first thought was "seriously? will I EVER like doing this? This is soooo stupid... whyyy...WHY.WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Basically throwing a pity party about having to get off my big (& i mean big, I have loads of junk in the trunk.. i'm pretty sure i'm composed of 50% tushie) tush & workout. You've given me my second wind! I need this post printed up by my bed or something.. THANK YOU!!! <3
  13. Anyone Live In Southern California ?

    I live in San Jacinto!
  14. Another Set Back

    do you have to start the whole process all over?
  15. Acapulco!

    So, yesterday was my grandma's 61st birthday and my family decided to take her out to dinner. I was nervous at first, since I haven't been out to eat since my surgery.. but it was actually an extremely enjoyable experience!! The servers are very accommodating, I asked them for a side order of shrimp and he asked me how many ounces I wanted! It was great I just thought, I'd share.