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  1. I was diving before I had GBP in Oct. 2011, had my gall bladder removed in mid-April of 2012 and was back diving in Cozumel the end of that same April. I have had no issues with diving, feeling bad, reflux, pressure, anything. I enjoy diving so much more now than ever before. I hope you will keep it up and realize you have nothing to worry about, except for buying a smaller wetsuit!
  2. AnnaJean

    Newbie from Louisiana

    Hi from Louisianan also...Just checking in and seeing how your surgery went?
  3. AnnaJean

    Goodbye size 18, hello empty closet

    Find cheap/sale clothes until you level off for sure! I have two brand new pair of jeans, size 14 hanging in my closet that I wore maybe twice. Now I'm down to an 11 and they are starting to need a belt! LOL
  4. AnnaJean


    I went back to work at 2.5 weeks, so prob right before that. And it has gotten better and better!!
  5. AnnaJean

    First afternoon home after surgery!

    One day at a will get easier and be sooo worth it!
  6. AnnaJean

    Hair loss

    Mine didn't start till about 5.5 months out and was over by 9.5 months. Its different for everyone. I have all kinds of new hair growth now!
  7. AnnaJean

    so hungry

    I can't mix protien shakes in a blender. Too much air. They have to be mixed with a spoon or wisk. It actually makes my pouch hurt and I feel very bloated.
  8. AnnaJean

    hair loss

    I didn't start losing hair till about 5/6 months out and it just stopped around 9/9.5 months. I woke up one day, took a shower and afterwards didn't brush out a handful of hair! I was so happy. I take vitamins but don't do anything special for my hair. I get plenty of protien but from my diet, not protien shakes. It will stop...just give it some time. Good luck!!
  9. AnnaJean

    My first dress AND heels!

    I would definently wear that! Get you a pair of sexy red heels to wear with it!! Lookin' good!!!
  10. AnnaJean

    Which dress.. Have an outdoor wedding to go to...

    #1 for sure!! and you look amazing in it!! Have fun!!
  11. AnnaJean


    Welcome! and your right, this is a great place for support and understanding! We've all been there in some shape or form!
  12. AnnaJean

    Back to my 'normal fat' weight

    Your doing great! I never had a problem with the applesauce or puddings either, but I ate the sugar free ones. Some people just don't dump with sugars like others do. I don't, as long as its a bite or so here and there and not a bowl of icecream or a piece of cake. Just stick to your food plan. It seems boring at first and you can't wait to move onto puree, but it's all worth it. It hurts real bad when you try to move ahead too fast and end up feeling like a boulder is in your chest because you ate something wrong/too fast. TRUST ME! lol As you've heard, I'm sure, it's all worth it in the end! Your going to love the new you and be so proud of yourself! Good luck!
  13. AnnaJean


    Being from Louisiana, I miss Jambalaya. I am not able to handle the rice.
  14. AnnaJean

    Last Meal Effect... Help!

    I use Sodastream. It's flat coke, but the flavor is all there. I find it very sweet (even though no sugar) and can't drink much.
  15. AnnaJean

    T Minus 9

    I took things with me and used none of them. I didn't read, didnt even look at my phone or worry about changing clothes till the next day. I walked around my room instead of the halls because I didn't want to mess with trying to change. I slept, took pain meds, went to the bathroom with a full bladder every 45min/hour and slept some more. The next morning, I changed into the clothes I was going home in, walked around the halls one good time, drank some broth (because I had to, to go home), then went home. I didn't touch anything I brought. Dont overy thing it! Your going to do great! Im about 2.5 months out and have never felt better!!! Good luck!