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  1. I'm Super Frustrated.-Tmi

    I know it took me 7 days after my surgery before I had a BM and I had some bad abdominal pain as well not as bad as yours though. What really helped me was to keep walking and standing up. Exercise really gets ur bowls moving. Good luck!
  2. Need Soft Food Ideas!....

    Getting ready to go into my soft foods phase at the two week mark after having my surgery. My doc has me stay on that for a month, so I know I am going to get sick of cottage cheese and yogurt. This is an all call, what were some good 'recipes' you guys used?
  3. Need Some Encouragement.....

    Haha, well, when I said "eat my protein" I really meant drink it. I'm with you, two full weeks of liquid. Fun fun. But on day 8 now and feeling so much better!
  4. First Week Post Op

    I am on day 8 post op, and i know what you mean. I am trying to take pleasure in the little things, I love milk, so I am treating myself to whole milk after dinner. It's my 'dessert' haha tonight I had some cottage cheese and just being able to chew something was divine. As long as I focus on that, I am not feeling too deprived. Good luck!
  5. Hope your feeling better today :)

  6. Need Some Encouragement.....

    Had my surgery this past Wednesday. Had a rough day today. Still in a lot of pain. Trying to eat all my protein and drink all my water, but I hurt and I am so tired. Trying not to take my pain meds because they make you really constipated and the doc said it is really important for me to have a BM by Monday. It just been really hard, my poor husband, who is a nurse, is just doing his best to wait on me hand and foot and push me to get up and moving and I have just been so mean to him. His positivity annoys me right now. I just want to be depressed. I want to go to a Mexican restaurant and eat something really fatty!!! Ugh, bad day all around. Any tips or similar stories for getting through this part of the journey is welcome.
  7. I hope everything went great today! Can't wait to hear about it. I am packing my bag now for mine in the AM. Here we go!

  8. Good luck ladies!! We are all going to do great tomorrow!!

  9. We are having surgery on the same day !! :)

  10. Hey, we have the same surgery date!! Good luck n keep in touch :)

  11. Approval Remains Denied

    I know exactly know you feel. I jumped through every hoop they asked including me paying out of pocket for the 6 month physician monitored nutritionist visits only to come out in the end with a denied letter for a reason that had to do with my health 4 years ago. I have the worst insurance for this type of thing and they don't allow an appeals process. After hitting bottom there for a few weeks I picked myself back up, worked with my doctor and decided I wasn't going to let the insurance company stop me. My husband and I rearranged our finances and put on our negation hats and drilled the doctors and hospitals down until we got a price we could manage. I will be paying out of pocket for my surgery next week, so don't lose hope. Keep pushing and either way, you will figure out how to get what you need.
  12. Pre-Op Liquid Diet: Day 12

    11:30 am, sitting here drinking my protein shake on day 12 of my 14 day liquid diet before going under for GBS on Oct 19 2011. After discovering this website last night and searching through all the forums and personal stories I am feeling a mix of emotions. I have a build up of excitement for what the long term future holds with the idea of actually being skinny for the first time in my life, getting to buy all new clothes, looking great naked, getting treated differently and taken more seriously at work. I am also nervous reading about all the people at my same stage with second thoughts about having the surgery and thinking about all the complications it can come with. Surgery complications, hair loss, the few weeks after surgery being really fu@$ing hard! That scares me. I know I have mentally prepped for this. My insurance required a 6 month nutrition eval before the surgery (only to find out they didn't approve the surgery, but that is another story) and that time allowed me to really think through the process and consequences of the surgery and life change I would have to make. This liquid diet really hasn't been a struggle because I think I am just so ready to get on with this next stage of my life. I hope I can keep this momentum going into the next few days. I know it is going to be scary going into the hospital on Wednesday, but I am ready! Let's get this show on the road.
  13. North Carolina-Newbie

    So glad I found you guys! I just found the site, newbie here. I live in Huntersville and having GBS on Oct 19th. Just a few days left of my pre-op liquid diet. Ready to get this show on the road! I hope we can keep up with each other and share stories throughout the next year of our weight lose journey.