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  1. Hi there. I am wondering if there is anyone out there with similar starting stats to mine I am 5'9 (almost 5'10) and 237 lbs. this is a 35 BMI. If so, what is your goal weight? I was amazed to see that 160 lbs for someone 5'9 is the "high end" of normal weight on the chart! It seems so low to me, probably because I haven't been that weight since high school, LOL. I am worrying about losing too much weight. Please tell me about your experience. Thanks, Shan
  2. tdskkenn

    Any Good Results Out There?

    Hi lap banders! I am a 35 BMI with hypertension and am leaning towards the lap band. I like the fact it is reversible, and it takes away my fears of losing too much weight (who would have thought this would be a worry!). I am 5'9 and would like to lose about 60-65 pounds. I am worried that a gastric bypass will be too severe for me. I have read a lot of negative reviews about the lap band (but I am still leaning towards it). Is there anyone out there with a 35'ish BMI who had the band, and did you have a good experience? Please give me the truth--I can handle the negative but just need to know I am making the right decision between lap band and gastric bypass. Thanks so much!
  3. tdskkenn

    Too Much Weight Lost?

    Hi there. I also posted this in Dr. Callery's forum, but I thought I would ask the group if any of you have lost too much weight on gastric bypass? I am a BMI 35 with high blood pressure. I weigh 240 and would be happy at 160 lbs, which would be my "bikini weight." (LOL!) I could never be below 160 and look healthy. Is too much weight loss considered a "complication" and have any of you experienced this? Thanks for any info you can provide.
  4. tdskkenn

    Too Much Weight Lost?

    Hi there. I am 5'9 and weight 240lbs (BMI 35). So I am on the "low end" of being approved for gastric bypass. My biggest fear is that I will lose too much weight. I would not want to go below 160 lbs. Is it possible to lose too much weight after the surgery? Is there a way to prevent this, or does the body just adjust and keep you at the right weight? Thanks for any info you can provide.