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    My family, church, Job and my Fur baby cat Mowgli and Baby pup Daisy. I also love to help people and enjoy anything made by Apple.
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    Dr. Lee Schmitt
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    St. Vincents East, Birmingham AL
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    Gastric Bypass

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  1. Doing great!! Getting close to 10 years and still going strong. Hope all is well with everyone else. 


  2. I saw that one too. It was very discouraging. I actually looked it up on the Internet and there are a lot of people who are totally disgusted with her and her husband. I am hoping they will do a follow up on her at the end of the season. I am hoping she got some help and listened to those trying to help her. She did not care to have anyone hold her accountable. She has issues that run way way deeper than food addictions. They actually discussed that at the start of her bio. She really needs help with her issues and that may help her journey to lose weight and I think a gastric bypass would hav
  3. Congratulations on getting it all done. It will be here sooner than you think. I have not had a carbonated drink since February 2011. It is so worth it though!
  4. San

    My GB Surgery is today

    Good luck on your upcoming surgery. The first day of your new life
  5. San

    Surgery time

    Good luck on your upcoming surgery !!
  6. Source: Mind over matter and new milestones
  7. San

    surgery date

    What a way to start a weekend!! Good luck. Hope all goes well for you !!
  8. Best of luck to you !!
  9. San

    Getting sleeved!!!

    Good luck to you. So excited for you !!!
  10. Yay. So excited for you. Prays for a smooth surgery and recovery !!!
  11. San


    Hope all is well !!!!!
  12. San

    Starting a new chapter

    So glad you get to start your new life tomorrow. Best of luck
  13. Yay it herer!! Best of wishes tomorrow
  14. San

    The big day

    Good luck to you tomorrow. Pray all goes well !!
  15. Hope all went well for you today
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