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  1. Thanks guys ^^^^ I've spent soooooo much money on different vitamins but now I think I have it down pat! I've just bought Platinum Hydro Whey by Optimum Nutrition and was recommended to take it every 4 hours until my hair stops falling out :/ The whey isolate is apparently the best and the Platinum Hydro Whey is absorbed within 20 minutes.... I HAVE to stop this hair loss asap...I never knew about the hair loss issue until it started falling out
  2. No replies??? I would really like to know as well??? I get all my info from here as my surgeon was pretty useless when it came to asking which vitamins to take....He simply said "Take a pregnancy multi" Yeah RIGHT! My hair is falling out by the handful & has thinned by half!! Can someone knowledgeable please help????
  3. If anyone lives near Ferntree Gully Vic, Aust...I have a big tub of Bariatric Advantage Chocolate chewable calcium tabs that I ordered from Bariatric Choice....I've had about 3 weeks worth out of a 3 month supply but just can't stand the taste anymore. Free to whoever wants them
  4. Hey Vicki, sorry to hear you were not well. Hope you are feeling better? Theresa

  5. Hi Munsy How did your surgery go & how are you feeling? You poor thing, you're body has definitely been put through the ringer hasn't it I'm so sorry to read about the loss of your little Angel Babies ♥ Sending you big hugs hunny ♥ Your Lap Band sagas sound similar to mine. I've had 2 failed Lap Bands and wasted 4 years of my life when I should have just had the Bypass in the first place! I was too scared to have such a "permanent" WLS first up which is why I chose the band. I sold my Brock Commodore & paid $12,500 cash for my op, needless to say I was so upset that this ba
  6. Thanks a heap for that Checking out the site now...I've googled bariatric vitamins & searched but this site never came up. I ended up going for the Mens Swisse Ultivite, Caltrate Calcium with 400IU Vitamin D & Blackmores Mega B Complex. I have had no guidance from my surgeon what-so-ever regarding malabsorbtion & which vits to take... Pretty pathetic really :/
  7. I have read the post on different vitamins to take. Seems as though the only Bariatric vitamins available are all based the the US but postage is around the $40 mark! I had to ask my surgeon which vitamins to take. He told me to take a pregnancy vitamin as it has everything in it I need. I started taking a pregnancy vitamin which made me nauseous. Can anyone please help as I really don't know what to take
  8. Sorry hunny I haven't been on for a while...I was in for 5 days post op then out for 2 days before I was struck down with an infection then re-admitted back into hospital for another week :/

  9. why are you still in the hospital 13 days post-op??

  10. That's exactly what I wanna get done too. I've made my appointment to "Plan" for my upcoming cosmetic surgeries. I'm hoping he can do 2 areas at once, like breast lift/augmentation & arms at the same time to save $$ and tummy tuck/thighs together as well. Not sure which combination they can do but I guess I'll find out in a few weeks! I'm planning on getting cosmetic surgery finance as it's really hard to come up with all that cash I must say though I would NEVER go to a foreign country to have any sort of surgery, too many horror stories! I'd much rather pay a few thousand more and
  11. I need a bit of advice from all you veterans I'm 2 1/2 weeks post op and I have had a few cups of coffee which have actually tasted good again after tasting awful during liquid stage.Problem with that is that after 3 or 4 cups I get major wind and the runs and feel really yuk...Is that because of the coffee? Is this a form of dumping syndrome?
  12. Thanks Rocketgirl...Home now & on my way back to normal
  13. Thanks so much cinwa for looking this up for me...certainly don't wanna waste any more $$$ than I need to....Now I just gotta find these in Australia unless they ship to Aus... Vit C no prob here but not sure on the others Cheers Vicki
  14. I don't wanna lose any more hair My hair has just started growing back after my last baby which was something I never had with my other 2 babies. I've been growing my hair since I was 16.....noooooooooooo more hair loss please!!!! I already get a brushfull when I wash my hair as it is :/
  15. Oh NOOOOOOO Not turkey lol I want my coffee buds back. I spose I'll just have to wait & see... Very strange that your tastebuds change when the op has nothing to do with your mouth????
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