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  1. jayna

    85 pounds down.

    you look great! Look how big that shirt is on you!!
  2. Just posted a new before and after picture in my gallery. Loving the way I look.

    1. cinwa


      I love the way you look too! You're doing a great job!

  3. jayna


  4. Where did you go? I miss reading your posts!! I hope you are doing well.

  5. San

    Happy birthday

  6. I felt the same way a week out. It only gets better. At work there's been pastries and sweets in the break room since Thanksgiving. Sometimes I feel sad that I can't have any, then a couple days ago I heard a few ladies talking about how they've gained 5-10lbs. Now I'm glad I CANT eat them. You'll do great as long as you stay on track and keep coming here for support, es...

  7. Can I just say congratulations! I am one week post-op as of today and I was feeling so miserable about having the surgery. With it being the holidays it is so hard to watch my family celebrate with food and drinks the way I used to. After seeing your pictures I now have hope again. Thank you so much and good luck!

  8. Posted BEFORE and 5 weeks post op pictures in my gallery. 41 lbs down so far. Pretty happy with myself.

  9. jayna

    I think my next visit is Dec 16th. I'll be 6 weeks out then and should be on a relatively normal diet by then. I get to start my soft food diet tomorrow!

  10. 2 weeks out today and no scale to see how I'm doing. Very frustrating.

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    2. cneely847


      I do not have one. So you are not alone I just can not decide on which scale to buy.

    3. blank


      I haven't gotten one yet either. I am 6 weeks post op, and haven't weighed ,myself in easy

      Y three weeks.

    4. LMT


      Hi Jayna! When is your next visit with Dr M? How have you been doing?

  11. jayna

    Hi. :) I had my surgery at Oakwood too. I had Dr Mavashev though.

  12. Hi :) Nice job on your weight loss so far!

  13. I emailed you the other day. Did you get it?

  14. Hi Lisa. I seen that you havent told any of your family that you've had surgery. Mine doesnt know either and I dont plan on telling them. So when they ask how you lost the weight, what do you tell them?

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