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  1. 85 pounds down.

    you look great! Look how big that shirt is on you!!
  2. 7 months and 98 lbs

    Thank you everyone As of this morning I've lost 100 lbs. I couldn't be happier.
  3. 'Before' pics?

    alright, did you take them? Honestly, I had my DH take mine and email them to me, then delete them off his phone. I didn't open the email until a month later so I could compare. I didn't want to see them either. lol.
  4. Roll call! How are the Nov 2011ers?

    Sounds like everyone is doing great!! Does seeing a psychologist help? I have been thinking about it. So, I put on a size 5 jeans today. They were too tight to buy, but i still put them on and zipped them up. I've been buying a lot of skirts and dresses lately. They are so fun and i feel so cute in them. I love it. Here's me in May 2011 and yesterday...
  5. 7 months and 98 lbs

    I weigh 251 in the first picture and 153 in the second picture. I feel so much better and I have so much more energy.
  6. 'Before' pics?

    Hi. I had my surgery in November and I think you should forsure take before pictures AND measure. Wear shorts and a sports bra and stand in front of a closed door when you take the picture. Take front and side views.. and back if you want. The reason for standing in front of the door is so you can see how much smaller you get. The door will always be the same size so you can watch yourself shrink. I take pictures and measurements every month and it's amazing the difference I can see every month. And now when I look at the before picture and compare it to the current months picture, it's just unbelievable. And make sure you take measurements. One of my favorite things to do now is to put the measuring tape around my stomach and make it as big as i was in the beginning. It's a real eye opener to be able to compare that way. Last month I was looking over all my measurements and I noticed that my waist is as big as my thigh was when I started! My thigh was 31 inches and now my waist is 31 inches!! It's just the little things like that that make me really happy that I measured. So, go take pictures and measure! Right now. Don't wait until tomorrow.
  7. Hi everyone! I started at 251 and I am down to 163. I have been between 163 and 165 for weeks and it is driving me crazy! At my 6 month appointment my surgeon said he expects me to lose another 30 lbs. He wants me to weigh 135?! That seems crazy to me but I know it's completely realistic. I started in a size 20 pants and I can fit into a size 9/10 now. I think I would be happy in a 5/6. I've noticed my skin is starting to tighten up finally so I hope I can get lucky and avoid a tummy tuck.. but I won't hold my breath! lol. My hair is falling out a lot still and I can't wait for it to stop. I am afraid I'm going to go bald if it doesn't slow down a bit. So something happened at my 6 month appointment that kinda bothered me. My husband waited in the waiting room and the nurse went out there and asked him a bunch of questions. Examples: has my sex drive lowered? am I depressed? am I tired alot? am I emotional? and lots of other personal questions like that. Then she gave him a card to a bariatric psychologist and said I should go see him. Nothing was mentioned to me about any of this until we were in the car driving home. I KNOW they just do it because they are concerned about their patients but I feel like they went behind my back or something? idk. Am I over reacting? Has anyone else experienced this?
  8. 11/11...stalled And Questions

    Hi everyone I am down to 163 and I feel like my weightloss is REALLY slowing down. I still have at least 13 lbs to go, but in reality I would love to lose about 28 more lbs. Is anyone having carb cravings? I have been craving sugar and crackers... worst part is, I've been giving into my cravings. I know I need to stop and go back to low carb, low fat, high protein... but it's gotten so much harder now. How are you all doing? Has anyone posted any progress pictures? If so, I wanna check them out!
  9. I feel like I struggle with everything. I don't always remember my vitamins, I hardly ever get in enough protein or liquids, I HATE exercising. I've tried making a detailed plan but I just don't stick to it. I usually just forget. I forget to eat. How crazy is that?
  10. I feel so dishonest...

    I've only told a few people at work and NONE of my family or friends know. I tell them the same thing, low carb/high protein diet, exercise, commitment. I'm sure the same people who notice that you are losing weight, also notice you drinking more water and passing on all the sweets that always end up showing up at work.. or that you're snacking on healthier foods. People will notice your lifestyle change and hopefully continue to think that's why you're losing weight for as long as you want them too. I agree that this is a very personal thing and I don't think you should feel dishonest. Your medical records are your business. You don't have to share them with anyone unless you WANT to.
  11. Starting Weight -- 251 lbs lost preop -- 11 (240) month 1 -- 17 (223) month 2 -- 11 (212) month 3 -- 19 (193) month 4 -- 11 (182) month 5 -- 15 (167) ...I guess with this pattern, I should be expecting to lose 11 lbs this month. lol.
  12. The Prom Dress, Revisited

    Awesome! You rock!

    This might sound silly but, my fiance picks me up all the time now. I love it.
  14. So inspiring. Your transformation is astonishing. I'm so happy for you.
  15. 11/11...stalled And Questions

    Congrats Judy! I see you're really close to being at 100 lbs lost! Maybe that will be more exciting for you. I know I would just look so much smaller without all the extra skin hanging around. I'm not sure I have enough patience to wait an entire year after I stop losing. Omg that's such a long time!! I bought a really cute sun dress yesterday, it was cheap too which was a plus... I tried on 5 dresses and I wanted to buy them all! Who would've known that skinny me would love dresses so much? lol So, what do you guys do for exercise? I'm hoping to get some fun new ideas. I can't afford a gym membership and it's so hard to get the motivation to workout at home. I have a few weights (they only go up to 8 lbs, but I am a weakling so they work for me) and I have an exercise bike and some resistance bands. Now I just need the motivation. I used to do workout videos.. I own a ton... maybe I should get back into doing them. I want to try the couch to 5k program.. but in week one you walk for 5 minutes, then go back and forth between jogging for 60 seconds and walking for 90 seconds, for 20 minutes. But I tried to jog yesterday and maybe got in 30 seconds and then 2 minutes of walking and then 30 seconds of jogging, etc.. but i only did it for like 12 minutes total... I am way more out of shape than I thought.