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  1. you all are a bunch of hippocrites i was not referring to you tee176. but if the judgement shoe fit wear it. i am not too emoptional on this issue if anyone need to se the nut doctor its you.i vented to people i assumed would understand, but wrong of me to havent walked amile in my shoes. TO ALL THIS WILL DEFINITELY BE MY LAST POST OF COMMENT . I DONT TIME FOR THIS CRAP!!!!!!!!!!
  2. in my opinion all this mess is over rated some people lose well others do not and if you do not people critisize you and say you aren't following the rules. bullcramp. try walking in my shoes before you analyze me!!!!!!! I live with me day in and day out. I have feelings and opinions this site is supposed to let people vent when they cant nowhere else.m i emphasize and sympathize with those who can't lose and those who regain. Life is a struggle even more so for some.

    Will I ever be able to reflect, enjoy and see the benefits of weight loss surgery. post cancer treatment , diabetes and high blood pressure. makes me wonder if it was worth the trouble. Still trying to get back in the groove with the dieting , exercising, protein and water regimen plus working. the stressors of life period. Will I ever have a break through moment like on the biggest loser??????
  4. depressed got denial letter

    i agree with everyone. APPEAL. I had the lapband was aiming for the the gastric bypass in 2008. the band slipped, (which i paid for on my own after being denied so i settled. 2011 i applied for the bypass with my insurance company which myn doctor office assured me they would pay for. i 2 had my surgery date, did all they told me to do. 2 weeks before i got a denial letter. i was heart broken and decided once again to breakout the credit cards to do what i felt should have been done at first. my sister who used to do precerts for an insurance company told me to appeal. this happened post surgery, because she said the insurance company does that knowing most people give up, and less money they have to pay. i appealed and won and got all my money back. my office visits are now the regular $25 co-pay instead of $90 self pay cost. PLEASE DON'T GIVE UP!!!!!!!
  5. Wls/cancer

    I have been so down and disguisted this week. I have been off diabetes medication for 3 years. than wham here comes cancer, chemotherapy, no exercise, radiation therapy now my glucose levels have been up. talk about crying!!!!!! I am trying to cut any and everything that can elevate my glucose. all carbs. no pasta at all, no bread, no rice, no potatoes which i had limited amounts of. but to be totally honest i had been heving a piece of chocolate daily, cashews, poppycock. now the only thing to eat is a cup of yogert, a can of soup in hand, maybe a carnation instant breakfast or slimfast , a simple dinner, salad, or tuna, or chicken. for one aspect of my i can't eat this and the other aspect i cant eat that. Talk About Ultimate Born LOSER thts me.I GIVE UP!!!!! FAT PERSON NONWEIGHT LOSER YOU WIN I TOTALLY GIVE UP. TIRED AND WORN OUT!!!!
  6. feeling fuller

    so far yes. i have to have a cup of coffee in the morning. about noon or so a slim fast than dinner. after i finish the slim fast at home i will not buy any more.
  7. In Limbo

    down hearted should be my first name.
  8. no disrespect but i wish i had your problem , i am on the other end . ot losing the weight. health isssues either way.

    Ok what can i do about it?

    I have noticed that every time i eat anything at work my stomach growls really really loud. sounds like the hold office can hear it
  11. My gas has gotten retched

    I don't know about anybody else but i was a gassy person prior to surgery. the surgery + age makes it a doozy.
  12. everyone of us that has or will be going through this surgery is afraid of failure. but we all ventured out to try to gain control. the brow beating and accusations form friends and family damaged us alot. we don't need that on this site. We have all been in the same boat. We need support!. I feel that all wls surgery gastric bypass surgery stoma/ pouches should be a maximum of 15cc's.there should be general rules across the nation. this surgery cost too much for a trial and error mentality!
  13. 5 years after, incredible pain, please help!

    see your surgeon, or find another doctor. you or your insurance are paying these doctors. you dont have to suffer or put up with that sort of can always call your insurance company and speak with an advisor. ask your primary doctor for a referral for a second opinion.
  14. Nauseated and burning in pouch

    angelemarie, take care of yourself. keep us posted. i have not had that issue, i can eat a horse and not be affected. right now my issues had to do with my body readjusting to my work schedule. my elimination process has changed, when i get off work i am so sleepy around 5pm. i am trying to get at least 60gms of protein in a day and get fluids in thats mega hard. Any how hope you are better soon.