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  1. Nope - just BCP - the same one I've been on for over 5 yrs....I guess it was just coincidence since nobody else responded. LOL!!
  2. Ok - so I'm fair skinned and tend to burn if I'm outside too long without sun block. I also spend just about every weekend at the pool with my kids. Yesterday I was off and we went to the pool. I knew we weren't going to be there for long and I wanted a little color - I know - bad, bad, bad!!! We were at the pool for 2 hours and I burned like I fell asleep on the beach in direct sunlight for 6 hours!! What the heck!! My shoulders and chest, arms and my legs - thighs, knees & shins down to the tops of my feet! The best part - my face isn't even the slightest bit pink!! It's crazy. In the past, 2 hours wouldn't have burned me this badly. Is this just a coincidence or have other WLS'ers noticed this as well? Clearly I won't be leaving the house without sunblock any more - even if it is just a couple hours.
  3. Love it - I lost a new born calf and human brain (hopefully not my own - though I feel like it some days!!)
  4. That's so awesome!! Congrats!!
  5. You look great!! And your legs - WOW!!
  6. I'm sorry you're going through this. I wish I had some info for you but they took my GB when they did my RNY. I just wanted to off your some support - I hope you continue to feel better and get some answers as to why you felt so badly!
  7. I have a Weight Watchers brand scale I got at Sears on sale. I love it - I've never had trouble with it weighing different amounts if I get on and off it. It is different from my dr's scale - but then again - my dr's scale (at my surgeon's office) is just a digital home floor scale. Go figure - a weight loss surgeon not having one of those big scales with the weights that you slide, etc. Anyway - I go by the weight on my scale. I am always a couple pounds less on mine at home than at the dr - but then again - I'm not standing at the dr's butt naked first thing in the AM either. LOL!
  8. You look great!! WTG!!!!
  9. Glad to hear everything went well!! YAY!!
  10. Greek yogurt with frozen blueberries or fresh strawberries....I eat it every day!! I've been making shakes too - greek yogurt, frozen fruit and a few ice cubes. Some times if I feel like my legs are crampy I will make a strawberry banana smoothie by throwing in a little banana baby food for potassium . (My almost 7 yr old daughter asks me for a smoothie almost nightly she loves 'em so much!) Cheese sticks, cottage cheese, Morning Start Farms burgers, mint iced tea with Splenda, apple & peanut butter.
  11. Congrats on your surgery this week. I know a number of people who had Dr. Enochs. I had Dr. Tyner - from the same practice. I was so "at peace" with my decision that I was not nervous at all the day of my surgery. My post surgery experience - everyone at Rex was so wonderful. I didn't feel "overly" pushed to walk. I had a "what have a done moment" and my nurse - who also had the surgery was so kind - she knew when to leave me alone with my thoughts and knew how to comfort me at the same time. Don't bring books or lap tops - no time for it. Cell & charger and chap stick and that's it. I wore the same outfit home that I wore to the hospital. I didn't need anything else. I wore their gowns while there & they gave me one to "cover my back side" as a robe when walking - I didn't want to get anything on my own night clothes. And when you're hooked up to a drain, catheter and IV its just easier to be in a gown. Good luck - I'm sure you'll do great - you're in good hands! Post when you can and let us know how you're doing!!
  12. I'm in the same boat. I can't have bagel thins or the whole grain sandwich thin breads, nothing like that - I end up totally out of control. Craving stuff I know I shouldn't eat - oreo's, crackers, cakes, etc...I can eat fruits and veggies with carbs but anything bready - forget it - I'm done! Same thing with potatoes. My doc said I could eat mashed potatoes. I started to have just a couple tbsp of mashed potatoes after my protein & veg at dinner but I look back now and it put me in a stall and caused cravings, etc. And I think the reason I'm dealing with a migraine this weekend is because I came to that realization this past Wednesday and went cold turkey on Thursday - so I think I'm dealing with carb withdrawl. With that being said though - everyone is different. You'll have to see what works and doesn't work for you. If your doc/nut is ok with you eating them, and you're not noticing any stalls or cravings then enjoy - just watch for empty calories.