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  1. @Elaine M. Thanks! And yes, it truly is such a great place to be when you want to be out and about all the time. It can be difficult for me to sit down and study when there's so many places to go hike and play haha! @Dani_Detroit <3 I appreciate the compliment! I took them specifically to post here, because I knew how much other's before and afters truly inspired me and kept me going. I suggest everyone do it, as it is a great way to really see the difference. To be honest, though, I didn't see the difference at every step. After a while, though, you cannot deny the transformation.
  2. Again, thanks heaps for the compliments! I am definitely proud for getting this far and losing the weight. Mostly, I'm just happy I set up some great habits along the way so I feel confident I can continue to lose and then successfully maintain. Being and eating healthy is now a way of life for me. I never feel like I'm on a diet or restricted, it's just comes naturally now @ChiefsLady I gained it pretty evenly too, so I did expect to lose it that way. I am WAY surprised about my thighs, though, because when I was thin earlier in life, my thighs were always huge from years of soccer plus it's the first place I gain weight. That was the reason I wore bigger sizes, too. The fact that it's coming off there now must mean I've lost a fair amount of muscle or I just got lucky. Not sure! Just keep at it and eventually your body will figure out there's still some fat to use in that area lol... If I could tell my body where to take the fat from, my boobs would've been the LAST place but alas, it was one of the first haha... I'm glad I could inspire a few people, as I know so many inspired me by posting these before and afters. I've been sitting on these pics patiently for a long time!
  3. Let me stop you right here. It's going to be different for absolutely everyone and there's really no such thing as "slower" than others. My surgeon thought I was a slow loser and I've blown past many of my peers in that regard. My loss was constant and steady. Plenty of stalls and many months of sub 10lbs. The first six months saw a few months where there was a 15 - 20 lbs loss, sure, but really never much more than that. 140lbs, 14 months = ~10lbs per month. That's not "fast" by any means, but again, consistent. But to answer your question, I think I lost about 17lbs that first month, if I remember correctly. To the compliments, thank you very much! I did make sure to chronicle my journey with photos as much as I could, especially in that first 10 months. I can remember obsessively looking through these before and afters during my pre op period and being filled with so much hope. Every time I hit a still, this was the forum I looked to for hope. Every time I see these transformations, I feel a little bit more strength to push forward and remember that time will pass and I will just keep seeing more and more results. Sometimes less in weight loss and more in NSV, but always progress, nonetheless. The veterans who stick around and continually answer the same questions, over and over, like Cinwa and others, are the ones who sincerely helped me and plenty of others get through those terribly difficult months. It is always such a relief to see her name float around the forums like a mother hen I absolutely love this site and everyone on it <3 To the pre ops or newly post op people: MEASURE YOURSELF! My goodness I cannot stress this enough! When those stalls hit, you'll see inches fly off and the number stops being your anchor to success. I LOVE stalls now... as weird as that sounds! Stalls = new dress sizes haha
  4. I've been so incredibly busy the past few months, that I've honestly not been on much to check in and send my love and support to everyone here at TT. I understand why so many people are so active their first year and then drop off the planet. Once we get feeling great, it's hard to not be crazy busy enjoying life to its fullest! But I absolutely owe so much of my success to the people here at TT, so I will continue to check in as much as possible and give out any advice, positivity, support or whatever I can. So I have hair growing back in like mad, it stopped falling out around the 9th month mark. My baby hairs are all about 3 inches long. I was sincerely worried about more hair loss after my gall bladder removal in January, but so far so good! I can eat almost anything I want, but too much of anything is painful. Well, uncomfortable almost to the point of pain. The only "dumping" I get is from eating something ridiculously high in sugar, and even then it just jumps my very low resting heart rate to a very high 100+ bpm. Again, uncomfortable, but not painful. It is enough to keep me at bay and stay sugar free in almost all regards. I got a cool Yonana machine and can handle a full banana with other fruits, but it's a real treat and I have to eat it very slowly in order to keep that blood sugar from spiking too high from the sugars. Otherwise, all other fruits are fair game! I drink a lot more than I used to now, being in northern Colorado and all. Micro brews... micro brews everywhere! Haha... But it's awesome because so little gets me buzzed and it burns off quickly. This means I can keep a pretty constant buzz when out with friends on only one to two beers. Yay for being cheap! Hahaha... I eat very healthy now, it's all fruits, veggies and lean meats. As well as my "foods of the gods" ie, all fermented products (yogurt, beer, wine, etc) in moderation. I really feel like gut bacteria plays a huge role in how I feel, so I try to keep those probiotics coming in daily. I have excess skin on my arms and sides mostly, with some kind of saggy girls. My legs and stomach have some excess skin, but nothing compared to my arms. I may not even need to get it removed in those areas. We'll see in about a year. I'm not to my goal yet, but it's creeping up rather quickly! Otherwise, my last 14 months have been such an amazing journey. I still hold up my pants and think there's no way in hell those will fit around my fat butt, and yet they do... comfortably. I suppose I'll struggle with body image issues for a long time yet, but I'm learning more and more to just love being healthy and fit. The rest just falls into place. Here is the post to my Before and After pics!! Check it out
  5. I was going to post at 12 months, but I have been super busy. I live in CO now, where I sincerely feel like it's a huge playground for adults. I'm out hiking, climbing, running and enjoying life to its fullest. I loved, loved, loved B&A's when I was going through the toughest months, so I wanted to share. I still have a little ways to go, but it's still coming off with ease, albeit a little slower. I'm averaging about 5lbs to 10lbs per month still. I no longer dislike stalls, in fact, I enjoy them because they allow me to fit into new clothes since I shrink during stalls! I'm now wearing between a size 10 to 12 pants and M/L shirts. All Larges fit, some Mediums do and most XL are way too big. Anyways, I hope this inspires a few people like others pics did for me I hit 29 in December, and feel like 30 is going to be a hell of alot easier to hit now that I'm feeling fantastic. Thanks everyone for being so supportive through this awesome trip!
  6. I'm not an easy "dumper" but a half of banana is the MOST I can take at a time and not one sugary thing along with it. You really have to be careful, my first whole banana made me feel like I needed to go to the hospital x.x
  7. Uh oh... It's starting to happen. No, I'm not emotionally eating, nor am I eating unhealthy. In fact, the act of eating seems to be more of an issue than what I'm eating. But those aren't the bad habits. No... you see, for my entire life, I've been a gum chewer. I used to have several types of gum, all the time, and at places readily available. No matter what size I was, thin or big, I chewed gum. I wonder now if it was an anxiety thing or just me needing to do something with my mouth. Fast forward to month twelve post op. Anxiety and stress have been creeping up due to personal issues and I find myself craving cigarettes. What?? I've smoked ONE when I was 17 and that was the last and ONLY cigarette I've ever had. Why in the world would I be craving cigarettes? For about two weeks, I struggled with why this new craving was popping up and trying to busy my hands with other things. Finally, I came to the conclusion it was because I no longer had anything to do with my hands and mouth, as I did with gum. So, I went and got an e-cigarette. It comes with two nicotine loaded cartridges and I bought two no-nicotine cartridges. Ahhh, sweet relief. Until the two ran out and I started using the nicotine ones. Oh wow... you mean I can go ALL day without feeling hungry even ONCE?!? Yah, the new found control I discovered with adding a little bit of nicotine has been no bueno. I've had to add Nexium back into my pill pile up, so I don't give myself an ulcer. Fortunately, it hasn't become an addiction, but I still like it way more than I should. Actually, I shouldn't enjoy it at all, but I do. Other than that, I'm dropping still, slowly, but it seems like the inches are coming off more than the weight at this point. I'm okay with that! My skin is slowly starting to tighten back up in certain spots as well. Woot!
  8. You know, I've been asking this question for a long time and I keep getting different answers from different people and doctors. Some say 700 - 900, others said 1200 - 1400, and then everything in between. My doc personally wanted me at 1200 at 9 months... So what I started doing is eating as much as I feel I need to. Some days I get in 1200 - 1400 calories and some days only 300 total. My labs are continuing to come in great and I have energy and feel just fine. I watch what I eat, of course, and I do have to eat when I'm not hungry some times because I simply do not get hungry some days, but really? I know my body best. I have seen now where the plateaus come in, when the weight drops start and I have a pretty good idea of what it likes and doesn't like now. Pretty much if you feel good at where you're at, stick to it for now. Of course, consult with your doc or nutritionist and let them know what you're doing, but if you remain healthy and keep dropping, do what you feel is best for you We're all so unique in body chemistry that I can see why I haven't found an answer to this question lol!
  9. I just had my first alcoholic beverage about a week ago. I had half of a Utah beer (less alcohol % than normal beer) and was very buzzed. Half. Good part was that it also wore off very quickly. So it seems to burn quickly through our systems. You will have to learn your limits. You probably won't be able to ever do shots with your friends without getting completely wasted - which is NOT FUN. Think about this too, not only does it get absorbed quickly into our system, but even eating prior doesn't help since the food doesn't stay in the pouch long enough to absorb alcohol properly. So you've got two major things working against you when you drink. And of course, as mentioned, transfer addiction is always something to be concerned about. Good idea to stick to your docs plan and afterwards, tread carefully, NEVER drive after drinking even a tiny amount and let your friends know you're a lightweight so you simply CANNOT keep up with them. You cannot even try. The ones who respect you will leave it at that and ensure others don't try to pressure you either. Have fun
  10. Snow, go away, I want to RUN!

  11. It's pure insanity and makes me feel ill and giddy at the same time. The part that makes me feel giddy I want to punch in the throat, btw. I get treated entirely differently. Doors open, metaphorically and literally, all of the time now with a quick flash of a smile. This sounds weird, but I actually spend LESS money now, because I get given discounts or free stuff lots of time. Last night got 20 cent off of gas just for whining about prices to the register clerk. He winks and says, "Go fill up, it won't be so bad." But think about it... we're surrounded by it ALL the time. Everything in the media shows that a woman can truly only be successful if she is qualified AND good looking. How many ugly actresses do you see? There's a few but they're usually phenomenal at what they do and they are not portrayed in roles that show success or beauty. Men on the other hand? Tons of amazing male actors who are seriously ugly aesthetically. Why do you see ugly guys with gorgeous girls but RARELY ugly girls with gorgeous guys? Because from birth we are shown as objects of beauty, and if we don't have it, we don't have the confidence (or rarely do) to make up for it enough to attract the opposite sex like those ugly guys learn to do. I'm generalizing a bit, obviously, but I'm a little riled up, please excuse me. Heads up, I am trying to reverse this as much as I can with my nieces, btw. I rarely comment on how they look (no matter how amazingly adorable they are) and instead give them HUGE compliments when they achieve something or do something right. I try to encourage others as well, because we have to start with the next generations. Also, get that man in trouble, as his behavior went way beyond disrespectful, it was sexual harassment and borderline sexual assault. He needs to understand that that is NOT OKAY and he will continue to do it others if you don't speak up. And friends who want more? My friends list has dwindled down as well, guys don't take kindly to rejection and some just can't handle being friends only with an attractive female. Period. But the true friends who you want around you because they like YOU for you and respect you, those ones stick around and it's nice to see who was really on what side of that line. Good luck out there hon and please, for the sake of the rest of us, get that guy smacked in the face with some punishment please?
  12. Keep in mind the surgery only "fixes" your stomach, not your mind. You will be able to eat "regular" foods again, but you need to redefine what regular foods are now. Normal food should be healthy, filling, nutritious foods that will keep you satisfied and feeling fantastic. Your pouch or sleeve is only going to limit how much you can put in there. These first months are so important and can help shape how successful you are long term. It is a roller coaster ride emotionally as well, which isn't your fault, just comes with losing fat and having a major surgery =P I would suggest either surrounding yourself with fit, healthy people who will motivate you or to keep a counselor and nutritionist nearby to help you stay positive and shape your success into reality. It does get better. I am doing fantastic and I can eat *almost* anything I want - but I rarely want more than a bite or two max. It's an amazing feeling to say, "Wow, that looks amazing, I would love to taste it!" and actually just taste it. My parents go out for pie every Wednesday and I go with them. I have a bite of their pies. I do not want more, ever. While I do know that too much sugar will send my heart racing and beating crazy, I don't stop myself because of that, I stop myself because my little pouch can only carry so much at a time and a taste is more than enough. On top of it all, those really terrible things for you just make me feel sick even thinking about eating them. I think of how many calories are in a BITE and I cringe. PLUS, I swear once you lose sugar from your diet, it's rather difficult to add it back in because everything tastes too flippin sweet! At least for me it does. Good luck sweetie. It gets better and the saying, "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels," is more true than you can imagine. Fitting into the smaller size, getting the double take, wearing boots that zip, crossing your legs, being comfortable in airplanes (as much as you can lol), etc. all of those feel AMAZING and nothing has tasted as good as they have! YOU CAN DO IT!
  13. Awesome job! You look stunning, little one! I feel ya with the extra skin but it is amazing how easily it is hidden in most cases. My bat wings are the hardest to hide, but the right cut sweaters and shirts hide it perfectly. Seriously, feel proud, you look great and I'm sure feel just as fantastic.