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  1. any updates? I love your profile picture you look like a model :)

  2. Hi, After WLS I wouldn't maybe start taking diet pills...I've seen some posts about a 5 day pouch test (might be called something different, but the point is to get back on track), that might be an idea, then you would get back on track with eating? And slowly starting working out again. I'm sure you will lose that weight again quickly if you just focus on finding the problem and making some changes in diet and lifestyle!! Good luck, you can do this!!
  3. Hi, I think the hair loss scares all of us, unfortunately there is no way of guaranteeing that it won't happen....you can start taking biotin or similar supplements that thicken the hair. I took biotin for a while and have used a special shampoo for hair loss that I got at a salon. I also use a good conditioner AND a spray in conditioner to make it easier to brush my hait when it's wet (that's when the hair tends to fall...). Here in Finland we also have a different eating plan then you guys over there, we are discouraged from keeping everything fat free and encouraged to have some proper sauce with our meat for example. It is such small amounts we eat anyway and it is also very important for our bodies to get fat. I'm not sure if this is the reason, but I have had minimal hairloss (it might still come of course), and my hair is very very fine so I assumed I'd lose it all. Good luck!
  4. just got some jeans in a size 8 and they are too big!!I was a size 10 two weeks ago...this is insane, not complaining though :)

    1. CassMoxie


      Wow!!! I'd rather see inches drop like that, than numbers on a scale, ANY DAY! Haha.. that's gotta feel amazing :)

    2. Jaclyn78


      How awesome!!!

    3. Xeniak


      big congratultaions girl :)

  5. I know the stalls are frustrating and you keep looking for reasons, but unfortunately they wil come! I just ended a 3 month stall! The scales would not budge, but I still went down 3 dress sizes, it's crazy! So whenever you stall, try to ignore the scales and only use the measuring tape!
  6. lee78

    Christmas party

    you look amazing!!!I hope you are proud of yourself!
  7. WOW, you look amazing!!!And I LOOVE the dress in the last photo!
  8. Thank you I've never felt this good before, it has definitely been worth it!
  9. Like someone said, everyone has different guidelines....I start my day with a latte with a scoop of unflavoured protein powder thrown in, my NUT said it's fine. I did wait a few weeks after surgery before I tried coffee though to give my pouch some time to heal. I could not imagine my morning without my latte BUT it seems the guidelines in Europe are very different and more relaxed that in the US, so maybe ask your NUT about it? Good luck!
  10. Ok, not sure if this worked.....but here is a photo of me from Thailand november 2010 and the other one is taken in the beginning of february this year (the seamstress didn't like me, she had to make the dress smaller 3 times over a 2 week period, and it was still a bit big at the party ) When I look in the mirror I don't see any difference, but now looking at these photos I can see some light at the end of the tunnel
  11. I have 2 kids and haven't had a problem, I don't even want to eat pasta etc, usually I cook something I can eat too. But I have also cooked things that I wouldn't dream of eating, or my fiances favourite south african dessert (pretty much a heart attack on a plate...), and it doesn't bother me one bit that I can't have any. I'm sure I could have a small bite if I wanted too, but I look at it and surprisingly have no desire at all to eat it, which makes it a lot easier If the kids have something like cinnamon buns for example though I can get a bit teary eyed because I really want to have some I sometimes joke that I will just lick one of theirs to get to taste it
  12. I just realized I'm 13 lbs past my goal wanted to lose 15 on top of the 20 I had lost already and I have now lost 48lbs in total!! Merry Christmas everyone!!!!
  13. My plan allows caffeine, and I have a Latte wich I add unflavoured protein powder too almost every morning. But for the first weeks after surgery I stayed away from caffeine until my pouch recovered and more importantly until I didn't have a problem getting all my fluids in so I wouldn't get dehydrated from the coffee
  14. I agree, take him to the nutritionist so then maybe he will understand your situation more. But the temptations will always be around, I know (or assume as I haven't tried) those treats will make me sick, so I try to ignore them, although sometimes I feel like just licking some chips or something crazy like that . I have 4 year old twins and I still get them treats now and then, and my fianceé tried to eat treats without me knowing in the beginning but I told him to just keep living his life normally,because wherever we go there are always going to be unhealthy things around and I will have to deal wit it. Just try and focus on the big picture instead, you are getting healthier and skinnier by the day!
  15. Hi, I had surgery 5 weeks ago and the last few days my teeth have been so sensitive it hurts to eat. I went to the dentist a few weeks before surgery and had a cavity filled, everything else was fine then. I have read about teeth problems after gastric bypass, but didn't think it could come this quickly? My surgeon told me to only take multi vitamins until my 3 month blood test and then see after that what I needed. I decided last week that this was a seriously stupid plan, I don't want to wait until I get a vitamin deficiency. So I started taking calcium,B12 and iron. Can not taking extra calcium (except for what's in the 2 multi vitamins) destroy my teeth this quickly?