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  1. Grouchy Pouchy?

    Know how you feel! Occasionally something that usually sits well, suddenly makes me very sick. There is no logic to this game, but I am only 7 months out from my revision. My hubby had his bypass a year before me and he now rarely suffers this, so light at the end of the tunnel?! We just have to sit it out and enjoy the good bits
  2. Today is my ONE year surgi-versary!

    Congrats! Lookin good
  3. Why LB over GBS?

    Like most of you, I had a hellish few years with a lapband! My main problem was a micro leak which resulted in port replacement which was pointless! I also had over 20 fills and one overfill that left me vomiting blood for 24hrs. I would BAN the lap band if it were down to me. I had revision to bypass 6 months ago and the difference is incredable, I am loving this new part two journey I'm on! Life is too short to waste on a temporary solution (if your lucky!) If you have a lap band, sooner or later, you'll be facing more surgery, thats just fact. If I had my time again, I would have gone straight to bypass, go for gold
  4. Would you do this all over again?

    Lap band journey- ugh BIG regret!!! (micro leaks etc long story!) Revision to bypass- my only regret is that I didn't have that in the first place instead for wasting all that money, time, pain and energy. Fab journey so far whoop!!!
  5. Yummy bariatric choice product I found

    I am allowed to eat rice on my diet plan and can tolerate a heaped tablespoonful well (eating protein first of course) so I can't see what the problem would be, unless they are a trigger food for you or doesn't sit well? My programme is all about a balanced diet on real foods and it works for me
  6. Gallbladder attack?

    Glad it went well! Speedy recovery!
  7. Gallbladder attack?

    I've had an attack too Totally agony, while I was rehearsing a west end show, ( bad timing to say the least!!!) Anyhoooooo. after a 12 hour attack over night, I had an ultra sound that showed a 2cm stone. I felt like I'd been kicked in the side for several days after but I have had no more attacks since then, touch wood! Good luck and hope it all goes ok
  8. Any Uk Members

    Hi Collette, Yes, I'm in the UK too. A Scot living in London How's it all going for you so far?
  9. I was banded 08 also! It never worked due to a micro leak in the band. So nearly two years later I had revision to bypass and I'm soooo happy now! A great end to a very frustrating road. ( Not that it's the end, only the next chapter ) But I have no hunger and it's fab!
  10. Gooooallll!

    Lovely, just what I want to hear Congrats and celebrate!!! Whoop whoop!!!
  11. Is Walking Enough?

    Walking is fantastic excercise, just try and steadily build up your speed, pace and length of walks each time. We eat seven days a week, so getting as many walks in as poss makes sense. You might have to think about going it alone some days to challenge your pace some extra days to make the most out of it. I was doing half n hour on the treadmill at 5.0 4 to 5 times a week and an hour walk with my hubby at the weekends and then built on that. Then hooray!!! Fitbit Ultra hit the UK and I am hooked big time! I love logging my steps and hitting my goals. I've had it just over a week and I've already done 70,000 steps this week alone and dropped 3lb! Believe me, for me, this is amazing! I lost nothing for a month in December and usually only lose a lb a week so I'm even more addicted now. Plus getting the little silly rewards are great and there are groups you can join to encourage you some more. Well worth the £80! So keep it up, your doing great!
  12. Eating Nuts

    Agreed, nuts are an amazing source of protien! One of the few food groups that doesn't make me feel sick also at the mo! So bring on the nuts Salt and cracked blacked pepper pastachio's my fav, mmmh!
  13. My Wls Fashion Show Night!

    You look amazing! Congrats
  14. Spicey Foods Post Surgery

    I LOVE all kinds of spicy foods!!! No issues at all thankfully!
  15. Best Product(S) To Minimize Scars?

    Bio-oils great for scars if you can get hold of it there