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  1. hello Kerry Thank you for your wonderful comment it was nice to wake up and find it today. You have a good weekend take care Dianne

  2. Facing fears, moving forward

    that is great news and I think you have been so helpful to me esp over the last year and for that I am very thankful take care Dianne
  3. Retelling the drama (very long)

    I have read this post and thought how selfish I have been with what I thought were BIG PROBLEMS. Well from now on I will consider my worries nothing compared to you. Take care Dianne I wish you well and keep us posted
  4. Looking for help....

    Hello thought I would say welcome to the forum and I hope you get as much pleasure and support as I have over the last year. take care Dianne
  5. I nearly passed out today ...

    what are you like you know you must take it easy I did tell you that my friend when we first met up. You must take your time you will soon be bale to get that fitness level up when your on full power. take care DIanne
  6. annes

    I think we all feel the same and when we have had the op we are so happy we have gone through with it. Just do what you feel will help you cope with the changes you are about to take and keep asking those questions it helps to get the extra support. good lock with your band it was the best thing I ever had done. take care dianne
  7. myjourney3bl4

    wow what a great way to see yourself and the progress you have made throughout your journey. I think you look great and well done take care Dianne
  8. This is making me cry

    Hello I am sorry your having this hair loss, but I havent had anything like that during the year since I was banded and didnt know it was a side effect? I do hope it soon stops for you my thoughts are with you take care Dianne
  9. By the way, you look amazing too!!

  10. Thanks so much for the comment! I do feel great. And only having 30 lbs to go seems like nothing compared to the 91 I have lost already!

  11. 9 28 08 05

    wow what a difference you look amazing. I think you must be feeling so proud of your self and so you should. well done and keep up the good work
  12. Hi there all -long post sorry !

    Hello I am pleased you have found this forum I have passed it on to many people in the Uk and they all seem to be on here daily now lol. I also got banded last year but I was refused on the NICE scheme yet I have 3 medical conditions and still refused even though my BMI was nearly 50. I think it depends on were you live and what your GP is like. I paid for mine and it will take me 3 years to pay for it but it was worth it in the long run. You can insist on being referred to a clinci for your weight and Iwould go that route if you cant through your gp. So welcome to the forum and keep us informed. take care Dianne
  13. I did it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hello sara I am so pleased your feeling well and enjoying the new found feeling of being full all the time. I look forward to seeing you again soon let me know when you might be free. take care Dianne
  14. weight gain fear and continued weight loss

    Hello vicci and Sara thank you so much for replying to my email, I am pleased you have replied. I have to say that I think the eating disorder must be sorted out before the band or you end up with the ame worries blus the added concerns of gaining weight. I wish you both well with your journeys and pray that you do not reach this hassle and misery I am now in, love to you both xx
  15. Hello to everyone I am writing this post as I am sure I wont be the only one with these problems but need really some advice and help how to deal with them. I have now had my band since August 25th 2007. I set myself a target weight and have reached that, and feel now that I would like to go even lower as the BMI can be as low as 18 and I am still 24.7. The place I had my band done said it would be okay to get down to 9stone so think I will not be doing any harm to myself to reach a lower weight. I am now a size 10 jeans and in my wildest dreams never thought having ab and would allow me to reach that wonderful size. I am also so scared to stop trying to loose weight incase I start gaining again, so really worried that now I have reached the BMI I only ever dreamed of last year I wont be able to keep it unless I keep driving myself lower all the time to make sure I stay on track and focused on myself and the weight all the time. I think having a binge eating disorder all these years it is still there and the only way I feel I can control it is, to keep loosing weight all the time to make sure I dont start getting relaxed and trying to eat things because I am at a lower weight now? Also I think day and night about food and sometimes wake up still in the night wanting to eat so thats why I can have any food in the house unless it is for the day only. It is strange that I couldnt take that control when I had the binge eating problem in the first place? I have had all my blood tests done and things are not good there as they say I have only been eating 300 cals a day for over 6 months now and my body needs more than that yet I feel okay and still walk 5 or 6 miles a day to help me keep my mind of of food. I do have spots on my face and had some boils were no one wants them so that is a problem area which might be food related I think? I now see that the binge eating disorder is still there in my head all the time and having the band has not taken that away..... thats a huge concern to me and I really thought that the band would educate me to eat healthier and feel under control..... But the truth is I am still in control only when I no there is weight to loose so what will happen when I have to stop loosing weight???? Or can I go on like this for ever. It is a wonderful feeling to loose weight I know that throughout the year people have been saying wonderful things to me about how good I look etc etc etc................... But it looks like the real issues I have with food are still there and maybe I should have adressed these more before i had the band fitted because............................. I think that apart from this forum I am unable to talk like this to anyone else and thats because I am sat in front of a PC not a shirnk thats says go away and when your ready to face your demons go back to your GP and see if there is any money left for you to be referred back to see me. I have been told now that as I went private and paid for my band to be done there is no help for me on the NHS so I am now alone and worried and scared that all my hard work will make me go on a road to distruction and in the end I think may lead to my an early death as the fear of returning to such an unhappy person and over weight lady is making me now feel what was the point of making all these changes and getting into debt for the next 3 years when I still have the problem I had when I first started with the band.