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  1. I want to thank you for this valuable website. I'm a member of several, and I like this one the best. I'm a female, 5'7" 50 yrs old.I've had the lap band for 41/2 yrs now. I was 274 lbs before surgery. I lost 90 lbs. For the last 2 yrs I've weighed around 200lbs. Over the last 6 months I've gained 15 lbs, making me 215 lbs. This is my fault, as I've become intolerant to most meat a lot of veggies, and even with band empty, I'm sick at least 4 times a wk. I've resorted to " slider" food which has lead to weight gain. I'm scheduled for revision to GBP in 10 days. I'm lucky to have this second chance with insurance covering procedure. Now, my concern. Ive been going to pain management for a yr. I was in an accident and have slipped discs in my lower back and herniated discs in my neck. I'm prescribed 1 pain med, and listed it on the medication sheet when I had my first consultation. I'm worried it could interfere with anesthesia. I'm also prescribed anti anxiety medication. I have panic disorder, for many yrs. My husband had a heart transplant and so did his brother. His youngest brother is very sick now too. We know this is a genetic cardiomyopathy. We have 2 older children, and I worry about them. This is only 1 reason for my panic disorder. I would like your opinion, and feel by posting this, I hope there's not a negative opinion of me. I only take medications as needed, and would not abuse these potentially dangerous medications. Thank you, as I'm very nervous of this surgery… and any input is greatly appreciated.
  2. Good Luck and be proud of the strong person you are, you are trying to do achieve your goal, and I give you a lot of credit for that!
  3. I agree.. I'm also having revision on 10/17. I don't care what anyone thinks, its my life, my body, and I won't tolerate negativity. I think this has occured with me turning 50 a few months ago. I'm the 1 who has suffered with the damn lapband.. no one can understand unless they've walked in your shoes. I am nervous about having this done myself. But. You have support here, and I intend on going to every support meeting, seeing the nutrionist and continuiing with my therapist. I wish you much success, and I will hold myself accountable for my success or failure. I will be honest and stay true to myself and realize my weakness when it comes to my relationship with food. Long term success is my goal, not losing it super fast, and worrying about it. Its what my weight wil be 5, 10 yrs down the road that I will concentrate on. I don't have the key, but I will give this last gift (tool) my all.
  4. As far as losing the weight so fast, my surgeon said a woman lost 31lbs in 30 days after revision. I was concerned about that being too much too fast.. I want my skin to keep up with weight loss. The weight will come off, keeping it off is what my concern is. Keep in touch!
  5. Dee, I know how u feel.. I've had band for 4 and a half yrs. I gained back 30 lbs and have had the getting stuck issue for so long. I got a date for revision also in 3 wks. I'm scared too. But it is in our hands what we do with this new tool. I've done a lot of research about the gastric. It has helped a lot th avoid the " dumping syndrome" that can happen. I thought going through the lapband would be the final answer for me too, and am staying strong thinking of what lies ahead.. the liquid diet for a long time,the adjustment to my whole life. I have decided to grasp this gift and give it my all. That means dealing with my relationship with food. Its the only way I will attain long term success. I will attend the support meetings, online support, and therapy, and hold myself accountable for my success or failure.being totally honest with ourselve is the key to long tern success. We can do it just stay the course, and know you're not alone. We are strangers.. but we can help eachother out. Good Luck and think positive!
  6. I have had the Lap Band for 4 yrs now. I was 274 lbs. prior to surgery. My goal was 180 lbs. I did get down to 185lbs. I have been arounf 200 lbs for over 2 yrs. The 185 didnt last long. Now, since June, Ive gained 12lbs. No excuses, eating all the wrong foods. Ive had problems with the lap band for well over a yr. I get "stuck" almost daily. I take small bites, chew thoroughly, and still have this awful problem. Unable to eat most meat, most veggies, but I can eat cookies, chips, or anything crunchy. Ive had enough, I saw a surgeon 2 days ago about having the lap band to gastric conversion. He performs both, and has seen so many patients with this same issue. My lapband surgeon only performed lap bands. We had an online support group,through him, and as soon as alot of us were conversing about having the same issue, he shut down our group. Im interested if anyone else is having problem with lap band, and also if anyone has had the conversion fro lap to GBP. Thank you