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  1. Well now I'm leaking from both sides! My boyfriend calls me ooze lady lol. Better out than in but it isn't much fun. Luckily we have these puppy pee training pads because our geriatric dogs can't hold it for very long. They make great mattress protectors from the fluid! I managed to wrap everything up and hold all the gauze in place with a combination of tape and my underwear, but the second I lay down it leaks. I don't get it but I'm glad I managed to go through the day without soaking my clothes. I'm hoping to get the drains in soon!
  2. (For the record I meant I wasn't sure how to change the numbers on the mobie site, not tat I don't know how to post on it! Thats what I'm doing now lol) And sorry if I came off as over defensive in response to your question... I have had ome encounters with vicious people before and it trains a person to be wary of questions like that. No offense taken. So I saw my surgeon today and he said I look good but that I most likely have seromas and will need new drains put in. I'm having an ultrasound done friday to check. Plus so far only my left has been leaking... but when I got home today i found that my right side sprung a leak. Yuck! So i guess its back to laying on a towel and trying to press it all out...
  3. I'll get around to posting pics eventually, probably when I'm a bit more healed! I'm not at my goal weight but whatever my profile and signature say aren't my current numbers... I haven't changed those in about a year because for a long time I stopped posting (I'm not sure how to on the mobile site). As to why I had the procedure done beore reaching my goal... I was having extreme back pain and also getting terrible rashes under my skin flap. As I posted above I had 14 lbs of skin cut off... it was greatly effecting my quality of life. I chose to take advantage of having insurance that would cover the procedure and a timeslot in my life that would allow me time to recover. I'm currently ~40 lbs away from my goal and since this surgery I've lost an additional 5 lbs. Now I will be able to walk longer, ride a bike, and move unhindered by a giant flap of skin. And even if I never make my goal weight, I am very happy and proud of the progress I have made and as long as I can enjoy life I'm ok with that. I don't need to fit in a size 6 to be able to do that! But anyway I've had quite the exciting weekend with fluid gushing from my incision and a fever! I saw the PA today and she put me on antibiotics to be safe but she said it doesn't look infected. Tomorrow I'm seeing my surgeon to see if i need an ultrasound to find fluid pokets and maybe have another drain put in for a few days. I don't particularly want another drain but I do want t heal, so if I need a drain I'll get a drain!
  4. The whole "each day after surgery you feel a little bit better" saying went on pause for me for a day or two but now its back! I feel better today Still not great but definitely better.
  5. Well I have a new development! It seems the pain was from a pocket of fluid pressing on something, because the pain went away and I noticed oozing from the incision. It was more than just an "ooze" amount though, something definitely popped. So I called the surgeons office and I'm going in friday to make sure everything is ok. But the pain is gone! Yay!
  6. I do have a binder as well as a couple pairs of spanx-like high undies that work really well. I'm having a lot of pain ina particular spot though, right above where my thigh meets my stomach (the very bottom part of the abdominal muscle wall) on my right. It feels like i pulled the muscle and i have a big bruise there (i have te bruise on both sides I thought it was from swelling). It hurts the worst when I'm getting up after sleeping or laying/sitting for more than an hour, and slowly fades as I walk and move around but it never completely goes away. Even when I think I'm feeling ok my mom said I have a look on my face like I'm in a lot of pain, and I am still taking tylenol around the clock. This recovery has been a lot harder than the sleeve recovery!
  7. Oh wow I haven't been on here in ages! Anyway I finally had my tummy skin chopped off- all 14 lbs of it! Yesterday was my 2 week post op appointment and I got my second drain out. Those things are mini torture devices, I swear! But my big question is how long its taken everyone who has had a panniculectomy to be able to walk regularly again. I currently walk very slowly and tend to press on my stomach (its gotten me some weird looks at the grocery store!). I start class in 2 weeks and while I can get away without carrying around books for at least an extra week or two, I still have to be able to get to class on time! I don't want to push myself too hard, but I'm really hoping in another 2 weeks I'll be able to walk properly!
  8. if you blend it with ice, the chunks of ice tend to help get rid of some of the froth. Also, you could blend up all the other ingredients together and the mix in the protein powder by hand after. these sound great!
  9. I made mini burgers! lean ground chuck (96% lean) into really small patties (maybe 2'' across and very flat) with a little bit of cheese on a mini bagel. so yummy! plusw I cooked an entire 1/2 lb of meat so I have plenty of leftovers
  10. your face looks a lot slimmer since january it is definitely noticable!! you look fantastic <3
  11. thanks guys!!!!! the loss is starting to slow down which is frustrating, but the visible shrinking is speeding up!
  12. so I haven't been on in a looong time, but I've been super busy with life and school!! anyways, down to 273 lbs, here is comparison pics from my heaviest to a pic taken today!!
  13. What toooo skinny to write?? Haha. Hope your new year is going great!!

  14. Where did you go? I miss reading your posts!! I hope you are doing well.

  15. sounds more like lactose intolerance (especially if you were really gassy later too)
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