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  1. So did your insurance pay to have it removed? And did it pay to have your gastric by pass? So you have begun to lose weight? I know this has been an emotional roller coaster for you.
  2. It has been one year since my lap band. I have not lost weight. I am still at the same 250 lbs as last Aug 31. I have had 3 adjustments. I had some taken out 4 weeks ago since I throw up regularly. I exercise regularly, pool aerobics and cycling. The band does control my intact. But as far as huge results or any results there has been none. I'm embarrassed that I told anyone that I was doing the lap band because they look at me and wonder why I'm not thin after one year. What's wrong with me?
  3. I have some fill, but I have not lost much weight. Maybe 18-20 lbs since Sept 1. I eat but at this rate I will not lose anything. I have not lost any weight on the scale since mid Sept. I'm so frustrated... The dr. says he is putting fluid in, but shouldn't I have lost some more weight by now?

    1. goldenvic


      I also have to pay $200 each fill because my new insurance does not cover bariatric. This lap band is crap. I don't eat junk at all. Bread is out of the question. I'm hating this.

  4. I want to lose 55 by my 55th birthday in Dec. So far, I'm down 18 or so. Got a little fill today. The same amount that he removed on day two because it was too tight.
  5. Congrats in the two's. Good going!!
  6. goldenvic


    ]Just returned from Dr. He put in the 2.5 fill that he removed on day 2. I'm losing slowly too. I told him it's a bit frustrating because to me, it's a big commitment. He says be patient and eat. He pushes the "Eating for Life" book by Bill Phillips. We discussed me weighing and not seeing a lose and then not eating so I would see the scale move. Not a good approach. He says have some chicken, something that's going to stay in the pouch. And of course, stay off the scale. Had to do. I want it now. I haven't told many people I had the band, and even after a 20 lb weight lose, NO ONE
  7. I do feel better today. Thank you! BUT-scale is not going down. Frustrated. All I eat is mush. I did just have some eggs and yogurt. But with no fill I eat just normal.

    1. RogaDanar


      I was actually under eating the first couple weeks which pushed my body into starvation mode. My NUT told me I had to increase my intake to at least 750 to 800 calories at my 2 week checkup.

    2. NewMeNow2010


      I wasn't eating enough for weeks! I managed to lose at first but then stalled out and it is frustrating! I also upped my calories, protein and water and the weight started to shed again! Good luck!!

  8. Good luck on your journey :D

  9. SOOOOOOO tired! 10 days post op

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    2. goldenvic


      You mean water or what?

    3. techie.beth


      Yes. If you dont get enough you get VERY tired. Plus its a side effect from having surgery. It will pass!! How are you feeling otherwise?

    4. olorio


      Im one week post op and also just so tired..I feel better ...moving better...open incision is healing well...just so tired...ugh. Hang in there..and I hope you feel better tomorrow!

  10. Hi all, I'm 10 days post op- 17 lbs off. I'm soooooo tired today. I have no energy. I know I should go for a walk or something, but I'm just spent. Moved on to mushy foods. Very bored. Any suggestions? I have no fluid in my band and I'm hungry. Dr. says no fluid until 6 weeks. I'm really not going to lose much more weight until then I don't think.
  11. goldenvic

    Soooo Hot

    I worked outside all summer. Record number of 100 degree days. It was so hard. I'm in NC. The movie idea sounds good. Wonder if the popcorn will be tempting?
  12. Hi all! I'm new too. Aug 31 was band day. I'm feeling almost normal today. Down about 15 lbs from start of pre op diet. Getting excited about getting back to life. Had mashed potatoes yesterday, but have mostly been on liquids and protein shakes. G2 drinks, and water. The gas is about all gone, thank goodness. I'm thinking this is going to be okay.
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