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  1. RogaDanar

    I'm so bored

    There also are classes that are a mix of lifting & cardio. I can not remember their name. The important thing to do is to find what you like or you will not continue to do it. Walking is a great exercise but you do have to keep increasing the speed/distance/frequency of it if that is YOUR exercise. Do not remain status quo for too long!
  2. RogaDanar

    Before & Now

    Lori, thanks for the complement. I do much preferred to be called healthy than thin or skinny. Genet, thanks, the guns are smaller but I am working hard on them. Started a bootcamp class last week also & it is a ton of fun!
  3. RogaDanar

    Before & Now

    MrsB, I just kept losing weight so I drastically increased by calorie intake to stop the loss finally. Also, I was one of those early on that panicked "I am not losing weight nearly fast enough, or person bla bla bla is losing faster" Don't compare yourself to others. Eat right, start walking, then some weight lifting & other cardio when you can, drink your water & take your vitamins & your weight will come off.
  4. RogaDanar

    Before & Now

    I posted my race pictures a week or so ago & thought I should post my before and after too.
  5. RogaDanar

    First Half Marathon

    Molly, I am the type of person that if I signup for a marathon, I will run at least 24 miles a few weeks before the race. That is just my nature. As far as going for a PR with the next half, hell yeah! It is a flatter course and it will be cooler & less humid. In fact, I will push for a PR in both races if I can because I can. If I can only walk the 5K, fine but if I can run it, my fastest official 5K is only 27:47, basically the pace I hope to do for the half.
  6. RogaDanar

    First Half Marathon

    Thanks for calling me young Molly but I am 41 so not that young. I always said I was only "half crazy" but I do kinda want to do one full marathon to say I did it. I just hate the thought of spending 4 plus hours on a Saturday running for training.
  7. RogaDanar

    First Half Marathon

    Thanks everyone, it really was a great experience and I have signed up for my next one on Oct 19th. Not only did I sign up for it, I signed up for the challenge to do a 5K just 2.5 hours after the start of the half marathon...I am a sucker for challenges. Molly, I started running a bit over a year and a half ago, my first 5K was May of 2012. I had plastic surgery this spring which sidelined me for 2 months and made me start over a bit.
  8. RogaDanar

    First Half Marathon

    Here are a few other random pictures
  9. Hey everyone, I haven't been around much lately but promised I would stop in. I ran my first half marathon a couple weeks ago and met my time goal of under 2 hours with a time of 1:59:51.
  10. RogaDanar

    Getting Healthy Update

    You need to take care of you Genet, hope you feel better soon!
  11. RogaDanar

    Mindless munching can have major consequences

    Oh, I am so sorry Genet, I would not wish that upon anyone. At least you know your family (including your dog) is there for you when these situations occur.
  12. RogaDanar

    I am done

    You look great Genet, just maybe try to up your calories for your more lively self and your body will find its new sweet spot. Take care and best of luck!
  13. RogaDanar

    See ya later, Sweetie…

    I love it. You do look a lot like your niece like you could be sisters. I think you need the glittery nail polish though. ;-)
  14. RogaDanar

    I went speechless today... stumped.

    It can also stretch your stoma causing your whole intestine to basically become your stomach.