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  1. I was told to wait 6 months but I haven't. I have had some beer and sake and I had no discomfort at all and I didn't even feel intoxicated in any way. I have a pouch that can handle anything in small amounts. I haven't tried bread or sugar but everything else has not been a problem. But, it's best to wait. Even if you were 6 months out and cleared, you probably don't want your first drink to be around so many people in case it makes you sick.
  2. PDXDollface

    I called my NUT crying....

    It's OK. You will get there. It took me a long time to reach my protein goal. Focus on your fluids. Do what you can and go easy on yourself.
  3. I stalled 3 weeks out for 3 weeks. I didn't lose by the scale but my body kept changing shape and shrinking. Then all of a sudden I dropped 8 pounds. I know it's discouraging but hang in there. You will continue to lose.
  4. PDXDollface

    What Do I eat?

    I have never been given a calorie goal by my surgeon or nutritionist. They want me to get 60+ grams of protein a day. I usually eat somewhere between 500-700 calories a day.
  5. PDXDollface

    What Do I eat?

    Every plan is different. I was cleared for cooked veggies and soft fruit by five weeks. I juiced after two weeks. Now I'm six weeks out and I still like Greek yogurt, string cheese and laughing cow cheese. I like Oscar Meyer P3s for after yoga or strength training. I don't have problems with the meat or nuts as long as I take it slow and chew it until it's like toothpaste.
  6. PDXDollface

    Two weeks out, had eggs today.

    My pouch has been able to tolerate anything as long as it's in very small amounts. I was hoping it would be more picky but I've developed some strong will power. Lucky for me the smell of anything sugary makes me nauseated. I loved eggs early out. I made mine with laughing cow light white cheddar. They were so soft and yummy.
  7. PDXDollface

    6 months out!

    Congratulations. You look so good.
  8. PDXDollface

    BMI is 29.1!

  9. PDXDollface

    One month follow up....36 lbs. down!

    That's wonderful. Congratulations on how far you've come.
  10. This! I can't count the number of times I've lost the same 40-60 pounds over and over again. Now I know every pound I lose is gone for good.
  11. PDXDollface

    My BCBS FEP Approval

    I don't know if it was required to be a center of excellence. The three clinics closest to me all are so they would have approved me anyway. I wouldn't go to a clinic that wasn't.
  12. PDXDollface

    When could you see you had lost weight?

    I don't see it until I look at my pre op pictures. I'm a month and a half out. Everyone tells me I'm smaller but I don't feel it just walking around in my skin, yet.
  13. PDXDollface

    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    This past weekend I went hiking in a cave and on lava fields around Mount St. Helens. Before surgery, the two sets of stairs into the cave would have wiped me out completely. Now I'm climbing rocks and hills with only moderate difficulty.
  14. PDXDollface

    4th of July! What are you eating this weekend? Go!

    I'm not feeling to adventurous. I'm having a turkey burger. I'm more excited about the dill pickle. I can eat those now.
  15. PDXDollface

    Not much really but I am so proud!

    I think that's a great milestone. Congratulations.