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    Good Morning and Happy New Year to all. I am 4 years out . My Surgery was Sept. 1, 2011. To say the least it has not been without many trials as I have walked down this new way of life. I am posting today because I find myself frustrated about beginning a new year of getting healthy. The last couple of years have been filled with major changes and extreme stress levels which has caused quite a spiral for me. My original weight loss was 130 pounds, of that I have gained back about 30 pounds. I spent a lot more time drinking alcohol than worrying about what I ate. The first thing I did this year was stop drinking. Then the next step of course was to eat properly. That is where I have found myself in a dilemma. I love My fitness pal and I got right back to basics of charting my food, remembering the 4 golden rules. I started charting my food and protein was all I had room for in my pouch (after the 5 day pouch test) was protein. Protein first and no snacking is fine except I am getting my protein in and only an average of about 600 calories. That is not enough so I am looking for ideas for getting all my protein and nutrition up to about 1200 calories a day... Any Suggestions would be appreciated. I seem to find myself in what I will call nutrition block not unlike writers block...
  2. I had RNY surgery in Sept. of 2011. I was extremely sick with multiple issues. I don't need to go into to the many details. Lets just say my weight Loss was hard fought. I lost 138 Lbs. I have gained back about 30 pounds. I sort of feel I am living on the edge and getting ready to fall into an abyss. I am fighting a weight issue I have fought almost all of my life. I have been struggling with depression since 2004. Most of the time that does not give me problems. Right now I have new issues I am Struggling with, that is alcohol. It is really becoming and issue and I feel it will just be a matter of time until the weight comes creeping back. I have had many physical issues since my surgery. Just age related I am sure but they all seem to start after me surgery. Neuropathy, Cataracts, hearing loss, I have never stopped have stomach issues lots of dumping and pain. I sometimes just don't even want to eat, I still can not eat any dairy and it really limits my protein issue. Any suggestion would be most appreciated. I feel I am at the end o my rope. Thank you in advance. for your help.
  3. I know how hard it is in the beginning. Crushing pills is Nasty. I took a lot of pills and I tried to isolate which ones were the worst and took them separately. I took mine in pudding. I also used chewable calcium and chewable vitamins at first. Remember your pouch is about maybe two oz. at this time. Using protein drinks is very acceptable at first. I would SIP protein and water all day long.2 oz. at a time. Don't worry about going on to food to soon it will take a while. I like premium protein chocolate from Costco. It has 30 grams of protein and it is 11oz. 3 of those and 30 oz. of water and you can get in your liquid for the day.Remember Sip Always Sip. If you don't you will get a stomach ache. If you get chewable vitamins & Calcium I think you could probably get your capsules down. Like I said try pudding that worked better for me. I had a lot of trouble getting on to food, be patient and take your time. I am 2 years out and I still supplement with protein drinks. Believe me, with all I went through, it will be worth it just take your time and let your pouch heal properly. Remember always take care of your pouch and it will be kind to you....I hope this helps Have a nice day. If you look online for articles about the care of your pouch. It really helped me a lot, If you can't find anything let me know and I will try to send it to you.
  4. Thank you both. I find it so strange that I did not drink for a year after surgery. When I started it was different. It was like I could not stop. It is just crazy. I used to have a couple of drinks in the evening now I just can't stop. Am I using alcohol instead of food for my crutch. Truth be told. I just fixed a drink after I reached out today. I feel hopeless just like I did with food before my surgery...Powerless
  5. It will be 2 years for me September 1, since I had my Gastric Bypass surgery. I have done well. I have lost 140 lb. I have been up and down the scale about 10 pounds. I range between 200 & 210. I really would like to weigh 180 lbs. My problem is I have substituted my eating for drinking alcohol. It has really become a real problem and I am so scared I am going to gain all the weight back. I feel the drinking is just taking over where my food issue ended. I don't ask for help. I feel I should be able to deal with this alone but as I said I am scared and maybe someone out there has been through this and can give me some ideas begin again on a better path.
  6. If you have just had surgery or you are an oldtime, If I eat something that make my stomach hurt or have dumping I warm my bean bag, put it on my yummy and in about 15 min all is well. It has saved my life for this last year. Just in case you haven't heard of it I HIGHLY recommend it. It is good for everythig. Happy Bean bagging everyone!!!!! I had my surgery 11-01-2011 and have lost 140 Pounds
  7. Ly down until it passes..Get a microvawe bean bag. Put it in your stomach. It is a miracle...My go to cure all
  8. My feet hit the floor and I start sipping a protein shake. I drink Premium chocolate protein from Costco. It has 30 grams of protein,160 calories And very little sugar. Early on my Doctor explained the pouch just need to wake up slowly, that was one of the best pieces of advise I have ever gotten. Sip on your protein and then about 10:00, try yogurt or cereal. Keep an eye on how you feel from eggs, I still cannot tolorate them. Best of luck....
  9. I am over a year out and I have one of those bean bags you warm in the microwaave. It has always made my tummy better and I still use it today....It hasn't let me down yet....Never hurts to try...Good Luck
  10. It sounds like you are doing fantastic. You are so lucky you did this so young, your body will be so much kinder to you. Keep up the good work.....Dena Dawn
  11. This snuck up on me so fast. I was one year out Sept 1,2012. My weight loss is 140 lbs. I started to have a cocktail once in a while and now I am in as much of a struggle with that than I am with food Actually more.. I have always been afraid of that, but it happened so fast. I would love some suggestions. Do you think an occational cocktail socially will work or just give it up. It seems like when I drink at home I cannot stop, that has NEVER happened before. I have given up so much. I would like to drink socially is that possible? PLEASE HELP...I AM GETTING DESPERATE....... I weigh 200 pounds. My doctor says he wants me to the the same. I wanted to lose 40 more pounds so we split the difference. So my goal is 180. I have been bouncing 197 to 200 for about 3 months during the holidays. Now I am back on track except this one issue. Thanks for listening
  12. Three weeks after my surgery I became very sick. I was down for almost 3 months. I didn't eat for a three week stretch at that point. I have never had dumping or thrown up since then. I think my early problems gave me a good healthy fear of being sick. If I feel to least bit of nausea or any problem I stop eating. I do not want to be sick again. It will get easier in time. Hang in there.and enjoy those mash potatoes.
  13. I took a lot of othe medication as well. It was so hard to crush. When I was able to have soft food I took my vitamins & meds with sugar free pudding. I take 3 multis, 2 calicium, B-12 and biotin.
  14. Has anyone had a long history of losing weight and then comes the day when all of a sudden we start to slide (just a little). Then a little more...I am six months out and I am TERRIFIED that I am going to do what I always do...Start eating again. That dreaded feeling of being completely powerless. I have lost 110 pounds and I still have 70 more to to go...I can Not stop now.....Any suggestions, miracles, magic, please just let me know I am not alone in this place....I am so scared
  15. I had my surgery on September 1, 2011. I have been posting for the past few days and realized I had not changed my weight. I went into my profile to change my weight and I just got feeling so funny, I just started laughing, I wrote 231. I have not weighed below 260 for as long as I can remember and I usually stayed around 300 give or take. It just seemed so funny to see 231 pounds in writing. I will just go into orbit when I get I am in the 100's It is so close and I did not even know it. It this crazy or what????
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