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  1. Cathie


    Just be patient and follow your plan and the weight will come off. Look at all the people on this forum who have come before us, thought the same thing and have went on to loose their weight. We too will win against obesity! No matter how sad I get with slow weight loss. I would rather lose slowly than gain at all. We too can do it! Focus on perseverance, not your scale, measure your self with a tape measure, you will see yourself melting away. I just know it. Cathie
  2. I found the EAS from Walmart and HEB the most palatable. I mix it with Soy Cappacino (I can't spell) milk and it tastes great and I can get it down with nausea or vomiting. The EAS is thinner than the others so the texture to me is better.
  3. I currently have a mucinex stuck in my throat! i am sick and so dry it won't go down. Maybe making your mushys more liquid will help to get them down.
  4. I am here! Doing well, worried with slow weight loss like everyone else, experiencing a lot of stalls, following my plan!
  5. Samma you look Georgeous! I am so proud of the work you have done, I hope to copy you. Cathie
  6. The anesthesia team usually will ask you if you have had problems with anesthesia. Just let them know that you have woken up every time you have had surgery. Medical advances with anesthesia medications hopefully have occurred since your last induction. They should be able to keep you asleep. Its freaky to wake up intubated during a procedure. Happened to me with an egg retrieval but not during my bypass. I am thinking about you beginning your journey and am glad you are preparing. Cathie
  7. Way to GO!! Congratulations, I know you are so happy. Cathie
  8. Typically drains are not sewn in on the inside, unless they expect to open you again for some reason. They will begin to adhere to your tissue sometimes though. They are stitched on the outside to secure them. The purpose of them is to drain a collection of fluid, so that it does not sit in your abdomen and abscess. With that being said my drain was about 24 inches long, I was putting out 90ml in a 24 hour period. I kept it for 9 days. The drain is what made me uncomfortable after surgery. When they removed it, I took a deep breath and they pulled. It is a tugging sensation but not painful at all. Merely odd as was described before. Once it was out I was COMPLETELY pain free and able to go back to work without any difficulty. I understand your fright. Be sure to explain to your surgeon what happened with your last drain and ask him how he places them. It will help to be well informed. Cathie
  9. Is it possible for you to have an infectious process going on? A yeast infection could cause this. Also with all the hormone fluctuations your natural lubricants are decreased. If you do not have an infectious process try a little extra lubricant and see if that helps with the pain/bleeding. Your best bet is to see your gynecologist and discuss what is going on. THEY HAVE HEARD AND SEEN IT ALL! While we feel a little embarrassed it is just another day in the neighborhood for the gynecologist. Do not worry, they will help you.
  10. Congratulations, the day I got my authorization numbers I cried most of the day with happiness. It was the most wonderful feeling, and it just keeps getting better. Cathie
  11. Looking Good Congratulations!
  12. Kids! Gotta love 'em! I'm in your same boat. My son said (13year old) that I have "bye bye arms", when I stupidly asked him what he meant he said "your arms wave Bye bye". Thanks a lot son!