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  1. RA dx post RNY

    I spent a few months on the MTX injections but 3-4 days out of the week I would be very sick. I am just super sensitive to medications in general. My symptoms decreased but no way I could go back to work/school like that. We went to Humira from there for 3 months, it was ok, but didnt last the entire two weeks between injection. She was going to have me take it weekly (most people who cant tolorate MTX end up taking Humira weekly anyway), but then decided to switch to Enbrel instead. I am happy so far but its only been a month.
  2. RA dx post RNY

    Congrats on your upcoming surgery Kamadu, it wont be long now! What is your plan for RA meds after your RNY surgery? Last week I actually found an office that got me in this morning. After they saw my bloodwork and reviewed my symptoms they got me it within a week. I was beyond thrilled to say the least. The Rhuemy Dr seemed to have a good understanding of the issues facing those with WLS. She also let me give my opinions and we figured out the best plan together. She mentioned the Plaquenil but decided it probably wouldnt be the best due to the absorbtion. We opted to go straight to methotrexate injections. She said alot of people are hesitant due to giving themselves a shot but I allready give myself injections for constipation so its nothing new for me. She said that the MTX injections have less side effects than the oral meds and then we dont need to worry about absorpkKtion issues. I am good to try whatever at this point!
  3. Even after I scrub and towel dry them if I put the lids back on they will smell horrible the next day. I always let the lids completely off till the next use. When you have a bunch of different ones its a pain to match them up, but better than that icky smell.
  4. Anyone else w/ back issues AFTER WLS

    Momof2boys, so sorry to hear of your problems with your back. I was also to told that my back problems would all dissapear if I lost the excess weight. Every orthopedic dr blamed my issues on the weight. they all swore that if it was gone my disks would reinflate and I would be a new person. They were sadly mistaken. I wont get into my history of back surgeries but there was enough and they will never get me to agree to another one. I am taking more meds than before WL, and beyond walking I rarely can increase activity. I take 50 Fent and oxy 20mg every 4 hours prn (which is enough to sedate an elephant, like you said). I did get a spinal cord stimulator about 10 months after my RNY. If you dont know what that is its sort of like a TENS machine but the wires are implanted against your spinal cord, I have controlled tingeling from mid back down. I can control the intensity and speed, or I can turn it off completely. They had to wait till I hit goal because of the battery gets implanted in your gluteal area, if I lost weight after implantation the unit would protrude out of the skin to far. The SCS does help alot dont get me wrong, if I need it replaced or fixed I will agree to that, but nothing else. My pain management dr wants me to stop working sooner than later too, I dont know. The only thing I can say for now is that my pain levels seem to be respected alot more by drs and people than when I was MO. Its sad to say that, but that has been my experience. Last week I was given a rheumatoid arthritis dx as well. I feel like I did all this weight loss only to be stuck on the couch disabled, that was not my plan. Depending on what the RA dr says, I may not return to my school occupational therapy job this fall. I tell you all this to let you know that I understand completely what you have gone thru! Honestly, my RNY dr didnt expect me to do so well considering I crash on the couch at 4PM and literally dont get up till 5 AM for work. Weekends I am in bed most of the time too. I feel so bad for my hubby, he definetely is a good guy for sticking by my side. If I wouldnt of had WLS when I did I would have just continued getting bigger and bigger. You may have mentioned allready, but do you see a pain management dr? Mine has been learning with me how to treat a post WLS pt., it seems most specialists have no clue, we do lots of liquid meds and injectables. Also, if you do see a PM or neurosurgeon you may want to explore the possibility of a spinal cord stimulator or pain pump (no worries about absorbtion or hurting your tummy). Not sure if you would benefit from it or not. its nice because they do a trial as an outpatient surgery. You have a wire inserted in the spinal cord area that is attached to a battery, you wear it for a week to get the feeling. It basically intercepts pain messages and replaces them with a gentle tingle. Some people absolutely hate it others like it. It gets pulled out in a week and then you decide if you want the permanant unit. that surgery is more invasive but not to ba, if you have gone thru a fusion this is a piece of cake compared to that. Pain pump is my next step but I am not ready just yet so I dont know much about it. I feel like I was all over the place, sorry. Just a few thoughts,lol. Feel free to contact me if you want to talk or have any questions! Hugs, Shell
  5. 4 week post-op, need support and guidence

    Hi Kelly88, Not sure exactly what med you are on for your neuropathy but I can tell you that their are liquid options. Alot of times you need to go to a smaller pharmacy to get them special ordered but they are available. Nuerontin/Gabapentin comes in a generic liquid version, thats what I take. It doesnt taste wonderful but it is much better than the powder of a capsule. Lyrica also comes in a liquid but not sure if there is a generic version. Topamax/ Topramate also comes in a generic "sprinkles", they are made so that you can open the capsule and 100's of little balls come out, I dont remember them having a taste, but they would get stuck in my teeth,lol. Not sure who prescribes for you but it may be worth looking into. Alot of drs are not aware of the liquid versions however. I am 2 years postop and still do not do capsules and chew all of my vitamins. Good luck, Shell
  6. RA dx post RNY

    Technogal63, I have seen a pain management dr for almost 10 years, not sure what I would do without him. Unfortunetely, he is clueless when it comes to WLS patients, we are learning together. I have tried to get a new PM dr that is more knowledgeable, but it is very hard to switch, you have to completely leave one before another will even make an appointment. Its scarey to consider being without a dr for months and since most PCP drs will no longer cover the timeframe while you are switching due to DEA fears I feel like I should stay where I am. I have CRPS/RSD, Fibro, arachnoiditis, syringomyelia, multiple spinal fusions, spinal cord stimulator, DJD, DDD, urogenic bladder, so pain management is going to be a life long thing for me. Right now we work with all liquid, injection and transdermal meds. It is kind of scarey thinking about the limitations with treatments due to protecting our tummies. I never thought after losing all the weight that my pain levels would get worse, let alone an RA dx. I was told for so many years to lose weight and all the pain issues would go away. Every neurosurgeon, orthopeic surgeon and pain dr blamed my weight for everything. My weight came on after back injuries and surgery not the other way around. I wish these issues would have been explored more in depth during preop, especially with someone with a significant history allready. I wouldnt trade my WLS for anything, but I may have appealed my insurance for the sleeve (not covered yet) had I thought about it more.
  7. Dilemma. Need some advice.

    Just follow your drs recommendations and take it easy. I went back to work in 5 days ( it was sscheduled to be off fortwo weeks but my job requirements changed) my dr was ok with it as long as I did no lifting. I was very tired those first few weeks bt made it thru my day ok. Get your fluids and shakes in as best you can. Just dont experiment with any food or drinks at the wedding, thats no place to overestimate how you feel.
  8. Is there a safe alcohol beverage?

    My dr is one that is ok with an occasional drink after the 16 week mark, he actually prides himself in having his patients return to a life of responsible moderation all around. 80% good and 20% flexible as long as you are making good progress or maintaining weight and your labs are fine. His recommendation is mixed drinks with diet soda/ juice alternating with water. Sip slowly and always try at home first!! He warned me that if you are the kind of person that wont sip a drink over an hour or are doing it with a goal of getting messed up, then its silly to consider it. But that is only something a person will know about themselves no one on here knows you better than you. Just use common sense and talk to your dr. I was very successful in my WL and I had a social drink here and there. When I was logging calories, etc, I always counted those calories and upped my exercise to offset the increase. Red wine does get to me quickly, so I dont go there, but moscato is fine. Vodka and diet cranberry is always good with me too.
  9. RA dx post RNY

    I honestly dont hold much hope out for the dr being educated/ aware of the issues with GBS patients. Trying to keep a positive outlook but its hard. My last hospitalization the ER and neurosurgeon drs needed to be reminded no NSAIDS, even though it is written in my medical record. I would think they would be up on things.
  10. iPad in the hospital ?

    I brought mine and used it pretty much to watch movies. Just make sure you sign onto the hospital wifi instead of your 3G if you normally use that, it will cost you a fortune. Good luck with your surgery!
  11. RA dx post RNY

    I am just about two years post op RNY. Below goal weight (now 113) and trying to bounce back up just alittle bit. I have been having alot of joint pain, swelling and stiffness and am slowly losing my independence with household and self care tasks so I finally went to the dr. She ran blood tests and they came back with a positive titer for rheumatoid arthritis. The earliest I could get an appointment for a specialist was mid September and the recommendation to the PCP was to start me on high dose steroids and high dose anti inflammatories till then. Of course thats not an option after RNY, but I had to remind the drs of that. It seems like post-op people need to be on the constant lookout for drs forgetting what can and can not be done post-op. Anyway, after the specialist reviewed my bloodwork and increasing symptoms they fit me in next Tuesday. I am looking for anyone dealing with RA post-op to share their experiences. What should I be asking this new dr? Due to malabsorption, I am not sure oral meds are in my best interest but I just dont know. Very confused and frustrated, any suggestion would be appreciated.
  12. Well, day number 5 and I am feeling worse than yesterday. Not sure if its continued swelling or muscle stuff. Went thru GBS and back to work in a week, this is kicking my backside.
  13. Thank you ladies, I know I just need to relax, just easier said than done I guess. Auntcheese, my dr said he placed the nipples down furthure since my skin will stretch out some so thats really weird looking. He also cut up into my armpits to take that skin as well, which has caused lots of swelling in there. I just feel lile the slightest movement is going to rip them apart,lol. I am a side sleeper and that has been impossible so I am super grumpy and emotional too. Auntcheese, when did you go without a bra after surgery. Dr said no underwire for at least 6 weeks but I would like to wear a sundress and this surgical bra is hideous. I see him on Monday but wasnt sure what to expect. This bra really does nothing, its so baggy, just seems to rub everything. Maybe tonight I will go for some front opening sports bras, just dont even want to venture out in public I feel like dirt. How do you feel physically at 1 month out? I am supposed to have back surgery in one month and now I am wondering if its going to work out. Being a teacher you try and shove everything into the three month vacation, sometimes its just to much,lol.
  14. Pre WLS I was a 44GG, the after losing 131 pounds I ended up a small 32A. However I had enough skin to fold into a DD cup. I opted for both the implant and lift at the same time. My bandages have come off and I feel like a deformed freak. Just wondering how long to expect the extreem swelling and when they will drop into place? I see my surgeon on Monday but just cant help myself from having a meltdown at this point.
  15. Well, I am scheduled for my breast lift and augmentation in 12 days! I am so excited. My RNY surgeon said to wait one year, but I will be done at 10 months. I work in schools and cant take off during the school year. My starting weight was 247 and I am now 116, which is under goal by a bit. The plastic surgeon is fine with it since I am under goal. I had my consult and was told the lift and augmentation at the same time is very difficult and you often need a revision due to the skins integrity not being the best. They will tend to sag quickly with the stress of the implants. I started as a 44GG and am now wearing a 34C. That is only because it takes a C cup to hold all the skin in. He said a lift would make me a small A cup at this point, I lost everything! The implants we are going for are a large B cup. My plastic surgeon has documented that he will perform a revision for sagging in the first 5 years at no charge to me, of course I would need to pay for anesthesia and operating room costs. I will update as I go!