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  1. I had mine done with Dr Thyodil at Methodist Hospital . Im two months out and feeling great.
  2. hi mari! how are you doing? feeling good?

  3. Weight Loss Slow

    Aartemys I noticed your surgery date was 10/25/11 , i had mine 10/26/11. How are you feeling? So my exact loss is 39 since date of surgery and yes i have noticed a loss in inches it just would be nice to see it on the scale which i only get on once a week.
  4. Weight Loss Slow

    Hi im now exactly two months out and i've lost 50 , I feel like thats a small amount for two months compared to stories i hear read hear. Can anyone share their progress? I just want to know if im at a good pace. Thanks
  5. Can anyone tell me whats the rule on coffee after RNY?

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    2. skinnygirlintraining


      I am two weeks post op and my husband is one week post op. On our clear liquid trays at the hospital, we had decaf coffee. No creamer until week 2.

    3. MaraJayne


      I was cleared for regular coffee at 6 months. I'm sure that I drink too much of it, but I've restricted myself to only having the real stuff at work (and on my weekends). Once I leave work at 1:30 its decaf only. I used to think there was no point to decaf, but I found that I really enjoy having a hot beveridge and as long as it's STRONG I dont mind. That means only if I brew it myself or get a decaf espresso.

    4. newmari


      Thanks for all the info. I'm waiting to hear from my doc but he is on vacation. So for now I guess no coffee for me :(.....

  6. I ran out of space!... and I'm looking at my comment below and I can't even see all of it! I hope you can. I'm gonna look for your email address, because this box is too short for playing catch up! :)

  7. Hey Mari!!! I'm good. struggling trying to get out of the 200's. I have been 202 forever!!!! I know that I will drop eventually, but the waiting and the weighing are killing me. Other than that I'm good. Busy as all get out, but good.

    How are you? I hope that you are well. I need to check to your profile so I can see what your progress has been like....

  8. Wow 50 pds down....finally getting excited :)

    1. LuvilyBri


      congrats how are you doing?

    2. Minister AJ

      Minister AJ

      Good for you Mari.

      Feel great don't it?

    3. enjoylife


      Yay MARI!!!!! 50 lbs is a lot of weight girl, you should have been excited! Congratulations on your success! Keep it up! or should I say down?.. :)

  9. Helllo Stranger

    How are you feeling?

    Miss talking to you hope all is well.....

  10. Hey Mari! How ya livin?

  11. Hey Baby Girl!!!!! How are you doing? I hope all is well and that you're loving your new lifestyle. This life takes some getting used to, but there's not much that I would trade it for.

    Take Care of yourself and I hope to see you in chat this weekend!

  12. Having a difficult time trying to figure out what to eat during the puree stage. Can someone please share some ideas.Thanks

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    2. marciab30


      I pureed chicken cooked till still moist, broccoli tops no stalks, and add chicken stock to the puree to keep it moist :) Yum

    3. Sohappyididit


      i ate tomato soup, apple sauce and things like that. I even think I ate a couple oz of baby food.....very filling!!!

    4. Sohappyididit


      i ate tomato soup, apple sauce and things like that. I even think I ate a couple oz of baby food.....very filling!!!

  13. Had my drained removed today feeling so much better down 6pds since surgery.

    1. LuvilyBri
    2. nanny is thinner now

      nanny is thinner now

      that's wonderful, keep up the good work!

    3. enjoylife


      Cool Mari. I know getting rid of that drain makes life a little bit easier. Congrats on the 6lbs... that is soooooo just the beginning!

  14. Day 5 not too bad cant complain tomo i get the drain removed...

  15. Finally home from the hosp feeling ok just dealing with gas pain.

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    2. enjoylife


      Yay Mari!!!! I'm sorry abt the gas but I'm glad you're home and well. Take gas-x and walk. Hopefully that will help. Keep me posted.

    3. mybell10039


      So glad surgery went well. Yes those gas pains are something special walk walk walk

      and yes like joy said gas x will help. And more importantly stay hydrated and relax and rest.

    4. marciab30


      glad surgery went well and I agree with joy try gas-x and walking take care