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  1. Wicked


    So after about 6 months after surgery I was unable to drink milk anymore... I can still eat cheese and yogurt but I can't do milk. I switched to soy milk, but soy is a protein inhibitor (it means that my body will not absorb protein as well because of the soy in my diet) I've been on this soy milk thing since June, it was my brother who brought it up to me during thanksgiving that soy does this to protein (he sees a nutritionist that told him if he wanted to continue to build muscle and lose weight he can't have soy in a protein diet) I've tried powdered milks but they hurt my stomach as well... any suggestons? My weightloss has pretty much frozen since I made the switch; I've lost maybe 15-20 lbs in the past 6 months. I want to do the 5 day pouch test but... yeah from only having soy milk to drink it seems pointless to make a protein shake from that for the first two days of the pouch test. Drinking the protein shake with water is really gross and I can't seem to stomach it. Any suggestions anyone?
  2. Time of month and all I want is chocolate. Every time. and what's worse is that the sugar intake DOESNT bother me around my time of month either. If I eat a candybar when it's not I get the sugar jitters just like anyone else here; around the time of month I could probably eat two and not feel the sugar. I've been good for the most part. With any kind of sugar craving I give myself 3 days of hardcore craving it before I give in. (Cravings last 20 minutes, pssh! lies!) What do you do to cope? It's slowly bringing my sweet-tooth back. :/ It doesn't help that I haven't lost any weight since August so I'm half in a mindset to just give up and I tend to break into sugar a lot more now.
  3. Wicked

    Mental Body Image?

    I don't know how to do it either. I've lost 113lbs and I still see the same fat girl infront of the mirror. :/ Theres one friend I share this talk with and he reassures me I look very different but... when will I see that I look different? I think it's bad that I went from a size 28 to a size 16 and still feel like I look the same in the mirror. ):
  4. Wicked

    let's talk about sex...

    Since I grew up fat since I was about 13; I had sex for the first time about 8-9 months after surgery. Doesn't help my mental block of "only skinny girls get boyfriends." xD I'm fairly young still but yeah; I don't think I'll ever be happy with myself as long as I'm fat. I need to lose 60-70more lbs but I haven't been losing any the past 6 months :/ I seemed to only have a honeymoon period of about 11 months and then nothing.
  5. Hi I'm 15 month post op... I've lost around 115lbs and I haven't lost anymore since about 5 months ago :/ It's very depressing since I'm still obese and I wish to be around 160lbs... I'm currently 240. I went from a size 28 to a 16-18 right now. What can I do? I walk 2 hours a day, my diet is okay, I still only drink water and avoid caffiene and things like that. I get enough vitamins and protein... I'm losing hope that I'll ever be out of the 200s. What should I do? :/ I don't want to be fat anymore
  6. Wicked

    Did your shoe size change?

    I wore 11 mediums Mediums are a lil too wide for my foot nowadays and I wear 10.5's in boots and heels or they'll fall off. size 11 flats fall off my feet now too. I'm only thinking I lost length since the weight isnt pressing down on my foot anymore and my arch is re-standing up lol I buy very good doctor-recommended types of shoes though that are supposed to help that.
  7. Hi! I'm a post op patient of a little over a year, I've lost around 115lbs and I have another 70lbs to go till I'm satisfied My goal is to lose 20-25 by December And the last 50lbs by June of next year I'm going on a big trip beginning of June next year and I want to be skinny so I can buy all the clothes I want, I'll be there for a month and its my last trip before I graduate from University! I'm hoping to start a new diet/workout regiment today since I've strayed a bit these last two months. My type of body reacts better to circuit weight training type weightloss instead of cardio, so I was going to do this regiment right here http://www.livestrong.com/article/368477-circuit-weight-training-for-women/ Right now I'm eating around 1200 calories a day with about 60-70g of protein and around 5-6 bottles of water a day. I take complete multivitamin, extra calcium and vitamin D, another extra vitamin D, vitamin A, and biotin. Should I lower my calories? I feel like I shouldnt since that was what the normal 'dieting adult' gets around without surgery, but I used to only eat around 800-900 calories the beginning of 2012 so I feel like I upped maybe too much? or maybe just right? Looking for someone to work with the next 9 months to lose 70lbs! P.S. I have carb and sugar cravings ): I'm trying to battle those with vegetables and fruits so having a buddy would be nice so I can have some support when I try to go to the carbs or sugars
  8. Wicked

    Birth control?

    I'm wanting to get on birth control but I am TERRIFIED of gaining any weight Any ideas?
  9. Wicked


    13 months out tomorrow. 353->240 I've lost 113 lbs... and I have 70lbs to go before I want to relax. I can't seem to motivate myself. I haven't lost weight the last two months, I was having a weird dizzy issue in July which added on migraines so I stopped working out... now I just don't feel like doing anything anymore I went from a size 28 to a 16 in a year, I should be all excited happy and ready to keep going but I can't seem to get myself to do it. My current daily lifestyle is a little stressed with school, I'm a student living off loans and trying for scholarships so my mind is usually pretty occupied with thinking about that. But even then, I'm starting to lose my motivation in school. I need some motivation. I think I'm just going through a weird depression funk. My meals today were: half a grilled cheese sandwich and half a piece of toast for breakfast Lunch... was some spaghettios and protein yogurt dinner was a few bites of mabo tofu with some protein yogurt Drank like 3 bottles of water I had half a chocolate bar today too I don't seem to be too strayed from diet.. except the candy. Everything just feels kind of bleh. I seem to care more about how I look now that I'm getting skinnier then I did when I was bigger. Before I kind of ignored the fact I was fat. But now I just look in a mirror and say things like 'I'm still gross' I want to care though, because I want to be around 160-170lbs, in my healthy weight range, and start enjoying my youth. Someone PM me or something. I dont know reply here too I guess
  10. Wicked

    Question for fellow hypoglycemic's :)

    I snack on protein bars by nature valley. approx 100 calories with 10g protein
  11. Wicked


    I've lost over 100 and they're still fine. But I had skinnier arms to begin with, and my leg just muscled up after the weightloss and that one didn't distort. I have one on my collar bone now too that's only changing cuz my collarbone is getting more visible but still not distorting. I have one on my back I just recently got as well.
  12. Wicked

    Is it easier to gain weight?

    I hear it's easier gaining weight again if you've been heavier before because your cells that stored the fat, even if the fat was burned, the cells still have the memory of being able to store the fat easily. :/ Its why many people struggle with a maintaining preiod as well. But this is all from biology I'm not sure if it works exactly that way but that's how the info was taught to me.
  13. I was put on migraine medication about a week ago. Sadly I did not notice a warning of HAIRLOSS with it. Us post-ops already have to worry about hair. The medication is called Butalbital - acetaminophen and caffeine I've found online that there is an increased number of people with hairloss who take this medicine. So I'm going to stop since I found a bald spot this morning in an underlayer after taking this medicine. Warning for people who have migraines and are given that medication. :/
  14. Hey Emsielee! I don't know if you remember me but we used to talk last year because we had our surgery around the same time. I'm sorry all of that happened to you... I'm sorry I'm not sure why the font changed there but it wouldn't change back haha. I hope it gets better for you though so you can enjoy your new body. Just keep trying and keep on track and everything will work out. Everything tends to happen for a reason. So try to think about the good around the bad, I know it's hard sometimes. I had about 3 months of puking everything I ate after surgery and I started to regret it around then, also with the hair loss. I've passed the trials of that at least so I'm starting to feel better, I'm just working toward my weightloss goal now and to a healthier life.
  15. Wicked

    Dating, sagging bodies, and hair loss

    Thats cute! I got back together with someone I had dated for 3 years previously after the stress of family death, friend death, and honestly surgery stress has passed. He lives in Australia due to work though, but I got to see him again last May. He really doesn't care about my loose skin haha. I'm seeing him again for Christmas, he's coming with me to visit family. I'm trying to get to 180 by then and really wow him, although he really doesn't care haha he thinks I'm a "wow" right now. It's nice finding nice guys.