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  1. I carry the majority of my weight in my stomach. I wanted to wait till I lost another 50-60lbs before having to fix the hernia. However I've been in so much pain that it just can't wait. I really doubt if I lost my belly button my surgeon would give me a new one right then and there. My insurance is only covering the panni because its medically necessary. I'm pretty positive that they would cover me getting a new belly button. Did you have to wear a binder after surgery?
  2. I've gone through this and still do go through this. Whatever my Fiance does and says I feel like I am going to snap on him. Granted most of the things he says did annoy me before surgery. However I've been so moody that anything he says and does rubs me the wrong way. I snap at him more than I snap at anyone else. I've talked to my doctor about it and she claims that its from the rapid weight loss and says that often times doesn't go away till the weightloss slows down/becomes stable. I really think it depends on the person though.
  3. I'm not sure if this exactly belongs here but I'm giving it a try anyways, =). When I had Gastric Bypass they also tried to repair an abdomina hernia. The hernia repair didn't "take". Since then I've been in so much pain that my surgeon had me go see a plastic surgeon. Well the plastic surgeon said I needed a panniculectomy in order to fix the hernia properly. I'm finally down to 198, and my surgery is in less than two weeks. I carry most of my "fat" in my stomach and he said there is a chance that I may lose my belly button due to having to remove all the extra skin and fat. I know that I am no where near where I want to be weight wise. So I am really curious if anyone was medically required to have something like this done before they have reached their goal weight?
  4. I know exactly how you are feeling! Have faith that everything will turn itself around. Have you looked into your local townships etc. for some help? Alot of local townships will help with covering a percentage of your electric/gas bill etc. I know there are programs in every state that help with electric and stuff. Also alot of times local energy companies (out here in IL it's comEd) also have assistant programs within the company to help those who are in need. Usually it's a certain percentage off that they take off of your bill each month, sometimes its just one flat rate that you pay regardless if you go over that amount of energy etc. If you need the assistance it doesn't hurt to be on it! I'm sorry that you are so stressed out. Just keep your head up babe I am sure that things will fall into place (as you said they always do). I really hope you start feeling better soon!
  5. I had a period a week before surgery, after surgery my period didn't return at all in November. December hits and I finally get my period. I've had it for a week and it slows down and then starts back up. I am not sure if this is due to the surgery or if its a combination of the depo shot and surgery. It seems like everyday there is a different kind of flow and color. I've never had menstral problems prior to surgery. I know my body is changing quickly but this is just CRAZY!
  6. Thanks everyone. I've been eating chicken since 5 weeks post op and never had a problem till now. Today I decided to go to Wendy's and get a small chili. It went down fine. I just don't understand how I can eat things like cheese and crackers, peanut butter and crackers, oatmeal, thinly sliced salami, etc. and not have a problem. Not to be TMI but what is the foamies exactly? I've noticed that after I eat like chicken, I start getting like what seems to be a thick watery substance that comes up and I end up having to spit (it usually happens a 10-15 minutes BEFORE I throw up). IF this isn't the foamies what could it be?
  7. Tonight my Fiance and I went out to get some errands done and it was my idea to go grab a bite to eat. After looking over the menu (we went to TGI Fridays) I found something I thought I could eat. It was grilled chicken skewer appetizer, only 570 calories I think. Well the chicken on there is very small, I cut it up. After one piece of the chicken I started getting a painful tightness. It felt like the food was stuck. This has been happening since I've been able to eat actual food. Usually when this happens I throw up. But I refused to let myself throw up in public. My fiance quickly put the food into the container so I wouldn't have to see or smell it. I eventually felt better (maybe 20-25 minutes later). The dietician told me to try eating crackers with cheese (laughing cow lite cheese) or peanut butter on them. I can handle those just fine, I can handle yogurt, soup, jello just fine. But for some reason it seems like anytime I want to eat I can't eat. I'm barely getting in 300-500 calories a day and am basically living off of cheese and crackers/peanut butter and crackers. Did anyone else go through this? I can't eat soft pasta like my surgeon said I should be able to, It comes right back up. I don't want to have to live off of soup for the rest of my life. Someone please tell me that this gets better! My surgeon has NO answers for me as to why this is happening! Usually my meals now are sugar free hot chocolate. I'm afraid that I'm going to harm my body by not eating =(. I really just want to cry right now....
  8. Is it weird that it happens randomly? I'd much rather have it taken care of before it's closed all the way. I have a friend who had gastric bypass and she has had to get dilated several times. She waited till she couldn't hold ANYTHING down. When I drank the water, it hurt a little bit before I got sick. Once i got sick I felt 100 percent better. I never thought I'd randomly get sick from sipping water!
  9. Welcome! I'm from IL also. Roselle area. =)
  10. I was going to text you but figured it was getting to late to do so. How are you doing? Have you been trying new foods?

  11. I was going to text you but figured it was getting to late to do so. How are you doing? Have you been trying new foods?

  12. Hun, don't be so hard on yourself. There are going to be times when we ALL slip up. Maybe you continued to eat it just because it was there. And It's not pathetic at all. You made a mistake, however you realize that you made a bad choice. I don't think 170 calories and 20 carbs are bad at all and it's not as if you are eating it daily either. Could you possibly talk to your sister about places to avoid when you two are driving together? Please don't be so hard on yourself. You've done an incredible job so far. Treating yourself once in a while is completely ok, just remember that you are going to make mistakes but its the fact that you realize that it is a mistake. So next time you can prevent making the same mistake again. ((HUGS)). Don't feel to bad, I had 1/4 cup of ice cream the other day. My throat hurt SOOOO bad from the cold I had. So I caved in. I felt horrible afterwards but no one is perfect. Everyone slips up once in a while and sometimes its a good thing that we do, so we remind ourselves WHY not having those foods around us is so important.
  13. Wow! That's a huge difference. GREAT JOB!
  14. I went to Target and got these Luna protein bars and I also got Atkins (the carmel peanut one). I didn't have a reaction to either of them. All you can do is try it. I first started off by only a few bites and then later on went back to it. The next day I ate the entire thing. And my pouch has been fussy as of late, so I think if you don't dump/haven't dumped on anything yet that you'll be fine.