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  1. 10 months out, 168lbs down and feeling GREAT!!! I'm in college now, something I never thought I could do. I love my tool, I love my life, I love me!

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    2. Lori88


      So happy for you. Congrats!

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      That is fantastic! Congratulations and keep up the good work.

  2. Check me out at

  3. Nice blog. I did a little research today and I realized I had forgotten something I learned a long time before ever having surgery. Saliva... Eww... Saliva is in our mouth and in our mouth is where digestion begins. We need to chew the food to break it down so that every part of the food can be coated in saliva. Saliva enzymes will begin to break the food down and continue until its job is done. The more broken down the food is the better our bodies can absorb its nutrients. So as nasty as it is I suppose I better start chewing more.
  4. I chew my food, it's not like I swollow it whole or anything.... But I don't think i'm chewing it the way I should, into applesauce that is. I chew it enough to get it down. I never get food stuck or very rarely. I have been chewing like this since I was about 2 months out with no problem. Now it makes me wonder, is this lack of chewing hendering the amount I am able to take from the food? Maybe i'm not able to get all the nutriants I could be getting if I chewed begter. Has anyone done any reasearch on this topic?
  5. So my mom wants to cook a ham. Normally we have ham and turkey at Christmas time. This bothers me since I havent eaten ham since surgery. I try to stay away from it since its not as good for you. I dont eat enything without eating protein so if I dont get meat I dont get to eat. I dont want my body rejecting the ham, she puts brown sugar on it. I dont want to be miserable on Christmas like I was on Thanksgiving (kidndy stone). Has anyone had ham?
  6. When you go out to eat order something you know you can have. For example, if I go got I will get the smallest steak on the menu with vegitables and bring home what I can't eat. I will also sometimes order grilled chicken. I have been to NY several times and I've not had a problem. As far as eating on the road, you can have Wendy's chili, grilled chicken breast, or hamburger patty. Also I believe Burger King has real meat so their hamburger patty or chicken breast would be fine. Good Luck
  7. Kimismurf

    23-24 weeks pregnant

    Look at you and your little pregnant belly! So cute :0). Georgia is really close to where I am.
  8. Well Andy, I could tell you the horror story that happened to me but this is your post, and lets be honest... it's not a nice image! What I do is mix some Miralax with a tasty beverage insert a colace supository and drink down the yummy formula I have created with my Miralax. I try to hold in the supository for at least 15 minutes after I have finished my coctail and then I go. Everything comes out and with no pain. It's that simple. Now to prevent this from continuling, I have tried different vegitables and figured which ones will make me go that day or the next and I try to eat those every few days. Green beans and sometimes spinach works for me. You can purchase fiber in the pharmacy area of your grocer to add to any meal, I have just started yesterday taking sugar free fiber gummies. Unfortunitly this is a problem we all face so it's good that you seek advise here. Hope this helps, Good Luck getting that sucker out!
  9. Suddenly I find myself running all the time. I run from the house to the car, at work I am running from office to office(we have a huge empty auditorium to go through to get from one office to the other). I run on the treadmill, I run just to run! Because guess what I like it! I get there faster, I'm not out of breath, hot or sweaty, and nothing hurts. That's right I have RA and I can run without pain!!! This is by far my greatest accomplishment aside from having l...

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      Congrats! That's awesome!!

  10. 12lbs till im at my one year goal!!!

  11. I'm just curious how fast the sizes go down the smaller you get. When your in a larger size it seems you have to lose more to reduce a clothing size. So, what's your weight and what size do you wear. I'm 269lbs I wear a 3x top(huge boobs) and size 22 pants (a little lose).
  12. I'm with you. I have lost 136lbs in the past 7 months and the only change I can see is saggy skin. I still look just as big as I was when I was 405lbs 7 months ago. It will get better and one day I will see how small I have gotten but for now I still see a morbid obese person.