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  1. I love reading your blogs. I can justify ordering a full-sized anything because usually a half size portion of anything is usually only like a dollar less in price. a better deal plus I will have half for lunch and other half for supper. maybe justifying myself but saving money is very important.
  2. conniesb

    My Skinnier Bucket List

    Just noticed that your a tennesseean. You had same doc and hospital as me. Good luck in your adventure. Connie
  3. I think this is almost all of us problem, is our self image. I have to stand in front of full mirror and try to be better to myself. otherwise I stand there looking at all my faults.
  4. conniesb

    I lost 100 # of clothes

    I know how ya feel, Ive purged my closet twice and my closet is full again, but its fun and we don't expect men to understand the shopping thing.
  5. conniesb

    Just to keep up...

    Hi girl so glad to hear your doing great as far as your weight goes. I have done really good also, Im down to lowest was 155 now Im up around 165. Having a real hard time leaving sugar and carbs alone. I still ride my bike everyday and situps. My hips kinda hurt but yours sound like surgery in your near future. Poor thing. I noticed that every door is too heavy for me. weakling!!! Take care
  6. conniesb

    Lists, Lists, Lists!

    You sound like my daughter, she likes to list everything including menues for a whole week. She sure didn't take after me. But if making lists works for some I think this is great. Good luck with all.
  7. So good to see this post. I had my surgery 2 years on Sept. 21st. I had my surgery then and 6 weeks later found out I had breast cancer, which ment a mastectomy and chemo. I think it was during that time of cancer I let myself feel sorry for myself and started eating sweets and carbs. I haven't gained any back but know Im heading in wrong direction, always tempting myself all the time. Thanks for telling your story, it will help a lot of others.
  8. conniesb

    Alone & REALLY Scared

    You have already done the hardest thing, BEING HONEST AND REACHING OUT FOR HELP, I really respect and know what you are battling. I have been sober for 23 years, but also know that if I had one drink I would be drinking even more. My sister also died of alcoholism 5 years ago at the age of 52. So heartbreaking. I don't drink or smoke(as of 3 and half years, but now Im couponing with a kinda craziness. Sometimes ive gone to Krogers 3 times in one day. I know Im trading food with couponing. Don't think for a minute this is not a addiction because I get a real high from all the stuff I get and once bring it home I get the let down and lookin for the next one.Thank God almost all my couponing is shampoos and razors and things nonfood, my kids call it hoarding, Anyways sorry Im rambling but good luck to you.
  9. conniesb

    Reality Check

    I know what your going thru. It is an everyday work in progress. If im not careful I get sucked into gving in from friends and family, just eat this or this wont hurt, like tonite my neighbor had pizza and yes I gave in to one piece but now feelin guilty. Im not making such good choices but I have stuck to my excersize bike and situps every nite. I still need to get a grip, lol. We can do this.
  10. conniesb

    Ode to DIET COKE

    Mine was regular PEPSI but havent had any since september 21st 2011 and truley was one of the hardest thing to do. I used to see someone with a pepsi can and really wanted to grab it. But now I dont give it much thought so I think with time it all gets better.
  11. conniesb

    Crawling Through Hell

  12. conniesb

    CPAP Machine

    cpaps are very hard to get used to, I hated it for about 5 or 6 years but after I lost down to around 190 it seemed to be more aggravating to me than helpful. I quit using it and sleep just fine. When I used the nose pillow it helped to put salve or ointment of some kind, made it tolerable. Good luck to all and hang in there.
  13. conniesb

    Peanut butter?

    Im guilty too, I am addicted to peanut butter and was eating couple times a day and lost weight doing it too. Only thing is Im thinking that is why my collestral is sky high. So now I really try to keep it at a minimum.
  14. conniesb

    My beautiful baby boy...

    What a doll!!!! I love babies, they are such blessings.He is so beautiful.
  15. conniesb

    Anyone from Iowa?

    I have lived in Quadcities for lot of years but been living in TN last 10. I am visiting family and friends and in East Moline now. Good Luck to you.