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  1. Pre-Op for a Panni scared to death

    I had this surgery and i had 4 drains for a liitle while. They would take the drains out as soon as liquid stopped accumulating. I ended up with one drain for nearly 8 weeks or so cant remember. It hurts but not as bad as if they had to do a tummy tuck. No muscle is cut. They will give you some pain meds that helps. Dont worry. Its not too difficult what sucks is waiting for nerves to come back. My scar is still numb. But i will take that over a hanging belly. Good luck.
  2. Hello! I'm new to this group.

    I had a bmi of 43 and I lost 130 lbs in a year with my sleeve but it all comes down to what you can live with. I have issues with vitamins and iron before surgery so the switch was not a good idea becsuse of the severe malabsorbtion another factor was my surgeons office doesn't perform the ds any longer because of the issues it can cause. it comes down to personal choice.
  3. So scared

    yes there are therapists that specifically work with people having bariatric surgery ask your surgeon to recommend someone or do a search and call around. just for informations sake I had a regular therapist not someone who just treats bariatric patients and it helps. good luck
  4. 4 months post op

    I stuck to the plan religiously and I had like a 3 month to 4 month stall. that's when. I had to change things up. our bodies are really good at adapting. for me I was going to the gym 7 days a week for an hour and no cheat days (healthy cheat days) for me it worked. just have to ask your nutritionist and do what works for your body. good luck. also as our body weight lowers it's a lot harder to get it to drop the rest of the weight. you will get there just stick to it
  5. So scared

    I had my sleeve 5 yrs ago and right before surgery I felt the same way, and I went through it anyway and right at first because it was hard to change my habits I felt regret of doing something so drastic. but now that I don't feel sick all the time and after that first 6 months and some therapy I know that I was just mourning the loss of something I used for comfort. it will get better but it is life changing.
  6. I'm new

    I really got my energy back around 3rd month. but good idea to track protein and water. it does get better.
  7. Revision - 7 years out Gastric sleeve. Confused.

    I can only say pros and cons for the sleeve. vsg. I chose the sleeve because I didn't want any chance of dumping. being a baker and having a chance of not being able to at least taste food I was serving was not an ideal situation. I love my sleeve and that is still have quite a lot of restriction even 5 yrs post helps me keep from bingeing which is one of the reasons I also chose the sleeve. I did lose all my excess weight which was nice. the only cons I can really say for myself is i am sensitive to sugar now, not dumping but it doesn't make me feel very good when eaten. good luck with your revision.
  8. New here

    welcome and congrats. doing great
  9. Newbie

    the pain you are describing doesn't sound right. like above post stated you need to contact the doctor.
  10. Should I be gaining weight?

    try not to worry and just stick to your eating plan. water weight can be 5 lbs aND up and will fluctuate a lot. I always went up and down while losing.
  11. Lab work

    I was diagnosed with metabolic disorder and insulin resistance but I wasn't referred to an endocrinologist. that's great that you have been. sorry can't help you with the endocrinologist.
  12. Just had surgery

    congrats to you. sip sip sip. lots of water and follow whatever post op directions the surgeon gave you for eating. and get your protein in. take it easy for my sleeve the doctor said I wouldnt be completely healed inside till well after 8 weeks. so take it easy and don't rush eat and drink as slowly as you can. you will do great
  13. Decision making, help

    I always thought I'll just lose it oj my own because it wasn't so much to lose. it started at 80 lbs overweight. by the time I finally said to myself that I'm not able to do this was 130 lbs overy weight and couldn't do anything physical like sports, walking up stairs etc. but what pushed my decision even more was the fact that now my doctors told me I was borderline diabetic and I had a sleep apnea machine and I just didn't want to have diabetes which scared me more than the surgery did. so that was my breaking point. I'm 5 yrs post VSG. I'm very glad that I can do things again. no machines and no meds
  14. Hey Y'all!

  15. Oh mamma...researching WLS

    I had the sleeve and sometimes people do have to take a lot of supplements aftER either surgery. I take multi vitamin and calcium as well as vitamin d. I was told to have rny but I didnt want the chances of dumping and I didn't want my intestines bypassed as well as an organ floating inside. (so to speak) I also didnt like the idea of some of the bad things I read that could happen with rny. I chose the sleeve due to the facts not based on vsg surgery but the fact that similar surgery is done for stomach cancer where they remove large portions of the stomach and have done for many many years with no ill side effects except possible supplements needing to be taken. and as for losing all the weight. you get out of each surgery what you put into it. I lost 100 percent of my excess weight within a year with my sleeve and kept it all off until my recent pregnancy and I have 35 to lose again. I am 5 yrs post op and I love the restriction and no real stretching that I still have. I saw my surgeon for my 5 yr and he said that the stomach since so much of the expandable part of it is removed will relax over time which it has and I can eat a bit more than I could in the beginning but portions are always a lot smaller than pre op. example I can eat a 1/2 of a burger or one small mcdonalds plain burger. or 4 chicken. wings or one chicken thigh. and I cannot overeat to often because it still will cause pain. so as for losing 100 percent of excess weight you can do that with either surgery just depends on how much you make your lifestyle changes and how often you work out.