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  1. My weight loss is rather slow now. So I do not think I am losing muscle. At this point I have to focus on slightly increasing my weight loss. As for my nutrition, I do need more protein. I am focusing on much less carbs than I have done in the past.
  2. It can't be as bad as the first year after surgery. I have the energy to do the exercises, but since it's at an intense level, my body needs fuel.
  3. I have lowered my daily calories to 700-800 calories a day give or take. I am doing about 90 minutes of intense cardio and weight lifting almost every day. I have seen a drop in weight, but it appears to be slowing. I understand that muscle weighs more than fat. I have spoken to 2 people at my gym and they think it's because I was burning muscle and not fat. Now these 2 people do not understand our weight loss. Frankly, I was concerned early on after my surgery, that the severe loss of nutrition would have a detrimental effect on my health. It has not. So I was wondering if any else knows more about this subject or has experienced the same thing?
  4. I have a few pairs, they are slightly worn, but jockey quality makes it hard to tell the difference. I am giving them away, I just ask to be reimbursed the shipping and handling. They come in assorted colors and are size XL-extra Large. the pictures are below of what I found on the internet. The material is 80% polyester and 20% spandex. They fit snuggly for most average men. They sit lower on the waist, which should help with men who have extra abdominal skin. They are trunk length which should help if you have extra skin on your lower thigh, as they are shorter thigh length. Let me know and i can contact you with the specifics. I also apologize if this is not an acceptable post, but I tried to research this and could not find more information!
  5. I thought I lost weight fast, but now I am slowing down. I am eating much more, though mostly good food 2/1 ratio of protein to carbs. I am also exercising much more, though I am not sure if I am gaining muscle and losing fat, which is my goal!
  6. I used to buy a lot of my clothes through king size direct or through the old casual male. I know KSD sells a few of these male support undergarments. I always wondered about the male "girdles". I am getting the loose skin syndrome, but I don't think I would wear a girdle. I do wear compression shorts though, and it does make my things better, especially when I run. I wonder if any guys wear them or have worn them?
  7. My current goal is to fly comfortably in coach. I have a business trip at the beginning of April. I used to avoid and dread having to fly coach when I was morbidly obese, but now I am looking forward to it. I used to hope the plane wasn't crowded so I could fit as comfortably as I could, but now with all the airlines overbooking, my small size is now a requirement. Has anyone felt the difference flying coach after surgery?
  8. We have bodygem metabolic testing at my gym, is that the testing you are considering? I would only bring up the surgery if I was asked.
  9. All I can say is I feel 18 again! I am not sure about the other men, but I had not really anticipated the "Massive" improvement in my circulatory system (LOL)! The only problem is when I get an erection, now.
  10. I am almost 6 months out and my feet have shrunk 1 size, and my feet thickness has decreased, not sure exactly how much, but I can tell and feel the difference. My feet have always been the smallest part of my body, so it came as quite a shock that my feet could shrink so.
  11. Hey Mike, I love the elliptical. I used to get the stars feeling only after a long time (45 mins) and this was before WLS. I get it occasionaly now, but it goes away even if I don't take a machine break. I am definitely a "SCALE MAN", even thought that isn't the best way to go, but I am not at John's level yet. I hit a plateau and the scale told me so, so I adjusted my diet and I am now back on track. I bought those new Bodyfat and water weight scales. Lowering those percentages is worst than lowering my BMI, but it keeps my goals in perspective. That is I went from getting healthier, to loosing a lot of weight, to now gaining muscle. So if I lose weight and gain muscle, my BF% goes down much faster. I have switched my workouts from a cardio base to a lifting base with some cardio, but I still have a problem getting in enough protein. The worst thing I fear is that I am simply cannibalizing my newly formed muscle. I still do about 45 minutes of cardio in addition to walking as much as possible about 1/2 mile per day. So John, that is what I fear is happening to you.
  12. I think the average person thinks we are a group of mutants. Actually the term is "transmorph". Our change is dramatic, but occurs at a slower rate, unlike a caterpillar that transforms into a butterfly, the change is far more dramatic and much quicker. I also believe the bad perception that we are sadomasochists, because we endure the pain of surgery and some of us endure the pain of plastic surgery. But above all I believe the stigma derives from the belief that we have an unfair or more like it an "unnatural" advantage to weightloss. Remember, weightloss is a billion dollar business, and most of it doesn't work or last.
  13. For the first time since my operation I have gained a pound. I am eating more, but not that much. And the food I am eating is well within my parameters of proteins to carbs. Though I have been snaking on salted nuts and drinking my 2 liter water requirements. The only thing I hope it could be is more muscle. I have been lifting much harder than before and I can tell a decrease in my proportions. I know I shouldn't fret, but I still do.
  14. I spoke with K & G's tailor and he said they can tailor it anytime as long as I have the receipt. The deal is $300 or less for 2 suits. I am not sure about the return policy, especially if I leave them unaltered. If I can do an in store exchange, then I might just buy them now and replace them in March.
  15. I need to buy a suit for APRIL. Since, it is several months away, I don't know what size I'll be. The problem is I have found K & G Superstore and they are having a 2-For sale. I was told, though the source is somewhat questionable, that a suit can normally only be altered 2 full sizes down. Otherwise it's like tailoring a suit from scratch. Should I just buy "future" suits or wait until March and hope they still have the sale or a sale somewhere else?