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  1. I am your friend you dork!!

  2. Wanna be my friend?!?!?! :P

  3. Smack him around a little and I'm sure he will gladly give in to your way of thinking!!
  4. I didn't do anything to her to get that look...well nothing more than make weird faces or weird noises...LOL!! Yep...she'll be 10 weeks tomorrow. Next thing you know she'll be getting married. You *DO* need to put more pics of Savanna up! Why are you denying her public?? HAHA!! :D
  5. Thanks for the compliments, but I think she has her daddy's smile. Pregnancy after WLS as opposed to before...there wasn't really any difference for me really. I was able to eat pretty much whatever I wanted, just in smaller portions. I had a couple of complications with Madison that I didn't have with the other two (spotting & a bacterial infection), but I also didn't have high blood pressure or gestational diabetes. I did have a period of low iron caused anemia, but just took two additional iron pills daily as well as my prenatal vitamins. However...on the downside, after I had her I ha
  6. I'd offer to let you borrow her (or the two older one's <10 and 7 yrs old>), but I don't think you'd want to give them back...LOL!!:p
  7. It can be kind of hard to find a free moment to myself these days, but I try. (usually use free time to do the 3 s's...LOL!!) I lurk every now and then. Thanks for the kind words. She really *IS* a doll!! <even at 4am>
  8. Here she is in all her glory!! Growing up so fast already and only 9 weeks & 6 days old. LOL!! My two older daughters and I just love her to bits!!
  9. I needed to read something like this tonight.
  10. I just absolutely LOVE these pictures! How lucky you are to have such a wonderful family! Congrats again!
  11. Midntsgirl

    Who knew

    Here's the link for the ceremony. Soft Rock KyXy 96.5 - Lucky in Love - Timothy and Jeanie
  12. Midntsgirl

    Who knew

    It was *SO* beautiful!! I started crying when she and her dad started walking down the aisle. :rolleyes:I'm very happy for her & her entire family that he recovered and was able to make her wish of him walking her down the aisle a reality!! It was so cute too, cause at one point Jeanie looked out into the crowd and didn't see Savanna right away and you could read her lips when she asked, "Where's the baby?" LOL!! Julia and Ethan were adorable too!! CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN and I wish you both many many many many many (ETC) years of happiness!! Love you guys!!
  13. Midntsgirl

    Who knew

    I have to say that I absolutely *LOVE* that pic on the radio stations web page...you guys look like you're in Hawaii or some tropical place. I love it!!! Congrats momma, you guys deserve it! I'm sure the kiddies are excited too. Tell Tim I said congrats too! WOO HOO!!!
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