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  1. Any 350+ guys that reach goal weight?

    I was 448 the day of surgery. My goal, at 6'2", was 225. I got down to 228 in just under 2 years. I figured I'd loose those last 3 pounds by riding a bike. I worked my way up to about 30 miles+ a week over the next few months and gained 8 pounds(of muscle I presume). I have maintained for the past year from 230 to 236, up and down. I can't seem to get to my first goal no matter what I do. I'm happy where I'm at.
  2. I've been bad...

    I work a rotating 12 hr shift, so coffee is a must for me. I drink about a pot or so a day. I just put a touch of splenda in mine or plain black. No ill effects.
  3. ~~PROTEIN BARS~~?, nutrition website.
  4. ~~PROTEIN BARS~~?

    I like the Power Crunch bars. I get them from vitacost. Its the closest thing to a kit kat as far as I can remember.
  5. Frozen Yogurt?

    I make it at work all the time. I mix fruit flavored greek yogurt, splenda and a little skim milk, then stir in liquid nitrogen. Makes it in about 1 minute and tastes great. Kinda tough if you don't have half a million gallons of liquid nitrogen on hand. lol
  6. What's your Starbucks order?

    I don't do any business with starbucks. They mix too much of their liberal politics with the coffee. The local coffee shop I go to has what they call Voodoo. It's a twenty oz cup with two shots of esspresso topped off with strong black coffee. A real eye opener.
  7. Do you drink regular coffee postop?

    I stopped drinking coffee for the first 3-4 months post-op. I started with a cup or two per day after that. Now I'm back to a pot or two a day. I LOVE COFFEE...
  8. Does bread get any better?

    I haven't had the first bite of bread in over 2 years, along with pasta and soda. I think I've forgotten what they taste like.
  9. Meat

    I was a ribeye addict before my bypass. Now, I hardly touch beef. It's just too much trouble to chew it enough. I stick with chicken, ground meat and venison for my meat intake. The majority of my diet is greek yougurt. faa-yeah
  10. Protein bars?

    Power crunch bars. Very reminicent of Kit Kat. 205 cals and 13 grams of protein. This is my typical breakfast at work.
  11. How much food?

    It varies, for me, depending on what I'm eating. I eat around a 1/2 cup or so per meal, a little more with soupier foods like chili. I find with chicken or fish, around 3oz or so, with a little bit of a side dish is about it. The biggest part is to recognize you full trigger and eat slowly, which in over two years, I still haven't mastered. Sometimes eating dense foods like beef is a chore, so I tend to stay away from it unless it's braised really tender. Greek yogurt mixed with cookies and cream protien powder is about 75% of my diet because it's easy to eat and protien packed.
  12. What toy are you getting for reaching your goal weight?

    When I lost my first 100lbs, I bought myself a brand new pair of $500 Lucchese full quill ostrich dress boots. I kind of wish I'd waited because after another 120lbs down, they're a little loose on me.
  13. Weight gain with heavy exercise?

    I'm going on 2 years out form my RNY and have lost 220lbs. I've been doing moderate exercise the whole time, but recently I've kicked it up and started riding a bike and doing lots of pushups. In the past 2 months, I've been averaging about 30+ miles per week on the bike and I've gained 6 lbs... I know I should expect some muscle weight gain, but this seems like a lot to me. My diet hasn't changed much. I've getting in around 60-100 grams of protein daily and about 1000-1200 calories. I feel great, but I was just 3 lbs from my goal weight and now I'm gaining. Is this much weight gain normal??
  14. regular coffee

    I gave up coffee for the first 3 months or so, then only a cup or two a day. It'll be two years in August and I drink at least a pot per day. I haven't had any problems with ulcers or anything else coffee related. I know I shouldn't drink so much, but I figure I've given up a lot in life to loose 220 lbs, so I'm not giving up my coffee. Besides, I don't think I could function working shift work without my bean juice.
  15. What's for breakfast/lunch?

    Breakfast was a pot of coffee, then a shake. Had a tablespoon of peanut butter and a few banana chips for a snack around 9. Lunch was about a half cup of chicken salad, no crackers, they were stale. A handfull of pistachios at 2 and had another half cup of chicken salad a little bit ago. And another pot of coffee during the day...I like my coffee. I know my shake has around 66 grams of protein. I don't really keep track of it as well as I should anymore.