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    1. NewMeNow2010


      Woohoo!!!! you go girl!

    2. Wicked


      Congrats! I've been on a stall ): I've lost 58lbs

      You're beating me surgery-buddy! What are your tips?

  2. PRE-OP

  3. Being sick puts a real damper on the going to the Gym thing... :(

  4. Well I I ahve lost a total of 34 inches since Augurst 9th, nearly 3 feet of Me is gone FOREVER!

    1. msdepew


      Wow..that is amazing

  5. August Staplers

    I am doing well, having a hard time with getting my water in during the day. I generally drink water from 8pm till like 11pm and call it a day... here is hoping I can get some more in during the day. Personal training tomorrow in the AM. I think that having a personal trainer is wonderful, I highly suggest it! I will have her measure me tomorrow at 12 and 1/2 weeks out. I hope everyone is doing well! Anna
  6. Homemade Sugar-free, fat-free, Decaf...Vanilla Chai... Life is good

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    2. erinlopez1
    3. NewMeNow2010


      It is SO good!! I looove decaf, sugar free, fat free coffee mixtures now!

    4. Acliz12


      I have this stuff called Torani Vanilla Syrup and I made a cup of Decaf Chai tea then added about a teaspoon of the syrup and a bit of milk. Really easy. and you can get the vanilla stuff cheap online...

  7. Unlucky Me!

    Thanks, yeah... Sam's is a little hard, I do not have a car to get to one. I was looking around the store near me and I could not find any senna. I will need to ask my doctor about the script for this... Thank you Lovely Lady!
  8. Unlucky Me!

    The sad part is I take Miralax twice daily... I am upping my water and hoping that does the trick! Thank you though!
  9. Unlucky Me!

    I totally get this, I have only lost 3lbs in the past 2 weeks. I know I need to change up my diet and up my water majorly... Also the constipation has been a hindrance.
  10. Annoyances: My roommate who continually says she is fat when she is just 100lbs and trying to lose weight. Also, the fact that she need to make people feel inferior to her at every moment and with every comment.

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    2. LukeAug9
    3. Acliz12


      She does have poor body image and I think she has an eating disorder. I wish I could be sorry for her but this is getting to me, here I am a almost former "Fat person" and there she is a person who is skinny as a rail and complaining to me. While only eating bags of candy for the past few days.

    4. Acliz12


      And this morning we were talking about a character in a children's book and I say he shows the classic first signs of being a psychopath, and I got "What are you? A Psychologist now too?!" Which is something she says often to me, with Psychologist being replaced with any other field she deems me not to allowed to be a part of.

  11. So I am doing my Master's Thesis for Theatre Education on WLS! AKA: I am writing a play!

    1. San


      That is awesome. I took secondary Ed with theater in collage

    2. NewMeNow2010
  12. Today marks 60lbs from goal weight! I can do it!

    1. Syl~


      how exciting! You got this!!!!

    2. NewMeNow2010


      You can totally do it!!

  13. Pumpkin Protien Shake, YEAH! Tis the season!

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    2. msdepew


      Recipie?? ;0) sounds kind of yummy, I highly dislike protein shakes

    3. Goddessfit4life
    4. Acliz12


      Vanilla powder, tablespoon of canned (organic, no sugar added) pumpkin, dash of pumpkin spice, SF vanilla syrup (, cup of milk, blend and DRINK! Also you could add instant coffee and have a pumpkin coffee!!! Add ice if you want too, I was too cold already.

  14. If you have not checked this out plase do!

    1. iluvmysunflowers


      wonderful site is all I can say...I will be trying some recipe

  15. Bagle thin? Yes please! With PB2 and fat free cream cheese, even better! 12 grams of protein... I dig it!

    1. Goddessfit4life
    2. mmmccart


      i have some of those thin bagels. Im eating one right now actually. well, 1 slice. with a meatloaf meatball and a slice of cheese (27g of protein!) but it may take me a while to finish cause it seems like a lot, but for 27grams, ill take it!